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Archive for July, 2015

Debra Defied her Rheumatoid Arthritis through Strength Training

Knee Arthritis

Words from Brad: I couldn’t believe someone Debra’s age had endured pain, for more than 2 years, that is usually associated with older people. When I told her strength training was a viable tool to help her reduce her arthritic pain she was keen to try it out and it certainly worked wonders for her. […]


Vegetable Cheat Sheet A – K

Vegetable Cheat Sheet - A to K

Arugula (Rocket) Season: Spring / Early Summer Cooking: Raw / Saute Tips: Great for salad and throwing into mixed dishes. Saute like kale. Mix into stuffings, quiches and more for baking. Asparagus Season: Late Spring / Early Summer Cooking: Steam / Saute / Stir-fry / Grill / Bake / Raw Tips: Must be fresh; don’t […]