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Beware of Health Gurus Claiming This…

Beware of Health Gurus Claiming This...

Beware of Health Gurus Claiming This…

Being healthy, like most important things in life, is a life-long journey. I don’t mean that it takes your whole life to become healthy. We don’t ‘become’ healthy at any one exact moment in time, and then stay that way from then on. Rather, as our circumstances in life change, as our bodies’ requirements change, and as we learn more about food and our individual needs, our approach to health will evolve. When Brad and I met, we were excited that we were both ‘healthy eaters’. We fell in love over healthy cereals, soy milk, raisin bread and cottage cheese – all foods that we consider unhealthy now. However, I would still say that we were healthy eaters back then too, because we were doing the best we could for our bodies with the information that we had. That’s all any of us can do: the best we can with what we have. So we don’t claim to have all the answers about the exact way you should eat, sleep, move, breathe and think. We are simply on a journey which we feel very passionate about, and therefore love to share our information, experiences, and successes with you so that your journey can be all the more rewarding as well.

I saw an article by Dr. Mercola recently saying that he has changed his recommendations about cod liver oil. Mercola, a very well-respected and well-informed doctor, has been touting the health benefits of cod liver oil as a nutritional supplement for years. However, in light of recent research, he has new information that has completely changed his views of the supplement and he no longer recommends it. Does this mean that Dr. Mercola is unreliable, wishy-washy or a bad source of information? Quite the contrary! Here is someone who continues to learn and question things so that he can do the best he can with the information he has.

Beware of Health Gurus Claiming to Have All The Answers

The health professional we don’t want to learn from is the one who cannot withdraw his previous recommendation, who cannot admit that his previous advice should not be followed. The journey of health should not be about ego or pride, but about loving our bodies, enjoying a healthy life, and taking care of each other.

It is easy to find a heated argument online about health issues. People all over forums, blogs and facebook are arguing over pasteurisation, vegetarianism, colonic hydrotherapy, alternative medicine, pharmaceutical drugs, cancer, and more. Rather than argue over these matters, how about being open to different information someone else may have that may affect our own health journey? Or just realising that other people are on a different journey than you, and supporting them in doing the best they can with the information they have.

For about the last six years, Brad and I, and our clients, have been enjoying amazing health due to the choices we have made with food, water, breathing, movement, sleep and thoughts. That is why we are passionate about helping others experience this same level of health. However, there are still times when Brad and I question something we’re doing, or not doing. There are still times when we wonder how there can be so many differing views on what is right. But we know there is still so much to learn and we love reading books and watching documentaries about different aspects or viewpoints of health. We love talking to other people about their experiences, challenges and successes with their own health. In the end, enjoying health is not about being right, it’s about doing the best we can with what we have, to be our best selves inside and out.

Yours in health, Bex

References: “Important Cod Liver Oil Update” 23 December 2008

Beware of Health Gurus Claiming This – August 2013

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    Posted at 15:41h, 18 February Reply

    Thanks for shnirag. What a pleasure to read!

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