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Archive for September, 2012

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

Primal Recipes - Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

Note: ‘Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks’- This is a video transcription. Bex: Hi! I’m going to make lamb shanks this morning because it’s a busy day and I want to have a beautiful dinner tonight. But I’m not going to be home later to cook it so I’m going to get it going here now and […]


Health Statistics – Social Networking Image References

Health Statistics - Image References

The following images below are ones that we have posted on Facebook and Twitter that may have quoted specific health statistics that we feel need to be referenced.         Post Date: November 1st 2012   Pesticide Residues Report Reference:   http://www.whatsonmyfood.org Post Date: October 13th 2012   Annual Drug Related Deaths Reference: […]


Primal Kids – Real Food for Growing Bodies!

Primal Kids Food | Paleo Kids Food

Long before I was a mother, I started watching kids eat. As a cafe waitress, I would cringe while serving family meals. For the parents: grilled chicken, steak or fish with salad or vegetables. For the kids: chips (french fries), a milkshake and maybe some chicken nuggets or a mini pizza. The kids food came […]


Primal Baby – Baby Led Weaning – No More Mashed-Up Food!

Primal Baby Food | Paleo Baby Food

Note: ‘Primal Baby – Baby Led Weaning – No more mashed up food or separate meals!’ – This is a transcription of the video. What is a Primal Baby? Brad: This is our daughter Kaiya. She just turned one year of age and this is the first in the series of videos we are doing […]


What’s in Our Fridge, Freezer, Pantry and Fruit Bowl

What's in Our Fridge, Freezer, Pantry and Fruit Bowl

Sunday morning means our shopping trip to the farmer’s market for samples, socializing, snacks on the grass, and most importantly, stocking up our fridge. The farmer’s market is our supermarket, and Sunday mornings is our main weekly shop, with top-ups through the week from our organic food delivery, wholesale butcher, plus bits and pieces at […]


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Put your money where your mouth is

I was recently in a position where I could have a sneak peek at the personal documents of thousands of community members. These documents gave me a snapshot of their habits, needs, desires and vices. Okay, it was nothing shady, I was simply handing out competition entry forms at a shopping centre over six weeks, […]


10 Ways to Kids Who Eat Healthier Than You

10 Ways to Kids Who Eat Healthier Than You

It’s right up there with temper tantrums and erratic sleep patterns, the most common complaints from parents, my kids won’t eat healthy food. If you relate to this, you probably resort to trickery and bribery to get your kids to eat vegetables, prepare separate kid meals daily, and resign yourself to the fact that all […]