Does Your Body Need a Reset?

As you know by now, Primal Health is about so much more than food and working out. It’s also about following your dreams and passions and pursing the things that bring you joy.

That said, having a solid plan for nutrition and exercise are and will always be a vital part of life.

When I travel and visit my family and friends for the holidays and travel to new countries, I love to indulge in my craft beers and enjoy a bit of chocolate as much as the next guy.

Hey, life is short right, and stressing about being perfect all the time can wind up being totally counterproductive.

I like to follow the principle of roughly 80/20, meaning eat and live clean about 80% of the time and enjoy your indulgences about 20% of the time.

Being back in the swing of the New Year and helping folks kickstart achieving their fitness goals, I’ve heard so much from so many that you’d just like to hit the reset button on your bodies.

I’d like to share with you this awesome video my mate in America just released.

Her name is Andrea and she’s a personal fitness trainer, private cook and nutrition coach, and even has written a book on all-natural protein shake recipes that Kaiya and Bex and I are obsessed with.

In this video she’ll give you some fantastic motivation for getting back on track to your fit body.

She does it in a way that honors the principles of primal living while acknowledging and finding a way to slip in a bit of craft beer and chocolate.

Seriously, give it a watch HERE.

I know she’s not going to keep it up for very long, so best take a look right away.


P.S. If you’re needing a little help getting back on track, check out my mate Andrea’s video HERE. It’s awesome and she will totally motivate you to get your butt back in gear.

Would you trust a woman that looks like this, with your health?? I should hope so!

Andrea Barkley
Andrea Barkley

Trevor Lost 18kg of Fat at Age 51 by Letting Go of Old Beliefs

Trevor Richards - Body For Life Top 10 Placed Contestant

Words from Brad:

I trained Trevor many years ago. I used to be a ‘Body For Life Success Coach’ before my philosophies on health moved away from supplement use and machine training.

Words from Trevor to Brad:

“Lending me the video Body of Work’ was such an inspiration. I decided after watching it to take ACTION (the key word). Hence emerged my favourite saying, ‘Life rewards action.

I knew I had to change my whole way of eating and training, and you helped me see it from a different point of view. I had to let go of old beliefs that were not serving me; this mind transformation at 51 years certainly helped the body transformation. In your words, if something is not working, try something else. It starts with courage.

I remember when you started running me on the rooftop car park next to Active Fitness Centre. What a sorry sight! I could hardly do five laps and I’d be out of breath. Sit-ups were painful, and I had trouble breathing. My body has been reincarnated. The cells in the body are constantly being replaced.

Trevor Richards - Body For Life Top 10 Placed Contestant
Trevor Richards – Body For Life Top 10 Placed Contestant

I have enclosed some photos of me for you to laugh at that you took in June this year (1999). The shorts are dusters for the car now!

I’m constantly asked the secret. Here it is.

1/ Intense desire and focus.

2/ Don’t be thrown by drama’s that will for sure occur along the way. That’s the test, these will happen.

3/ 6 meals a day. 1 portion of carbs, 1 portion of protein (a portion is fist sized). 3 litres of water. Nothing else; meaning booze and soft drinks.

4/ Do cardio first thing in the morning after fasting all night for the body will burn 300% more fat. Don’t eat until 1 hour after cardio.

5/ Weight training to failure and stretching.

6/ Cut the carbohydrates out after 6pm. This will help with fat loss.

I lost 18kg of pure fat and increased muscle. Get the right information and ACT UPON IT. Everyone’s body is different, so if something’s not working, fail fast and try something new.

Write down everything consumed each day. Water, carbohydrates, protein, fat and calories. Have a plan.

These are the basic rules. Thanks again Brad for helping me to LIVE.”

Why Breakfast Cereal Ruins Your Day…AND Your Health

Why Breakfast Cereal Ruins Your Day and Your Health

Does this sound familiar?

