Do You Have a Leaky Gut? Knowing Could Save Your Health!

Do You Have Leaky Gut?

The term ‘leaky gut’ sounds disgusting and weird, yet more people are learning what it is because so many of us have it! It’s highly possible you do, too. I’ve been living pretty primal for about 7 years, and I’ve discovered I have a very leaky gut which is now starting to cause serious problems. Here’s what I’ve learned that you should know.

Do you have leaky gut?

What is Leaky Gut?

Leaky Gut is the short name for Gastrointestinal Mucosal Hyperpermeability, or Intestinal Permeability. Permeable means things can pass through, and in this case, we’re referring to things passing through the lining of your small intestine.

This lining has mucosal cells that cover the entire length of the small intestine (gastrointestinal tract). Normally these cells are very tightly ‘knit’ together, forming a sort of screen which nothing can pass through. With a leaky gut, microscopic gaps form between these cells, so that some large molecules can pass or ‘leak’ through the gut lining into the blood stream. Hence the name, leaky gut. Imagine a window screen with small holes in it where bugs can now enter through…

How does a Leaky Gut slowly ruin your health?

These large molecules that are now able to leak through the gut into the blood stream are things like partially digested food particles, bacteria, yeasts, and toxins. Yikes.

When these foreign things enter your blood stream, your body signals that there are invaders in the blood stream and starts fighting! Your liver starts working overtime to filter all the toxins and your immune system starts works tirelessly to quickly eliminate the invaders from the body. However, it’s often too much for them to fight against, and the invaders end up absorbing into different tissues, leading to inflammation throughout the body.

That inflammation leads to more immune response! Soon the immune system is too busy constantly fighting the invaders and responding to inflammation to do its usual jobs. Over time, the body ends up attacking its own tissues, leading to all sorts of autoimmune diseases such as chronic fatigue, chron’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, irritable bowel disease, type 1 diabetes, hashimoto’s disease and more.

Thanks to progressive doctors and health practitioners, we know now that our leaky guts are at the root of so many of our illnesses and disease, both physical AND mental. This includes autoimmune disorders, digestive disorders and mental disorders.

Food intolerances caused by a leaky gut

Another very common consequence of a leaky gut is numerous food intolerances. When partially digested food particles are able to leak through the lining of the small intestine into the blood stream, the body sees those foods as invaders, since they are somewhere in the body where they are not supposed to be. To fight the invaders, the body produces little fighting soldiers called antibodies to fight against those food particles.

The more you eat those foods, the more antibodies your body produces, and the more your immune system reacts when you eat those foods. This is why you may have eaten nuts, milk, wheat, eggs or other foods for many years with no problem, but then you suddenly start to have terrible symptoms when you eat them. Your body has become intolerant of those foods, and responds with diarrhea, rashes, fatigue, brain fog, muscle aches, or something else.

Leaky Gut Illustration from Delicious
Found on Delicious

What causes Leaky Gut?

The causes of leaky gut are numerous and often debated by experts, but commonly include:

Poor Diet – Regular consumption of refined sugars, flours and other processed foods leads to inflammation and dysbiosis (imbalance of good vs. bad gut bacteria) which leads to leaky gut.

Medications – Prescription drugs, birth control pills, and even over-the-counter pain medications such as tylenol, aspirin and panadol all cause irritation of the intestinal lining. Antibiotics are a huge offender as they kill bad bacteria, but also good bacteria, leading to dysbiosis (imbalance of good vs. bad gut bacteria) which leads to leaky gut.

Chronic Stress – When stress is constant, the immune system gets overworked and cannot keep the digestive system healthy and free from inflammation, which leads to leaky gut.

Yeast – When yeast grows out of control due to a poor diet, medications, stress, etc. it forms fungus (such as candida) that cling to the intestinal lining and create holes, causing leaks in the gut!

Inflammation – Anything that causes inflammation in the gut can cause it to become leaky. Common causes of gut inflammation include environmental toxins, yeast overgrowth, bacterial overgrowth, infections and parasites.

Do you have Leaky Gut?

First, look at the causes above and ask yourself if those things have been a part of your life. Second, here are some common symptoms of leaky gut. How many do you have?

Chronic diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel – These are very common signs of an inflamed gut lining.

