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Archive for October, 2013

Proof That Advertising is Bad for Your Health

Proof that advertising is bad for your health

We are almost continually surrounded by messages trying to influence us to buy something. Millions of dollars and hours are spent calculating new ways to appeal to our emotions and even trick us into consuming things that we are told will better our lifestyle, image and health. Older ads carry the highest shock value today […]


3 Meals in 20 Minutes

3 meals in 20 minutes

Not enough time to cook? Want delicious, healthy and filling meals without fancy ingredients or complicated recipes? Then it’s time you started taking advantage of that amazing thing every single one of us has in their kitchen. The oven! I am addicted to oven roasting for several reasons: – The oven does all the cooking […]


Antibiotics & Our Kids – Helping or Harming?

Antibiotics and Our Kids - Helping or Harming?

If you thought we were a family of perfect health all the time, all our lives, I hate to burst your bubble. Truth is, we are humans, living in a very un-primal world. Especially in the first 25 years of our lives, Brad and I had our share of junk food, processed food, late nights, […]


Exercise in Pregnancy – A Primal Guide

Exercise in Pregnancy: A Primal Guide

What do pregnant women and new mums need to know about exercising safely for the health of themselves and their babies? How much exercise is enough or too much? Which types of exercise are best and which should be avoided? Here’s your primal guide to exercising in pregnancy.   Internal body temperature When exercising during […]


Working In: Qi Gong and Tai Chi

Working In: QiGong and Tai Chi

This is a loose transcription of the video ‘Working In: Qi Gong and Tai Chi’ Brad:Qi gong and Tai Chi are ancient Chinese health practices that combine visualisation, movement, breathing and meditation to cultivate what the Chinese call Qi (pronounced, and also spelled ‘Chi’) — the life energy that flows through the body’s energy pathways […]


Debi Lost Her Gallbladder, Her SAD Diet and Finally, Her Weight

Debi Lost Her Gallbladder, SAD Diet, and Finally Some Weight

“I’m an Air Force reserve physical therapist who stumbled upon the Paleo/Primal lifestyle in my struggle to become healthy. After years of eating “healthy whole grains” and the Standard American Diet (SAD) in an attempt to be … well… healthy, it backfired and I gained weight over the years and became so sick that I […]


Get $4000 Worth of Coaching, for Less Than $80!

You Are What You Eat - Paul Chek

If there is one audio program about health that we recommend, this is it.  You Are What You Eat Audio Program by Paul Chek. 8 hours of Paul Chek speaking about everything about nutrition that you want to know… and wish you didn’t! It consists of 8 Audio CDs and 1 CD-ROM with e-manual in […]


Meditation Made Simple

Meditation Made Simple

This is a loose transcription of the video  ‘Meditation Made Simple’ Brad: Hey guys, If you’ve read my article on Primal Health entitled ‘10 Easy Ways to Meditation‘ you would have read about some of the ways I’ve incorporated active and passive meditation into my life. Traditional ‘passive’ meditation can take a long time to master. […]


5-Minute Ice Cream Recipes…Because Look What’s in The Store-Bought Stuff

5 Minute Ice Cream Recipes

I know I’m not the only one who has had a love affair with ice cream most of my life. The creamy, cold dessert that comes in endless variations of scrumptious flavours is a staple ‘treat’ for many of us. Sadly though, ice cream is not what it used to be. Just like so many […]