My Ugly Rosacea Face Rash – Learnings PART 2

This is a continuation and update from my first article about The Rash: My Ugly Rosacea Face Rash is Making Me a Better Person, if you’d like to read that first. But it’s not essential, as the story and learnings here are huge on their own!

Bex Rash Before and After Keto OS
The Rash – 2 Months Ago                                              The Rash – Today

The Rash has been with me on and off again for the last 2 years, and I’ve gotten to know it as one of the key signals my body gives me to let me know how it’s feeling inside.

When I’m stressed and/or make wrong food choices for a while, etc, The Rash makes an appearance and then I know it’s time to rebalance myself, my mind and my habits. Just like a stomach ache, headache, fatigue, or any other symptom, The Rash is a gentle friend showing me that I’m off course. I also realised my stress was largely due to my focus on my diet, and my world travels reminded me that food is only #4 of The Primal 6, NOT #1.

Thoughts are Most Important

After traveling in Europe and Mexico, I noticed how people didn’t obsess over food like we do, and how their health and vitality seemed to be well maintained by their mindset. They focused more on family, enjoyment, passion, purpose, contribution, relaxation, and community.

So that’s where I turned my focus. I took a break from Primal Health, reading articles, seeing health practitioners, monitoring my diet. And I turned my attention to my own family, enjoyment, passions, purpose, contribution, relaxation and community.

It was this change that led me to start my own Reconnect To Your Joy business, with in-person group courses that reminded the myself and others that the joy we are looking for is not outside of us, it’s already within us. I had reconnected to my joy and now I’m sharing it!

Thank you Face Rash for taking me on a health journey that led back to #1 – Thoughts, and living my purpose and contributing in even more ways!

I recently had a few sessions with a naturopath friend and got two great things out of it.
1/ I’m drinking infused herbs like Nettle, Clover and Oatstraw to give my body extra nutrition it misses because of poor digestion. I’m also taking bitter herbs before eating sometimes, to help me digest.
2/ When I started keeping a diary of my symptoms for our sessions to see what helped and hindered, I got stressed again about everything I ate, sleeping habits, toxins, and The Rash. This led to another huge learning from The Rash:

What We Focus On is What We Get

The minute I started focusing on my symptoms again, to try to fix them, they got worse. I was bloated more often, The Rash got redder. In my Reconnect To Your Joy courses, I teach others that what we put our attention on is our intention. Like attracts like. The Law of Attraction. I had practiced this so much with my thoughts and yet hadn’t realised I was doing it with my health.

How long had I been telling myself that my gut is damaged and leaky, that I have poor digestion, that I can’t absorb nutrients well, that I have lots of food intolerances, and that I have The Rash? A long time!

So I’ve changed my tune. My body is actually incredibly healthy. I am a healthy weight, I have beautiful skin on 99% of my body, I have tons of energy, my mind is clear, I am strong and getting stronger and healthier every day! This mindset has led to me finally wanting to use my body more for physical fitness, and I think that’s helping The Rash too!

Movement is Not Just For Weight Loss

My naturopath friend suggested that it would really help my digestion to move my body more. Of course, Brad had been ‘nagging’ me about that for years, since I became more and more inactive, but I’m often stubborn about accepting hubby advice. 🙂 This time though, hearing it from an outsider who wasn’t a fitness professional, a light bulb went off.

For years, I’d been focusing so much on my diet, sleep, water, breathing, and mindset, but had largely ignored the 5th component of the Primal 6 – Movement. Aside of dancing in the kitchen sometimes, and occasional phases of going to yoga classes, I wasn’t regularly moving my body with purpose.

I knew I liked walking, so I started taking my walking shoes with me in the car each day, as a reminder to go for a walk in nature. Immediately, my moods perked up huge, my digestion felt great, and I could swear The Rash wasn’t as flared and red as often.

I signed up for the Coastrek 30 km walk as further motivation to continue increasing my fitness. It was going to take a lot of positive thinking though, as staircases still left me panting, and weight training with Brad would surely leave me sore for days. But then I had another learning…

Modern Life Requires Flexibility on Being Primal

Around the same time, my husband Brad came across a natural supplement that puts the body into a state of Ketosis in less than an hour, something that you have to be incredibly disciplined to do with diet, but is extremely beneficial for the body. Ketosis is a state our primal bodies would have been in a lot in primal times, due to intermittent fasting when there was no food supply, and from hunters and herdsmen consuming lots of fat and minimal carbohydrates.

