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Bex has been a member since September 27th 2011, and has created 97 posts from scratch.

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I was raised in a health conscious family and always had a strong interest in food and fitness, but as my focus shifted from diet trends and weight loss to holistic health and proper nutrition, I discovered what optimal health and vitality really feels like. This further fuelled my passion for studying holistic health alongside my husband Brad. Now when I look around me and see so many people suffering from an epidemic of mental and physical illness, disorders, syndromes, and cancers, I know that it is my duty to use my knowledge and teaching ability to help others live well. Especially as a new mother, I know now that we all must take responsibility to ensure the health of future generations.

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My Ugly Rosacea Face Rash – Learnings PART 2

This is a continuation and update from my first article about The Rash: My Ugly Rosacea Face Rash is Making Me a Better Person, if you’d like to read that first. But it’s not essential, as the story and learnings here are huge on their own!

Bex Rash Before and After Keto OS

The Rash – 2 Months Ago                                              The Rash – Today

The Rash has been with me on and off again for the last 2 years, and I’ve gotten to know it as one of the key signals my body gives me to let me know how it’s feeling inside.

When I’m stressed and/or make wrong food choices for a while, etc, The Rash makes an appearance and then I know it’s time to rebalance myself, my mind and my habits. Just like a stomach ache, headache, fatigue, or any other symptom, The Rash is a gentle friend showing me that I’m off course. I also realised my stress was largely due to my focus on my diet, and my world travels reminded me that food is only #4 of The Primal 6, NOT #1.

Thoughts are Most Important

After traveling in Europe and Mexico, I noticed how people didn’t obsess over food like we do, and how their health and vitality seemed to be well maintained by their mindset. They focused more on family, enjoyment, passion, purpose, contribution, relaxation, and community.

So that’s where I turned my focus. I took a break from Primal Health, reading articles, seeing health practitioners, monitoring my diet. And I turned my attention to my own family, enjoyment, passions, purpose, contribution, relaxation and community.

It was this change that led me to start my own Reconnect To Your Joy business, with in-person group courses that reminded the myself and others that the joy we are looking for is not outside of us, it’s already within us. I had reconnected to my joy and now I’m sharing it!

Thank you Face Rash for taking me on a health journey that led back to #1 – Thoughts, and living my purpose and contributing in even more ways!

I recently had a few sessions with a naturopath friend and got two great things out of it.
1/ I’m drinking infused herbs like Nettle, Clover and Oatstraw to give my body extra nutrition it misses because of poor digestion. I’m also taking bitter herbs before eating sometimes, to help me digest.
2/ When I started keeping a diary of my symptoms for our sessions to see what helped and hindered, I got stressed again about everything I ate, sleeping habits, toxins, and The Rash. This led to another huge learning from The Rash:

What We Focus On is What We Get

The minute I started focusing on my symptoms again, to try to fix them, they got worse. I was bloated more often, The Rash got redder. In my Reconnect To Your Joy courses, I teach others that what we put our attention on is our intention. Like attracts like. The Law of Attraction. I had practiced this so much with my thoughts and yet hadn’t realised I was doing it with my health.

How long had I been telling myself that my gut is damaged and leaky, that I have poor digestion, that I can’t absorb nutrients well, that I have lots of food intolerances, and that I have The Rash? A long time!

So I’ve changed my tune. My body is actually incredibly healthy. I am a healthy weight, I have beautiful skin on 99% of my body, I have tons of energy, my mind is clear, I am strong and getting stronger and healthier every day! This mindset has led to me finally wanting to use my body more for physical fitness, and I think that’s helping The Rash too!

Movement is Not Just For Weight Loss

My naturopath friend suggested that it would really help my digestion to move my body more. Of course, Brad had been ‘nagging’ me about that for years, since I became more and more inactive, but I’m often stubborn about accepting hubby advice. 🙂 This time though, hearing it from an outsider who wasn’t a fitness professional, a light bulb went off.

For years, I’d been focusing so much on my diet, sleep, water, breathing, and mindset, but had largely ignored the 5th component of the Primal 6 – Movement. Aside of dancing in the kitchen sometimes, and occasional phases of going to yoga classes, I wasn’t regularly moving my body with purpose.

I knew I liked walking, so I started taking my walking shoes with me in the car each day, as a reminder to go for a walk in nature. Immediately, my moods perked up huge, my digestion felt great, and I could swear The Rash wasn’t as flared and red as often.