Skin rashes – Rashes, including eczema, are the result of your body trying to get rid of excess toxins through your skin.

Nutritional deficiencies – This is from your intestine’s inability to properly breakdown and absorb nutrients from food.

Food sensitivities/intolerances – As I said above, your system develops antibodies to food particles leaking through your gut, creating multiple food intolerances.

Regular sickness/infections – When your immune system is depressed and too busy fighting inflammation, it can’t do its usual job of fending off viruses and bacterias that cause common colds, flu and infections.

Sugar and carb cravings – These cravings are often caused by dysbiosis (bacteria imbalance), parasites and yeast overgrowth.

Headaches, brain fog and/or extreme fatigue – All the result of tissue inflammation and excess toxins.

Also – regular bloating, gas, anxiety, memory loss, depression, stubborn belly fat

Are you looking at all those causes and/or symptoms and nodding your head, getting concerned that indeed you think you do have leaky gut?

Well, I’m a bit excited for you! Because you are reading this, you may now know the cause of your ill health.

You may now be able to take control of your health and not only gradually eliminate your current symptoms, but prevent future autoimmune disorders, physical dysfunction, and debilitating disease!

What to do if you think you have Leaky Gut

Some of you may be motivated enough to start looking into healing your gut now on your own, using the internet and books as resources. But most of you will need confirmation of your leaky gut and some professional guidance, and I recommend this as the better way to go for complete recovery of your gut health.

Find the right health professional

I highly suggest finding a functional medicine/integrative medicine doctor, and/or a naturopath who has experience in healing gut disorders. The Mindd Foundation is a good place to start, as well as The Institute for Functional Medicine, or simply use google. Read some bios, make some phone calls, and choose a practitioner who knows all about guts and how to heal them.

Even though a gastrointestinal doctor may seem like the person to see, those doctors generally only specialise in diagnosing disease, but not healing it. They also don’t use functional diagnostic tests, which is what we need to discuss next…

Get tested

Although you may have enough symptoms for you and your chosen doctor to assume you have leaky gut, it may be beneficial for you to do an intestinal permeability test. This will confirm your leaky gut in your mind, and also tell you how bad the damage is. Ask your doctor for the test referral or kit.

The test is done at home. You drink a special sugar substance mixed in water in the morning, then collect your urine for the next 6 hours (in a very big bag!), and send in a small sample of the urine. If you have a leaky gut, the sugar substance you drank will show up in your urine in varying levels, depending on how leaky your gut is.

The next test that is extremely beneficial is a faecal microbial analysis, which is a fancy way to say they can analyse the bacterial content of your poo. This will tell exactly which bacterias and/or yeasts are overgrown or undergrown in your gut, so you know which is the best course of action for getting your bacteria back in balance. Otherwise, you could be taking probiotics for years and not getting any better because it’s the wrong bacteria! This is also a home test, which simply requires one stool sample.

These tests are not cheap, but in comparison to all the money you will save on trying to recover from illness and disease down the track, they are very good value in my opinion.

Leaky Gut Causes and Cures
Leaky Gut Causes and Cures
Pic found on

You can heal your Leaky Gut

I’ve been through all this myself, and am happy to say I am on the path to recovery. It’s a bit of a long path, but I realise that if it took this long to cause the damage, it’s going to take some patience to undo it. I’m looking for long-term results anyway, not a quick fix, as I want to be healthy in the long-term.

You, too, can heal your gut! It takes some dedication and commitment to your health and care of your body, but anyone can do it. Especially with some professional guidance and a positive attitude.

Here’s how I’m healing my leaky gut

If you’ve been unwell for a long time, or are tired of suffering from symptoms and can’t seem to find the underlying cause, it may be that you have a leaky gut. Just like me, you didn’t know the damage that you were doing to your body, and there’s no point in having regrets. The beauty is that now you can take all of your new knowledge of primal living and heal yourself! And we are here to support you all the way.



Leaky Gut Syndrome in Plain English by SCD Lifestyle
Leaky Gut Syndrome by Nourish-ed


Do you think you have leaky gut? Is anything stopping you from taking the next steps toward healing your body?