We haven’t used a powdered drink supplement in many years, preferring to focus on the Primal 6 with whole foods, and at first it just didn’t seem Primal enough to take this powder from a packet. But hey, I eat and do plenty of unprimal things in this modern world! And I’d taken plenty of other supplements during my gut healing protocol.

I was seeing that because our lives and environments are not very primal anymore, supplements can be a great support for our health. Plus, I couldn’t ignore the results people were getting, so I tried the Keto OS.

After only a couple of days taking it, I was stoked with the energy and stamina I had for exercise (since I hadn’t in ages!), and how my muscles don’t hurt after doing weight workouts and circuits with Brad.

AND guess what, The Rash started changing immediately! I’ve now been taking it for a couple of weeks, and my digestion is getting better, my mind is even more clear and focused, I’m not craving my intolerant foods as much AND look at The Rash – it’s nearly gone!

Bex Rash Before and After Keto OS
The Rash – 2 Months Ago                                              The Rash – Today

So, What Heals My Rosacea Face Rash?

The simple answer is:
Continuing to focus on thoughts and actions that make me feel good, which leads my body to find its balance.

The complex answer is:
Here are the thoughts and actions that I feel are leading my body to finding balance and my rash disappearing –

1/ Positive thoughts and talk about myself, my life, my body, my health and The Rash. Gratitude, Appreciation, and Anticipation for wonderful things to continue to come.

2/ Following my purpose in life, helping others and bringing people together in joy and health.

3/ Nurturing my relationships with myself and others, and my connection to my tribes and my community.

4/ Eating intuitively. Asking myself if I really want it, or want to continue eating it. Does it spark joy? How does it make me feel right now? Enjoying food and removing guilt and not using labels like ‘bad’ or ‘junk’ with foods that I like to eat occasionally.

5/ Drinking infused herbs to offer my body extra nutrients to be and feel the best it can. Using digestive enzymes, slippery elm, digestive teas, and other aids to support my body when it feels right. No protocols, no rules, just love and support.

6/ Drinking Keto OS to give my body exogenous ketones which are helping my gut health and movement abilities, which in turn puts my body and skin into a balanced state!

Want Some Help With Your Rash and Your Health?

I’ve decided that I want to help others know about the Keto OS supplement, to help with their health goals, whether it’s a rash, energy, weight loss, better sleep, digestive support, brain fog, hormones, mood swings, physical pain, recovery, athletics…I’ve seen Keto OS helping people with all these things and more. So I’ve become a promoter of this product and receive commissions for sales, which help me keep running this free website and giving free advice, so we can all live a healthy and vibrant life! I would only recommend and promote products I truly believe in.

If you’d like to know more or sample Keto OS, just click here: Get your Keto OS sample*
*(If you live outside the US or Canada, you’ll have to contact me to get your sample)

Even better,  PM me on Facebook (Bex Rasmus) and I can add you to a Customer Experience Page on Facebook with tons of great links, testimonials and videos.

I’m here to help others, that includes you! We can thank The Rash for bringing us together through this article. 😉

Recommended Purchases

Keto OS
Keto OS

Shed Bodyfat and Increase Your Energy! – Keto Os and Ketosis

Have you heard of Keto Os yet? Do you know what Ketosis is?  Whether you have or haven’t, I’m inviting YOU to be involved in my next experiment and learn what it both of them are and how they can help you. I’ve had so much fun doing more experiments lately that I’ve documented here on the website, that I recently decided to put together another experiment on on a bigger scale. Firstly I got my clients in Sydney and their friends involved using Keto Os. Now it’s gotten way bigger than I thought it would, so it’s time to share the wider Primal Health community around the world what we’ve been getting up to. Get excited! Keto Os is revolutionary.

