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A Look Into Iridology: Are Your Eyes a Window to Your Health?

A Look Into Iridology: Are Your Eyes a Window to Your Health?

A Look Into Iridology: Are Your Eyes a Window to Your Health?

Some say the eyes are the window to the soul, and after my recent experience with an intuitive naturopathic iridologist, I would say that the eyes are a window to the body as well.

Juggling motherhood with my new business (this amazing website) has it’s challenges, as both are new ventures for me and to meet both their needs at the same time takes fine balancing. My body seemed to be feeling the stress: constant knots in my shoulders leading to occasional headaches, digestive dysfunction like bloating and less regular bowel movements, and some PMS symptoms which I don’t normally experience.

Finally on a holiday visiting family, I was still finding it hard to relax. My mother-in-law was raving about her Bowen Therapist, Christine, who also happened to be an intuitive naturopath and iridologist. Being a big believer in following my intuition, as it serves me well on my life journey, I felt a strong pull to see this woman, so I made an appointment.

Within a minute of sitting down in Christine’s office, my chin was resting on the special machine so I could look through the binocular-like lenses while she took one picture of each eye. In the second minute, the giant photo of my eye covered the entire laptop screen where Christine now looked knowingly into the window of my body, mind and soul. She suggested I take notes with the paper and pen that were already sitting on the desk in front of me, and for the next 10 minutes, she told me about me.

I wrote fast while she talked, “Worrier, can be private, sensitive. Self-esteem fluctuates. Rarely sick. Low hormone levels – progesterone, which causes mood changes and some cravings at different times in menstrual cycle. It takes you a long time to get cranky. Your water consumption is fluctuating too much. Your neck and lower back are out; you’re probably carrying your daughter on same hip all the time. You don’t sweat much, only face, armpits, under breasts, so your body gets acidic – can’t get toxins out well through sweat. There’s a little mucus on top of the lungs, and you’re a bit low in iron, magnesium, zinc, folic acid, B12, B6. Liver and pancreatic enzymes low.”

When she seemed finished, I jumped right in with questions and comments, fascinated by what she had seen in my eye and through her intuition. Christine had a wonderful energy about her and we talked intimately and personally before I left.

I left Christine’s office with some nutritional advice, a bottle of digestive enzyme pills and an emotional feeling of release from having someone else, a total stranger, look into my ‘window’ like that. The session had brought up more questions in my head about diet and nutrition, and had also resolved some issues that had lingered in the back of my mind for too long. Though I am eating plenty of nutritious food, I’m not absorbing all of the nutrients, and some of the healthy foods I am eating may not be working for my system, so these were things that I could investigate further and improve.

One thing that Christine told me several times throughout the session was that I was very healthy, with a robust system, and that what I was doing for my health was clearly working. This affirmation from a professional, who knew nothing about me before I walked in, was just what I had needed to continue supporting my health without stressing over it. So despite my symptoms, I still ate some of mum’s homemade desserts on my holiday. 🙂

I also found beautiful organic meat and produce at the farmer’s markets to enjoy with the family. I took lots of walks, sat in the sun, read a novel, and played with and talked to my loved ones. The ‘working holiday’ became more just a big serve of holiday, with only a small side of working. I was so happy that I had gone to see Christine in the beginning of my holiday, to help me get out of my mind and into my life. I guess sometimes we just need someone to look deep into our eyes and remind us to nourish our body and soul.


Curious to know more about this alternative medicine technique? Here’s more information on iridology.

What are your thoughts on iridology? Have you or anyone you know been to an iridologist? Please share your experiences!

A Look Into Iridology: Are Your Eyes a Window to Your Health? – September 2014

  • Robyn
    Posted at 20:23h, 25 September Reply

    brilliant, have done a little bit of study into it and it is truly fascinating. maybe we can get you to try Kinesiology next time (would love to help you improve your body’s ability to absorb what it needs and purge what it doesn’t. xxx

    • Bex
      Posted at 12:31h, 26 September Reply

      Thanks, Robyn. We have both experienced Kinesiology with a few different practitioners and find it to be a great modality. I will soon write more about my experience with malabsorption and digestive issues. Stay tuned!

    Posted at 22:36h, 07 March Reply

    My grandmother discovered iridology sometime in the late 70’s or early 80’s. I certainly recall being utterly fascinated by it. Seemed to me it could save a lot of people from undergoing “explorative surgery “. She also sold Nature’s Sunshine line of herbal remedies. So, much to be said for noninvasive methods to see health problems. And even more to be said on using nature to cure, or prevent such problems. She did tell me once there was fine line to tread, and many people were being prosecuted and incarcerated for “diagnosing” and “prescribing” not being recognized practitioners. The holistic and homeopathic world is, the best way to go. But, our government along big pharmaceuticals think not. Tragedy!

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