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Archive for June, 2014

The Japanese toilet that warms, cleans and entertains you!

The Japanese Toilet That Cleans, Warms and Entertains You!

Join Bex on a Japanese toilet! You may have heard about or seen some of the amazing Japanese inventions, and their toilets are no exception. It’s like sitting on a space ship! Traditional Japanese toilets are squat toilets, aka hole in the floor, which are amazing for the fully emptying the bowels. These days, most […]


The Only Way to Eat Gluten-Free In Japan

The Only Way to Eat Gluten-Free in Japan

Gluten-free in Japan? Good luck. Trying to avoid gluten in Japan is like trying to avoid glitter at Mardi Gras. It goes completely undetected until you get home and find glitter hiding in your hair and the folds of your clothes. Well, you can’t even imagine all the places that gluten hides in Japanese food… […]