How I’m Healing My Leaky Gut & How To Heal Yourself of Most Anything

How I'm Healing My Leaky Gut & How to Heal Yourself of Most Anything

How did a primal mama like me get a leaky gut? Well, I haven’t always been primal. The first 30 years of my life, my body saw plenty of processed food, medications, yeast, and inflammation. So even though the last 7 years I have lived quite primally, my body is now telling me that it has some healing to do if I want to stay healthy for years to come.

How I'm Healing My Leaky Gut and How You Can Heal Yourself of Most Anything

My health declined all of a sudden

I have never had very bad symptoms or reactions to foods, or connected my childhood illnesses to overall gut health. I just thought I had poor digestion of certain foods and when under stress. Even since I’ve ‘gone primal’, I’ve usually followed the 80/20 rule, which meant I still consumed some gluten, alcohol, processed dairy and a bit of junk food on the weekends or at parties. For 7 years, my weight never fluctuated and I was in the best health of my life.

Until a year and a half ago, when I got an ugly rosacea rash on my face and started to lose weight inexplicably (7 kgs in a year!). I also had chronic bloating, many new food intolerances, and nutrient deficiencies, despite an organic primal whole foods diet. My blood tested very high for gluten intolerance, and through researching that, I learned about leaky gut.

I explain what leaky gut is, common causes and symptoms, and what to do if you think you have it, in my article, “Do You Have Leaky Gut? “

Which leaky gut protocol or diet is best?

Everything I read about leaky gut made me think that this is what the real underlying problem is, but I kept getting distracted by the gluten/celiac situation (as I never thought that was an issue for me), food intolerance tests, and thoughts that my rash and weight loss must be from fungus or parasites.

I spent a year going to different types of holistic doctors and practitioners and experimenting with my diet and various herbs and supplements.

I read tons of articles about leaky gut and just got more and more confused about the best way to heal it, as there were so many different diets and supplements – which one was right for me?

I didn’t want to spend more than a year on the GAPS diet or SCD diet or Body Ecology Diet and not have results. I didn’t want to spend tons of money on glutamine and vitamins and enzymes and probiotics if they weren’t going to be the right ones to heal my body in particular.

I know that there is no one best way to eat or live. We are all different and even our own bodies are different at various points in our lives. We all exhibit illness and disease differently too, and so there is no one right way to heal.

How I got to the real root of the problem

Finally I decided it was time to find one good functional medicine health practitioner who specialised in functional diagnostics and healing the gut. Because whether I had food intolerance, parasites, gluten intolerance or all of the above, all those things begin in the gut. And the functional diagnostic tests would tell me what’s going on in MY gut.

So I took great care in searching for and choosing the right functional medicine doctor and getting the right functional diagnostic tests needed to get to the root of my problems. I tell all about how to do this in my article Do You Have a Leaky Gut?

First I worked with a functional medicine doctor. I found out I had a parasite called Dientamoeba Fragilis, took medication to eliminate that, tested positive for leaky gut, and negative for yeast overgrowth and thyroid dysfunction. Good, we were now getting really specific details about the causes of my symptoms!

I then sought out a naturopath and holistic nutritionist through the Mindd Foundation, to work exclusively with to heal my leaky gut. I wanted someone to be my guru through the whole journey, however long it took to heal my gut. Someone who would tell me which supplements and diet were best for MY specific situation.

My naturopath had me do a fecal microbial analysis test (poo test), which told us exactly which bacterias were overgrown or undergrown in my gut. I had very low levels of E. Coli bacteria (a type of E. Coli that our bodies need!), which was leaving plenty of room for the Streptococcus and Enterococcus bacterias to flourish wildly. I was also extremely low in Lactobacillus bacteria, despite years of eating yoghurt and taking probiotics! This imbalance of bacteria is called dybiosis, and it allows chaos in the gut to continue.

My personalised gut healing protocol

With all of this valuable information, plus several other tests showing specific vitamin deficiencies and other technical results, I put my trust in my chosen healer and was given a protocol to follow for at least 3 months.

It includes me taking every day: 2 enzyme pills, apple cider vinegar in water, 2 antimicrobial pills, slippery elm powder, 2 alkaline boosting pills, 1 E. Coli probiotic pill, 2 zinc pills, at least 1 cup of fermented veggies, and at least one mug of bone broth or powdered gelatin.

