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Brad Went From Chronic Illness & Pain to Healthy Holistic Coach

Brad Went From Chronic Illness & Pain to Healthy Holistic Coach

Brad Went From Chronic Illness & Pain to Healthy Holistic Coach

Pain used to be a daily occurrence for me I wish to forget. I’d like to share with you my journey. A lot has changed for me since originally starting work within the fitness industry as a ‘Personal Trainer’.

During my world travels, my wife and I created a web business called Explore Now, that allowed us to travel and stay in some of the most exotic locations in the world. Whilst we were on the holiday of a lifetime, we were also working. We had a very small laptop on which we did our business and this contributed to some major postural changes in my upper spine that gave me huge amounts of neck pain and for the first time in my life, migraines. Just like everyone when it comes to pain, I waited to the last minute before I got off my butt and decided to make a change. Couple that with a digestive system that was pretty fried from our inquisitive eating habits whilst traveling, and my body had been in better shape (don’t let the tan fool you!). Whilst the majority of what we ate was ‘healthy’, we wouldn’t shy away from trying any new local food, as it was part of the experience.

Posture and Pain

Brad Rasmus - Pain indicated by the red dots

Pain indicated by the red dots

So, I was back in Sydney again ready to start another business and I felt like a wreck and in so much pain. I kept asking myself, “How could I help someone else, if I can’t even help myself?” Every exercise, stretch and massage that I tried to help my neck tension would relieve the pain temporarily. My visit to the doctor ended in a Panadeine Forte prescription, MRI brain scan, blood test and Optometrist visit. The MRI was clear, the optometrist said my vision was fine, blood fine and the Panadeine wasn’t doing a thing. I then decided to visit a Chiropractor whilst walking back home from the doctor one day as I haven’t been to one for years. Straight away he said that I had ‘thoracic outlet syndrome’, adjusted me, and I felt instantly better. Pain reduced significantly. For a while…
I kept getting regular adjustments but it was always on my mind that the adjustments always needed to be done the same way and led me to ask the question, “What is making my body take on this posture all the time? “How can I prevent this from happening so I don’t need an adjustment, acupuncture or massage each week? How can I reduce or eliminate the pain myself?”

This then led me to the teachings of Paul Chek of the C.H.E.K. Institute. An American man that has been a ‘holistic’ health professional for 25 -30 years, traveling the world to learn from the best of the best in all areas related to health. He has subsequently put together a multi disciplinary, multi year program based on his methods. A Uni friend had taken his teachings on board and sold me on him. He was spending a lot of money doing the courses and found that the information he was learning superseded so much of the information that we had learnt in our 3 year Human Movement / Exercise Science degree. I bought Paul’s book ‘How to Eat Move and Be Healthy’ and ever since reading it, my outlook on health has had a major shift. I have now completed 5 certifications with the CHEK Institute and have several more to go. When I completed the first course and applied the teachings to myself, my neck pain reduced significantly. I was eating differently and doing lots of different things that were always considered faux paux within the fitness industry and in society as a whole when it came to the definition of ‘healthy’. His teachings made so much sense though, and finally worked!

To look back on all the problems I have had, I have a laundry list worth. Broken bones a plenty: especially a fractured lumbar spine! chronic fatigue syndrome, terrible acne, constant bloating, extreme back pain, torn cartilage in both knees, thoracic outlet syndrome, extreme neck tension, headaches and migraines, digestive problems, long term pharmaceutical use, constant mucus production in throat and nose. I’m sure there’s more! A lot of pain. The one thing I have discovered though is that we don’t catch these diseases, syndromes and disorders. We create them! Through having a crappy immune system. It’s just that my perception on what constituted a ‘healthy’ immune system was totally different to what it is now.

I currently feel better than I have in years and I am now getting results with clients that I never dreamed about in the past. The PEOPLE LIKE YOU page has some great examples of this. I am helping people change the insides and outsides of their bodies like never before. I am helping people eradicate pain they have had for a long time. I am helping people change where they haven’t been able to change with other methods and it feels really good to help people help themselves in eradicating their own pain. Contact me via if you wish to use my services.

Brad Went From Chronic Illness & Pain to Healthy Holistic Coach

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