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Archive for October, 2015

Another ‘Primal Health’ is ruining our name!

Updated 2nd October 2015 A NOTE FOR PEOPLE WANTING REFUNDS If you have emailed us via our contact page, looking for a product replacement or return of funds, we regret to inform you that we are NOT the Primal Health you are looking for. We are listed on Google as the #1 Primal Health usually. Great […]


Stacey Looked at His Family History of Disease & Chose a Better Life

Words from Brad: These are excerpts from Stacey’s journal entries about his life which motivated him to complete his first 3-month transformation. Words from Stacey: I am not sure when, but it may have been late 2005 after the death of my Uncle Brinos in a car accident, I decided to start a regular exercise […]


Vegetable Cheat Sheet L – Z

Continued from Vegetable Cheat Cheet A-K… Leeks Season: Spring / Summer / Autumn Cooking: Saute / Bake Tips: Trim off ends before cooking. Split lengthwise for baking. Finished when tender. Lima Beans Season: Summer / Autumn Cooking: Boil Tips: While dried lima beans are a legume, the fresh beans are a vegetable. Hull your own […]