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Andy Eliminated Stomach Bloating and Lost Weight for Good

Andy Eliminated Stomach Bloating and Lost Weight for Good

Andy Eliminated Stomach Bloating and Lost Weight for Good

Words from Brad:

Andy came to me with a goal of losing the spare tyre. When assessing his body, he only had one previous injury to his ankle and was pain free. His posture was pretty good other than his forward head posture affecting his ability to breath.  However, my ‘Holistic Health Questionnaire’ revealed that Andy’s digestive system was screaming out for help, so I knew that was the first thing we had to address.

Stomach bloating was a long time issue of concern

But the bloating and spare tyre couldn’t be fixed from the outside in, only from the inside out. There was no point stressing his digestive system more with intense exercise, and no amount of core workouts will give you a flat stomach in this situation, so instead we spent a lot of time cleaning up his nutrition and lifestyle choices. Andy’s diet gradually became more and more primal, he drank plenty of filtered water, got to bed earlier most nights, laid on a foam roller regularly to improve his posture and breathing, and became aware of how his thoughts could also affect his digestion and health.

One supplement I got him to take was a Certified Organic Probiotic called In-Liven. This made a big difference and worked considerably better than the over the counter pill version from the chemist (from his observations). This plus all the other diet and lifestyle changes healed his digestive system and then his body changed dramatically. He is a great example of how poor digestive health can greatly affect our body shape and overall health.

His last 3 months with me were completing a Holistic Functional version of ‘Body for Life’ that I have created . Incorporating the inspiration, regularity and goal setting from Body for Life using C.H.E.K. principles. He was certainly determined and results paid off. Not only did his bloating go away completely, but his body shape changed dramatically!

Andy Parker - Weight Loss | Stomach Bloating

Andy Eliminated Stomach Bloating and Lost Weight for Good – February 2013

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