After a good 8-hour night’s sleep, it’s 7:30 am and you’re headed to the kitchen to ‘grab’ breakfast before running off to work. You’re trying to eat well, so you have a new ‘healthy’ selection of breakfast cereals to choose from. Names like ‘Just Right’, ‘Sustain’, and ‘Weetbix’ make you feel like you are sustaining your body with just the right amount of wheat or grains for a ‘healthy’ start to the day. You even have soy milk or low-fat milk to pour over, as everyone has said those are the ‘healthiest’. During your morning commute, you are feeling proud of your new diet, but soon after you arrive at work, you are craving banana bread and muffins from the cafe next door, and are dying for your morning coffee. By mid-morning, you are feeling sleepy and can’t concentrate, already watching the clock for a lunch break. By lunchtime, you haven’t finished much of your morning work and are so famished that you gorge yourself on fast food. What went wrong?

Aren’t many breakfast cereals healthy?

Contrary to what the slick marketing would have you believe, boxed breakfast cereals provide little to no nutrition, are extremely indigestible, and are therefore not fit for human consumption. Cereal is made through the extrusion process, in which little flakes and shapes are formed at high temperatures and pressures. This processing destroys many valuable nutrients in grains, causes the oils to become rancid and renders certain proteins toxic. And this is what we are attempting to fuel our bodies with first thing in the morning.

Why Breakfast Cereal Ruins Your Day and Your Health

Breakfast = BREAK the FAST

The 8-12 hours between your last meal of the day and breakfast is the longest period your body goes without food. This daily ‘fast’ is required so our bodies can rest, repair and grow during sleep. However, soon after sunrise, our bodily systems ‘wake up’ by releasing cortisol hormones to get us ready for daily physical and mental activity, and we need nutritious food to sustain this, just as a car needs petrol to run. If we break the ‘fast’ with indigestible, nutrient lacking breakfast cereals, our bodies will still be hungry for real food, lacking physical energy and mental clarity.

It Gets Worse…

On top of that, the body may store existing fat to prepare for famine, as it continues to go without proper food. We throw down pills for the headaches, depression, anxiety, moodiness and muscle aches that are actually just symptoms of our growing lack of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. And all the while, the digestive system is taking a beating, getting more ineffective and bogged down with indigestible food until things like Bloating, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Parasites and Bowel Cancer finally show us what’s going on inside.

But my breakfast cereal is fortified with iron!

What if I told you that your cereal was fortified with metal iron shavings? Does that change things? Science is amazing, but it is still a far stretch to think that we can replicate the vitamins and minerals that naturally occur within our plant and animal foods, and simply add them to a de-natured over-processed food like cereal to get proper nutrition.

Our children are suffering

I have heard several mums tell me lately that their toddler just wants to eat all morning, and never seems satisfied until lunch. I have seen too many school-age children struggle to learn or be labelled ADHD because they can’t concentrate during their morning lessons. We all know children who have allergies, ear infections, sinus problems and other symptoms of poor nutrition. Could one answer to all these problems actually be as simple as a proper breakfast?

Then what should I eat for breakfast?

Whatever other nutritious foods you eat the rest of the day! Who decided we could only eat ‘breakfast foods’ in the morning? Oh yeah, the giant companies that sell packaged breakfast foods. Why not steak, potatoes and vegetables? Why not real, whole foods comprised of protein, fat and carbohydrates that come from plants and animals and have not been processed?

What about my 4-5 daily serves of whole grains?

The short answer is that the people who created The Food Pyramid are the same people who decided we could only eat packaged breakfast foods in the morning. Think Kellogg, General Mills…

What about the milk?

The short answer is that the milk is just as detrimental. For the long answer, read How Milk Became So Dangerous.

Old habits die hard

For decades, it has been ingrained into our thoughts that breakfast = cereal. We are addicted to the ritual, the crunch, the variety, the convenience. And we are suffering the consequences. It may take time to get used to a breakfast of whole, real, unprocessed food, but it will be a habit worth changing.

Yours in health,


P.S. My favourite breakfast: Leftovers from dinner reheated under the grill. Just as quick to prepare as breakfast cereal, and the flavours are even better the next day!)

What’s your favourite breakfast? Comment below…


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