My personalised leaky gut healing protocol
My personalised leaky gut healing protocol

Getting my mindset right so I can stay the course

I put the protocol into this spreadsheet chart to make it easy for me to know what to do every day AND to make it my official healing instructions. The formality and organisation of it really put me in the right mindset to follow the protocol diligently and happily, knowing I am on the path to healing.

I called it My Gut’s Healing Holiday, and wrote the note: “Don’t mistake healing for disease” to remind myself of how wonderful it is that my body can tell me when it needs help and I can listen to it and do the right thing. To be happy that my body is NOT diseased, it is merely healing. To emphasise the care, love and nurturing I am giving to my body, rather than thinking about what’s been taken away.

I don’t have to let my leaky gut get worse until it leads to autoimmune disease. I can do something about it! I can heal my gut, start to better absorb my nutrients and that will slowly get me back to a healthy weight. As I heal, I will gradually have a wider variety of foods to eat that don’t irritate my body. Thanks to progressive medicine and our amazing knowledge of the body, I can heal myself.

To stop me from stressing about every little thing related to my health and healing, I did two main things:

1/I learned a bit about the reasons for each supplement or food inclusion in my protocol, but mainly I didn’t worry too much about the exact science and reasoning behind it. Instead, I trusted my chosen practitioners ability to help many people heal their guts. She is an expert in this field, and and my chosen guru for this healing journey of mine. If questions came up, I simply wrote them down to put out of my mind and ask her at a later time.

2/I finally stopped reading about it all. It’s tempting to read every article online about what you’re going through, what you’ve been diagnosed with, what intolerances you have. I could probably read about gluten and leaky gut every day for months and not run out of books or articles. But every new piece of information just made me doubt what I had already read or what I was doing, and instead of spending all my time focused on my health, I can now get on with my life and read a novel or inspirational book instead!

My leaky gut healing diet

A positive mindset is especially crucial to help me keep to the right diet for healing. Fortunately for me, I already know how to eat like a primal champion, but there are still many adjustments that have been made to my diet which took some time for me to accept happily.

What I’m NOT eating

I used to eat and love moderate amounts of nuts, soaked grains and raw dairy, but those things seem to aggravate my gut now that it’s damaged, so I have taken those things out of my diet for now.

I used to occasionally have dessert foods, an alcoholic drink, or processed snacks on weekends or at parties, but I know that my gut is too delicate to handle those things right now, so I am not eating 80/20 for now.

I am not having my delicious cacao for primal snacks and shakes, as it’s too stimulating for my overworked system, and I am not having any type of sugar, even raw honey, in order to allow my gut bacteria to balance easier.

Even some primal whole foods like certain raw vegetables, starchy vegetables like sweet potato, and raw apples and pears are difficult for me to digest at the moment, so I am avoiding those as much as possible, despite how much I love them.

My antibodies to gluten are so high that there’s no question my body sees gluten as a very foreign invader and any small amounts will continue to inflame my gut and immune system. So I am learning how to be 100% gluten free. The only gluten I thought I was eating before was the occassional beer, indian samosa, or a cracker at a party or something. But I’m now learning that gluten is everywhere and how to avoid it. This is a bit of a challenge when I’m not eating at home, especially because I don’t feel good eating any grains or grain flours (even rice or corn). But I’m learning so much and will share more with you on that soon. Like how to eat 100% gluten-free in restaurants!

I went through periods of anger and frustration of not being able to eat these certain foods and having to be so careful at restaurants and friend’s houses. But now I have got my positive mindset on, and am feeling good about what I’m doing for my body!

What I AM eating

Plus, I have so many delicious meats, fats, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to enjoy! And I am not only eliminating certain things from my diet, but I am also adding a few things in…

I am eating fermented food every day now, which is key to increasing the amount of good bacteria in my gut. I am having so much fun making my own sauerkraut and fermented vegetables and pickles of all kinds. I am also making my own kombucha and kefir fermented drinks in all different home-brew flavours.

I am drinking bone broth daily, which is just like having a cup of tea everyday, but when I drink it, I know it is providing awesome amounts of gelatin and collagen to heal up the lining for my inflamed gut. How cool! I make my own chicken broth, and it’s delicious, warming and healing. On days when I don’t drink broth, I simply put some powdered gelatin into my herbal tea or my shake.