I signed up for the Coastrek 30 km walk as further motivation to continue increasing my fitness. It was going to take a lot of positive thinking though, as staircases still left me panting, and weight training with Brad would surely leave me sore for days. But then I had another learning…

Modern Life Requires Flexibility on Being Primal

Around the same time, my husband Brad came across a natural supplement that puts the body into a state of Ketosis in less than an hour, something that you have to be incredibly disciplined to do with diet, but is extremely beneficial for the body. Ketosis is a state our primal bodies would have been in a lot in primal times, due to intermittent fasting when there was no food supply, and from hunters and herdsmen consuming lots of fat and minimal carbohydrates.

We haven’t used a powdered drink supplement in many years, preferring to focus on the Primal 6 with whole foods, and at first it just didn’t seem Primal enough to take this powder from a packet. But hey, I eat and do plenty of unprimal things in this modern world! And I’d taken plenty of other supplements during my gut healing protocol.

I was seeing that because our lives and environments are not very primal anymore, supplements can be a great support for our health. Plus, I couldn’t ignore the results people were getting, so I tried the Keto OS.

After only a couple of days taking it, I was stoked with the energy and stamina I had for exercise (since I hadn’t in ages!), and how my muscles don’t hurt after doing weight workouts and circuits with Brad.

AND guess what, The Rash started changing immediately! I’ve now been taking it for a couple of weeks, and my digestion is getting better, my mind is even more clear and focused, I’m not craving my intolerant foods as much AND look at The Rash – it’s nearly gone!

Bex Rash Before and After Keto OS

The Rash – 2 Months Ago                                              The Rash – Today

So, What Heals My Rosacea Face Rash?

The simple answer is:
Continuing to focus on thoughts and actions that make me feel good, which leads my body to find its balance.

The complex answer is:
Here are the thoughts and actions that I feel are leading my body to finding balance and my rash disappearing –

1/ Positive thoughts and talk about myself, my life, my body, my health and The Rash. Gratitude, Appreciation, and Anticipation for wonderful things to continue to come.

2/ Following my purpose in life, helping others and bringing people together in joy and health.

3/ Nurturing my relationships with myself and others, and my connection to my tribes and my community.

4/ Eating intuitively. Asking myself if I really want it, or want to continue eating it. Does it spark joy? How does it make me feel right now? Enjoying food and removing guilt and not using labels like ‘bad’ or ‘junk’ with foods that I like to eat occasionally.

5/ Drinking infused herbs to offer my body extra nutrients to be and feel the best it can. Using digestive enzymes, slippery elm, digestive teas, and other aids to support my body when it feels right. No protocols, no rules, just love and support.

6/ Drinking Keto OS to give my body exogenous ketones which are helping my gut health and movement abilities, which in turn puts my body and skin into a balanced state!

Want Some Help With Your Rash and Your Health?

I’ve decided that I want to help others know about the Keto OS supplement, to help with their health goals, whether it’s a rash, energy, weight loss, better sleep, digestive support, brain fog, hormones, mood swings, physical pain, recovery, athletics…I’ve seen Keto OS helping people with all these things and more. So I’ve become a promoter of this product and receive commissions for sales, which help me keep running this free website and giving free advice, so we can all live a healthy and vibrant life! I would only recommend and promote products I truly believe in.

If you’d like to know more or sample Keto OS, just click here: Get your Keto OS sample*
*(If you live outside the US or Canada, you’ll have to contact me to get your sample)

Even better,  PM me on Facebook (Bex Rasmus) and I can add you to a Customer Experience Page on Facebook with tons of great links, testimonials and videos.

I’m here to help others, that includes you! We can thank The Rash for bringing us together through this article. 😉

Recommended Purchases

Keto OS
Keto OS

Shed Bodyfat and Increase Your Energy! – Keto Os and Ketosis

Have you heard of Keto Os yet? Do you know what Ketosis is?  Whether you have or haven’t, I’m inviting YOU to be involved in my next experiment and learn what it both of them are and how they can help you. I’ve had so much fun doing more experiments lately that I’ve documented here on the website, that I recently decided to put together another experiment on on a bigger scale. Firstly I got my clients in Sydney and their friends involved using Keto Os. Now it’s gotten way bigger than I thought it would, so it’s time to share the wider Primal Health community around the world what we’ve been getting up to. Get excited! Keto Os is revolutionary.

I initially put it together 5 weeks ago and posted it here on my personal website. Information about a new supplement that I had researched, that held huge promise in the results it would produce in significantly reducing bodyfat and increasing athletic performance, without daily grinding workouts or change in diet. Sounds too good to be true I know. That’s why I didn’t believe it and have been testing it with around 20 of my own personal participants and now 3 others gyms in Sydney have jumped on board. Why? It’s fun and it can potentially help A LOT of people in the process, which ticks my boxes.

