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Amy Overcame Severe Back, Neck & Knee Pain

Amy Overcame Severe Back, Neck & Knee Pain

Amy didn’t need to lose weight, she needed to get out of pain. With a holistic approach, I used the Primal 6 approach to address any health imbalances she had. Amy’s thoughts were being affected by negative relationships, her posture and breathing were suffering from her excessive computer work, she had digestive issues which called for dietary changes, and she had many muscular imbalances. So we focused on emotional healing, ways to reduce computer pain, primal dietary changes, probiotics to support her digestion, core-strength, reducing bloat and corrective exercise.

Amy preferred that you see her scans instead of her photos. These ‘Static EMG’ scans are from her chiropractor.
The colours are related to heat produced at each vertebral segment.
White = 0 , Green= 1, Blue = 2, Green = ?, Red = 3, Black = 4. The higher the number, the worse the area is.

Amy Sanderson - Back, Knee and Neck Pain


There’s 2 types of pain! Pain that serves you and pain that doesn’t

Words from Amy:

“Brad has been a great inspiration to me. I did not start seeing him to lose weight / bodyfat, it was to gain fitness & improve my quality of life. I suffered from severe back pain, knee pain & neck pain. I can now run over 6km in 30 minutes & have increased my strength to do some amazing acrobatic moves! My overall health has improved, i don’t suffer from pain like i once did and i am now more aware of what to eat to obtain the results i want. Thanks Brad, you have changed my life!”

“(When doing acrobatic training) I can now lift myself with my back to a pole, arms behind/above my head, up and over into an ankle grab on the pole. I can support myself upside from the ankle grab with my arms locked and release one leg behind my head otherwise known as a ‘butterfly’. Incredible core/back/should/arm strength & lots of concentration!”

Amy Overcame Severe Back, Neck & Knee Pain – March 2015

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