Fermented veggies and bone broth are the cheapest superfoods and gut healing aids you can find. They are superior to any medication, and my naturopath tells me that if I am vigilant about including them in my diet daily, I will save tons of money on supplements in the long run. Nice!

I have also learned from my guru that onions, okra, and marshmallow root tea are beneficial to my gut’s recovery, and that xylitol is anti-strep and helps breaks down biofilm (something in the gut where bad bacteria can hide behind). So xylitol made from birch (not corn) is my new sweetener if I need a teaspoon of something for my shakes or homemade jelly (made with healing gelatin).

I just think of my gut like a delicate little newborn baby that needs me to be extra gentle and careful with it. And I really do want to care for my gut, as it’s the center of my immune system – the very thing that keeps me energetic, happy and healthy and enjoying my life.

Use this formula to heal yourself of most anything

Whatever it is that ails you, know that you can probably take similar steps to heal yourself.

– Write down all your symptoms.

– Pay attention to how you feel after eating different foods.

– Take stock of your Primal 6, and work on getting primal with your food, movement and lifestyle.

– If you are still suffering, enlist a progressive holistic health practitioner who you truly believe has expertise and can help you.

– Find a practitioner who uses thorough diet and lifestyle assessments and/or functional diagnostic testing to get to the cause, rather than just looking to diagnose you with a disease or syndrome based on your symptoms.

– Together with your chosen practitioner (guru), make a plan to heal your body.

– Write down and organise your plan in a way that works for you to remember it, embrace it and feel positive about it.

– Get yourself in the right mindset. Focus NOT on what ails you, but what you are doing to heal yourself. Focus NOT on how your plan may restrict your lifestyle, but how your healing will ensure continued health for a better life, free of those symptoms you first wrote down. Be proud of yourself that you are wise enough, proactive enough and patient enough to heal your own body.

– Stop incessantly gathering new information and get on with enjoying your life, happily following your healing protocol.


Are you ready to heal yourself of what ails you? Are you on a healing protocol already? Please share your experiences!



Before & After a Detox or Cleanse: What You Need to Do

Before & After a Detox: What You Need To Do

I know I’m not the only one who has binged on alcohol or junk food right before starting a clean-eating program, cleanse or detox. You feel you have to enjoy it now while you can, so might as well spend the weekend binge-eating and partying it up before your cleanse starts on Monday, right?

What you need to do before and after a detox or cleanse

The problem is, you’re setting yourself up for a much harder detox with severe or sudden withdrawal symptoms. You will wake up on Monday unprepared mentally, physically and logistically for a cleanse which is supposed to be rejuvenating for your body and mind, not stressful.

Furthermore,  after eliminating accumulated toxicity from your mind and body during the cleanse, it’s likely you’ll feel different emotionally and physically, so you’ll need to take some measures to slowly ease yourself out of a cleanse.

Whether you are simply eliminating one thing from your diet for awhile, doing a 21 day sugar detox, quitting coffee, doing a juice fast, or a primal seasonal cleanse, here’s what you need to do before and after your detox.

Preparing your body for a cleanse

Slowly decrease your intake of the foods/drinks you will eliminate during the cleanse

Example: Coffee – The killer headaches that come from caffeine withdrawal are enough to put you off ever doing a cleanse again. However, if you slowly decrease your caffeine intake in the days leading up to your cleanse, your headaches will be greatly reduced than if you went from drinking 5 coffees a day to suddenly none. Instead, have one less cup of coffee each day for several days leading up to the cleanse.

Example: Sugar – Sugar is more addictive than cocaine, so it’s rarely something that you can quit cold turkey without withdrawal symptoms such as severe irritability, intense cravings and illness. Slowly decrease the amount of sugary food you eat in the few days to a week leading up to the cleanse.

Eat light and healthy the day before your cleanse starts and get a good night’s sleep

This will get your digestive system ready for the detox, your taste buds ready for nourishing foods, and your body feeling calm and relaxed about making changes.

Preparing your mind for a cleanse

Make a list or chart detailing your plans for the cleanse

List the foods and drinks you want to avoid and another list of the ones you want to introduce. Include any lifestyle changes you plan to make, such as daily meditation, yoga, saunas, colonics, earlier bed time, etc. Put this list up somewhere where you will see it every day, such as on your bedroom mirror, refrigerator or above your work desk.