Your eligibility – Answer these questions:
– Would you rather burn more fat each day as your preferred fuel source instead of sugar/protein?
– Want to curb your sugar cravings, improve your daily energy performance and lose fat easier?
– Would you rather your metabolism or ‘daily fire’, be burning coal or kindling each day? What burns longer?

If you’ve answered YES to the first two and COAL to the third, you’re eligible to join me in the test. If you live in the USA, you can purchase it straight from our distributor website that the company gave us. If you live in Australia, or any other country for that matter, you’ll have to contact us so I can get it shipped to you. You’ll be one of the first people in the world to use it based on the way I’m accessing it.

Keto Os by Pruvit

Keto Os by Pruvit

Introducing Keto Os by Pruvit

The same person that introduced me to the magic of the 7.2 – Recovery product, called me up about Keto Os. So I trust his knowledge of supplements, as it’s certainly not my forte anymore like it is his. I’ve used it for 2 weeks and the amount of energy it’s given me during my workouts in particular, has blown me away. My PB (personal best) for a Barbell Clean for a long time has been 185lb (84kg). After 2 weeks I lifted 215lb (97kg) after I’d already done a Crossfit WOD and my first ever 3km row on an ergometer. So, I achieved this when I was already fatigued! That blew me away. See video below.

The supplement is called Keto Os (Ketosis Operating System). Its claim to fame seems too good to be true but the following of Keto Os in the US alone is already insane. From a video I watched on YouTube, back in September 2015, Pruvit were selling US$100,000 per DAY of this stuff! That’s really impressive for a product and business. In other words, people are buying Keto Os like there’s no tomorrow. There are repeat customers. It’s in demand.

What is Ketosis?

Watch the short animated video on this homepage. Click on ‘Watch the video’ here: Pruvit – Keto Os website.

The Challenge of Ketogenic Diet

The challenge of achieving a state of ketosis in the body is following the strict diet and exercise regime to get there. From working with many people over the years, I’ve found it a huge struggle for clients that have attempted to strictly eat an anti-fungal/anti-parasite diet or to truly eat like a Protein Type for a long period of time. In other words, taking this supplement is a cheat way of getting into a state of Ketosis to allow people to burn fat. So instantly, as a holistic health professional, I said NO to using it. I would much rather teach a person how to prepare more nutritious Primal organic meals then get people to shove supplements down their throat and put them on a roller-coaster of yo-yo diets. After thinking about it, I changed my tune though, as I feel even if someone took this for a month or three, it holds great promise in dramatically curbing a persons reliance on sugary foods and potentially changing habits for a lifetime. Who knows? I’m sure there are others that already know using it in the states, nothing is as good as first hand experience. Hence my experiment.

If Keto Os truly creates the fat burning environment it says it does, without side effects, I’ll be excited to use this with two types of people.

Two types of people I’m looking for:

1/ People that really really struggle with losing body fat.
Whether you are obese, or you have struggled to lose body fat no matter what approaches you’ve tried.

2/ People that have a major challenge in curbing their sugar cravings.
Whether you have fungus and parasite problems causing the cravings or you are an elite athlete constantly moving your body, I want to see if this will positively affect you to reduce your cravings and increase your performance.

The Primal Health Ketosis Experiment – #PrimalHealthketosis

Goal: To measure the change in a person’s bodyfat levels and/or performance from consuming 1 x satchel/day of Keto Os supplement, without changing diet or current exercise habits significantly.

1/ You must start this BEFORE the 1st October 2016

2/ Choose the number of days you wish to partake in the experiment – 15 or 30 days.
– You will take one satchel of Keto Os per day.

3/ Purchase Keto Os
United States: purchase it here.
Outside of the USA: You can only order Keto Os through Primal Health. Price will depend on shipping to where you live. Contact us.
In Sydney it costs us in AUD$: 15=$135, 30=$250.

3/ Anthropometrics. Measuring your body.
These are steps I’ve taken to give results that are not just subjective and ‘feeling’ based. Numbers don’t lie.
– Photos of your body from front, back and both sides with minimal clothes on.
– Measuring your waist, hips and/or bodyfat using callipers, bio-impedance scales.
– OR get a DEXA scan (Read more about DEXA here).

Preferably do all this with a health professional or someone skilled.
Book in a session with me in Sydney and I’ll do it in 30min (AUS$50).


Brad getting a DEXA scan

5/ Optional – Measure your base level of fitness
If your goal is athletic performance, you must do this. If you want an improvement in your daily health and performance, choose as many as you wish depending on your exercise experience and fitness level:
a) Time to complete 1km (walk, jog, run)
b) Time to swim 50m
c) 20 metre running beep test. explanation / audio.
d) Number of pushups, chinups, air squats with good technique until fatigue
e) Max Strength 1RM Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, Chin Up
f) Sports specific test you would normally do, that you can measure
g) CrossFit WOD.eg: Fran. I hate this workout, so I’ll choose it!

