DIY Crossfit Style Exercises in the Park

DIY Crossfit Style Exercises in the Park

Want to get out of the gym?
Want a workout using simple equipment?
Want to exercise while on vacation?
Getting bored with the same exercise routines?
Want to try crossfit or bootcamp but can’t afford it or are intimidated?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then my latest impromptu workout routine will give you some inspiration and perspiration!

Get Creative with your outdoor workout
Piling on the weight!

When you don’t have weights with you, get creative! These two 15 litre (4 gallon) water jugs that we brought for camping made great weights. They even had a handle! If you are on vacation, a small suitcase or carry bag could work. In your local park, find heavy rocks or use a kid’s bicycle…anything!

Water Jug Squat to Overhead Press
Squat to…

Water Jug Squat to Overhead Press
Overhead Press

Kettle Bell Swing using a Water Jug
Kettle Bell Swing/Snatch

Single Arm Water Jug Swing
Using a Water Jug

I always bring my suspension training strap system and exercise tube with handles when traveling, as they are small to pack and can be used on doors, trees, cars, playgrounds – almost anywhere.

Resistance Tubing Woodchop
Resistance Tubing hooked onto the car

Woodchop using Exercise Tube with Handles
is perfect for the Woodchop exercise

Muscle-ups take a long time to master, but easier versions based on your skill level can be achieved via versions of chin-ups and dips (with your feet on or off the ground) as well as just hanging by your arms and swinging legs with nice tight form.

Suspension Training Straps in the Park Swinging from straps is good exercise Muscle Up Crossfit Style

My daughter, Kaiya, is perfect for adding weight to make some exercises more challenging. Your own body weight may be enough for you, otherwise find a kid or something heavy.

Weighted Reptilian Crawl Pushups
Reptilian Crawl

Reptilian Crawl Pushups in the Park

A heavy rock or suitcase could work for this next one if you don’t have a kid around.

DIY Bootcamp Exercise
Squat to…

Bootcamp camping workout
lift or throw!

22 More Outdoor Exercise Ideas


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Where would you use these exercises? At your local park? When traveling? On a camping trip?