Make a list of your goals for your cleanse or detox
Make a list of your goals for your cleanse or detox

Think and talk positively about your upcoming cleanse

In the week leading up to your cleanse, get excited for it. Look forward to the break you are giving yourself. When you talk about the cleanse to yourself and others, use a positive attitude and positive language. Focus less on what you are eliminating (sugar, alcohol), and more on what you are adding (healthy food, relaxation). By the time the cleanse starts, you will be in a good mindset for all the positive changes.

Preparing your home  and lifestyle for a cleanse

Stock your kitchen with goodness and throw out the crap

Fill your fridge and pantry with the healthy foods that you want to eat plenty of during your cleanse, and throw out any foods that you won’t be eating during your cleanse. It’s really not worth keeping that box of chocolates for after the cleanse, as they will only tempt you to no end! Throw it all out, or give it away.

Give yourself time before the cleanse starts to buy any supplements, detox teas, oils or herbs you want to use.

Clear the clutter and create coziness

If the cleanse makes you feel irritable, tired, unwell or emotional, the last thing you will want to do is tidy or clean. So clear general clutter and make any simple adjustments at home that will create a cozy, comfortable environment where you will feel like chilling out and nourishing yourself during the cleanse. A cluttered house = a cluttered mind.

Clear your hectic schedule

Again, you may feel worse before you feel better, as your body adjusts to the changes and eliminates toxins. So schedule into your cleanse plenty of down-time and home time for you to rest and rejuvenate. This is not a good time for work deadlines or projects needing great mental focus. This is not a time for grueling workouts, late nights or demanding social engagements. Give yourself a break from your hectic life, and your body and mind will not only better cope with the cleanse, but reap much greater benefits.

Coming out of a cleanse

Schedule yourself enough down-time to reflect

If possible, don’t rush straight back to anything that will cause you stress. It’s common at the end of a cleanse to feel different emotionally, as you’ve cleared out toxins that have weighed down your body and mind. So give yourself enough time and space to process these feelings.

Ease yourself back into any intense physical exercise

If you were already doing some sort of strenuous or aerobic movement before the cleanse, take your time getting back into it. For example, start at low weights and add more each day after the cleanse. Or start with very short periods of aerobic activity and increase your time by 10-15 minutes each day after the cleanse.

Start regular movement if you weren’t doing it before

Regular exercise or movement will help you continue to control your cravings, de-stress your body, and expel those toxins effectively, well after the cleanse is over. Find what type of movement you will do regularly and plan to start it right as your cleanse finishes. Try walking, living room dancing, climbing the stairs to your office, or taking a class at the gym or fitness studio.

Evaluate how the cleanse went and what to change for next time

On the last night of the cleanse, or the day after, sit down and think about your cleanse.You might even want to write down some things like:

What was most challenging?
What was easier than you thought?
How did you feel, mentally and physically?
What did you learn about health and yourself?
What do you want to continue doing in your daily life?What would you like to do the same or differently in your next cleanse?

Remember that change takes time and practice

Ideally, you would continue to eat a healthy diet, live a less hectic life, and nourish your mind and body as much as possible. But don’t beat yourself up if you slip back into some bad habits after the cleanse is over. Change is best when it’s gradual, and doing a cleanse at least every season will help you to gradually make positive diet and lifestyle changes that will be part of your life forever.

Receive our FREE Seasonal Cleanse Manual each season simply by joining our tribe as a free member! It includes step-by-step instructions for each phase of the cleanse, allowable food lists, sample menus, symptoms to be aware of, and ways to vary the cleanse for beginner, intermediate and advanced cleansing.

Have you ever done a cleanse or detox?


Astounding Visual Proof of How Sugar Instantly Affects Your Blood Cells

7.2 Recovery - Live Blood Analysis

This is my second session with Dr Ranga and it has been four weeks since I last saw him. We are doing a Live Blood Analysis here in this video again as I did last time. The only thing that I have changed in the last four weeks is the introduction of this ‘7.2  – Recovery’ supplement that he put me on four weeks ago. I have been taking three of them before workout and three of them afterwards, and sometimes I have been taking them on days when I have not been working out as well to enhance my recovery.

The transformation to my blood has been astounding! Watch the video and read below!