FREE You Tube Video – 6:25min – Watch Brad suffer through his benchmark fitness tests

5/ Optional – Measure the amount of ketones in your blood
Do this before and after taking the supplement, or before and after the experiment. Higher levels of ketones indicate your fat burning potential. A test for people keen to see what this does inside their body.


KetoStix are used to measure the level of ketones in your blood


6/ Re-measure and re-test your body
Preferably use the same health professional, person or DEXA scan who did it at the start. 

7/ Share your results
– Send me your results, however you have recorded them, through email or contact page.
– If you choose to share your results on Facebook or Instagram, use the hashtag #PrimalHealthKetosis and tag Primal Health, so the community can see your results and you can help motivate others.

Want to see what people are already saying from my experiment? Read about people’s results here.


Shed Bodyfat and Increase Your Energy! – Keto Os and Ketosis (originally posted 9th Sep 2016)

The Effects of Magnesium and Calcium on Blood Quality After Beer and Coffee

FREE YOU TUBE VIDEO – Duration: 2:19min

Want to see something really cool? Look at how powerful magnesium and calcium are on the blood stream! My friend Maz Compton and I are at it again, this time to show the positive effect that a supplement called ‘7.2 – Recovery’ can have on your blood, after the negative effect drinking beer and coffee had on our blood. This was measured using Dark Field Microscopy, also known as Live Blood Analysis. Dr Ranga Premaratna from World of Health in Sydney Australia, performed the tests.

I first started using this supplement several years ago after much internal debate, as I’ve been anti supplements for many years since taking a holistic approach, when studying to become a high level CHEK Practitioner with Paul Chek. I’m still very pro ‘organic food first’, but after doing these tests many times now, I’m sold on supplements like Recovery. I’m keen to test another one soon called Keto OS. Look out for it!

Brad has made several other videos with Dr Ranga Premaratna in the past outside of this video.
– Watch here, the previous video made showing the effects of beer and coffee on blood quality!
– This video also shows the effects of a 5 minute meditation on blood quality. It’s amazing!
– Want to stop eating sugar? Watch this video showing the effects of eating jelly beans!

Check out this other video I’ve made too, showing former World Champion surfer Tom Carroll, testing the effects of Recovery with it’s ability to enhance our ability to hold our breath underwater!

As mentioned, I plan to do more tests with Dr. Ranga. The next will be with a supplement again called Keto OS.

Subscribe in the above right subscription area to be alerted when it’s available!

Support Primal Health and purchase 7.2 – Recovery here from our representative site.

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Recovery with Hydro FX - Seven Point 2 - Molecular Hydrogen
Seven Point 2

July 2016 – Brad Rasmus – The Effects of Magnesium and Calcium on Blood Quality After Beer and Coffee

How Beer and Coffee Affect Your Blood Quality

FREE YOU TUBE VIDEO – Duration: 2:59min

Brad and his friend Maz Compton show what effect beer and coffee instantly have on your blood measured using Dark Field Microscopy. If you really love beer and coffee perhaps you shouldn’t watch this! If you do watch it, I think you’ll question how regularly you will now consume it, if at all!

Brad has made several other videos with Dr Ranga Premaratna in the past outside of this beer and coffee video.
– Watch here, the previous video made showing the effects of a 5 minute meditation on blood quality. It’s amazing!
– Want to stop eating sugar? Watch this video showing the effects of eating jelly beans!

The next video in this series will show the effect of a supplement I’ve spoke of before called ‘Recovery’ by a company called 7.2. You’ll be astounded to see what taking 3 small tablets did to our blood after drinking our beer and coffee respectively.

Subscribe in the above right subscription area to be alerted when it’s available!

July 2016 – Brad Rasmus – How Beer and Coffee Affect Your Blood Quality

How Meditation Improves Your Blood Quality

FREE YOU TUBE VIDEO – Duration: 3:38min

See how a simple 5 minute meditation improves the blood quality of Brad and his friend Maz Compton, measured using Dark Field Microscopy. Meditation has long been seen to produce many benefits to the mind and body. After you see this video, I think you’ll be wanting to meditate more!

Brad has made several other videos with Dr Ranga Premaratna in the past outside of this meditation video. See this video showing the effects of eating jelly beans!

The next video in this series will show the effect of beer and coffee on blood quality! Subscribe in the above right subscription area to be alerted when it’s available!

June 2016 – Brad Rasmus – How Meditation Improves Your Blood Quality