FREE YOU TUBE VIDEO – Duration: 6:22min

So, if we take a step back on December 21st, this was what my blood was looking like. It does not look very good. All of those individual circles are red blood cells. They should not be clumped together  as you can see—they should be free flowing around the place. Three minutes later after taking the 7.2 – Recovery supplement (look at them down below), they are completely different. They are moving around and squeezing in between each other’s cells. There are massive white blood cells as it appears here. It is pretty amazing. (Watch the video!!)

Brad's results using liveblood analysis on December21st, 2013.
Brad’s results using Live Blood Analysis on December21st, 2013.

So, let us see what my blood now looks like. It looks pretty good in comparison to what my blood looked like during the first time. They move pretty fast, and still highly energized even though I have not taken the 7.2 – Recovery supplement. Funnily enough, I actually just came from the local park, where I just had a meditation session. I was in front of the computer for a while prior and I was feeling pretty ‘blah’, so I thought of just having a 5-10 minute meditation.

4 weeks later, my blood was flowing super fast like a formula1 race! Watch the video.
4 weeks later, my blood was flowing super fast like a formula 1 race! Watch the video.

So, my blood certainly improved. To remind you also, here is what my ElectroAcupuncture results look like. Basically, his machine was saying that my adrenal glands and my liver were working way under what they should be, and I had high levels of heavy metals within my body than what I should. So, let us see what my results look like now after four weeks.

4 weeks later, my electroacupuncture results had returned to normal baseline too.
4 weeks later, my electroacupuncture results had returned to normal baseline too.

Now, you can see that Dr Ranga is going through every single organ system using this machine but there were three main ones that I was scoring fully for  my adrenal glands, heavy metals and liver or return to what he call a normal baseline. Basically, everything was normal and working pretty good!

Now, it is time to start testing what different things can actually do to these readings and to my blood. Today’s test includes jellybeans – pure, unadulterated sugar. Within a few minutes of eating a pure sugar, look at how completely different my blood is!! The cells are massively aggregated and there is huge rouleaux formation. It looks terrible!

After eating 2 handfuls of jellybeans, my blood completely changed for the worse. It literally stopped moving and clumped together.
After eating 2 handfuls of jellybeans, my blood completely changed for the worse. It literally stopped moving and clumped together.

So, it is a pretty crazy change to my blood. Well, when it came to ElectroAcupuncture machine, I had some significant drops to my organ systems and meridians. My adrenal glands,  food intolerance, chemical sensitivity, nervous system, lymphatic system, liver, stomach, and everything dropped like big time! So, if something says 25, that is basically meaning it is working 50 percent than what it usually should. It is pretty insane. That is how quick sugar works!

My ElectroAcupuncture results showed a huge change for the worst!
My ElectroAcupuncture results showed a huge change for the worst!

7.2 – Recovery to the rescue!

So, there was no way I wanted to leave his office with blood like that. So, I was pretty keen to do anything that I could to bring it back to the way it was. We did not have enough time to do what I planned by doing some meditation. So, we decided to take the minimum dose—one tablet of 7.2 – Recovery—to see how powerful it would be to return it back to normal. Here are the results:

7.2 - Recovery tablets created a huge reversal of damage.
7.2 – Recovery tablets created a huge reversal of damage.

You can still see the oxidative damage there (referring to the inside ring mark within each Red Blood Cell, but at least they are flowing again (after eating the sugar, the Red Blood Cells completely stopped). It definitely shows the power of just by taking one tablet, but you can see how much oxidative stress there is.

Dr Ranga: This is because we took the blood sample less than one minute after taking the supplement. If we can leave it for five minutes, it will look much better. That ring is the result of the red blood cells becoming more dense. Inside the cell, the hemoglobin becomes oxidized so it becomes dense.

One pill lasts supposedly 8 hours. At the very least, one can really benefit from using three pills a day–one for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner time.

So, I hope you enjoy this video guys. It has been awesome doing it. I look forward to the next ones coming up where I will be testing things like tap water, coffee,and the powers of meditation in reducing oxidative stress and what not. If you can get your hands on 7.2 – Recovery through the link that I provided, it will be awesome. We are now Recovery distributors and the supplement is highly amazing. Also, be sure to avoid too much sugar!! Look at how quickly it affects you!!


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