I initially put it together 5 weeks ago and posted it here on my personal website. Information about a new supplement that I had researched, that held huge promise in the results it would produce in significantly reducing bodyfat and increasing athletic performance, without daily grinding workouts or change in diet. Sounds too good to be true I know. That’s why I didn’t believe it and have been testing it with around 20 of my own personal participants and now 3 others gyms in Sydney have jumped on board. Why? It’s fun and it can potentially help A LOT of people in the process, which ticks my boxes.

Your eligibility – Answer these questions:
– Would you rather burn more fat each day as your preferred fuel source instead of sugar/protein?
– Want to curb your sugar cravings, improve your daily energy performance and lose fat easier?
– Would you rather your metabolism or ‘daily fire’, be burning coal or kindling each day? What burns longer?

If you’ve answered YES to the first two and COAL to the third, you’re eligible to join me in the test. If you live in the USA, you can purchase it straight from our distributor website that the company gave us. If you live in Australia, or any other country for that matter, you’ll have to contact us so I can get it shipped to you. You’ll be one of the first people in the world to use it based on the way I’m accessing it.

Keto Os by Pruvit
Keto Os by Pruvit

Introducing Keto Os by Pruvit

The same person that introduced me to the magic of the 7.2 – Recovery product, called me up about Keto Os. So I trust his knowledge of supplements, as it’s certainly not my forte anymore like it is his. I’ve used it for 2 weeks and the amount of energy it’s given me during my workouts in particular, has blown me away. My PB (personal best) for a Barbell Clean for a long time has been 185lb (84kg). After 2 weeks I lifted 215lb (97kg) after I’d already done a Crossfit WOD and my first ever 3km row on an ergometer. So, I achieved this when I was already fatigued! That blew me away. See video below.

The supplement is called Keto Os (Ketosis Operating System). Its claim to fame seems too good to be true but the following of Keto Os in the US alone is already insane. From a video I watched on YouTube, back in September 2015, Pruvit were selling US$100,000 per DAY of this stuff! That’s really impressive for a product and business. In other words, people are buying Keto Os like there’s no tomorrow. There are repeat customers. It’s in demand.

What is Ketosis?

Watch the short animated video on this homepage. Click on ‘Watch the video’ here: Pruvit – Keto Os website.

The Challenge of Ketogenic Diet

The challenge of achieving a state of ketosis in the body is following the strict diet and exercise regime to get there. From working with many people over the years, I’ve found it a huge struggle for clients that have attempted to strictly eat an anti-fungal/anti-parasite diet or to truly eat like a Protein Type for a long period of time. In other words, taking this supplement is a cheat way of getting into a state of Ketosis to allow people to burn fat. So instantly, as a holistic health professional, I said NO to using it. I would much rather teach a person how to prepare more nutritious Primal organic meals then get people to shove supplements down their throat and put them on a roller-coaster of yo-yo diets. After thinking about it, I changed my tune though, as I feel even if someone took this for a month or three, it holds great promise in dramatically curbing a persons reliance on sugary foods and potentially changing habits for a lifetime. Who knows? I’m sure there are others that already know using it in the states, nothing is as good as first hand experience. Hence my experiment.

If Keto Os truly creates the fat burning environment it says it does, without side effects, I’ll be excited to use this with two types of people.

Two types of people I’m looking for:

1/ People that really really struggle with losing body fat.
Whether you are obese, or you have struggled to lose body fat no matter what approaches you’ve tried.

2/ People that have a major challenge in curbing their sugar cravings.
Whether you have fungus and parasite problems causing the cravings or you are an elite athlete constantly moving your body, I want to see if this will positively affect you to reduce your cravings and increase your performance.

The Primal Health Ketosis Experiment – #PrimalHealthketosis

Goal: To measure the change in a person’s bodyfat levels and/or performance from consuming 1 x satchel/day of Keto Os supplement, without changing diet or current exercise habits significantly.

1/ You must start this BEFORE the 1st October 2016

2/ Choose the number of days you wish to partake in the experiment – 15 or 30 days.
– You will take one satchel of Keto Os per day.

3/ Purchase Keto Os
United States: purchase it here.
Outside of the USA: You can only order Keto Os through Primal Health. Price will depend on shipping to where you live. Contact us.
In Sydney it costs us in AUD$: 15=$135, 30=$250.

3/ Anthropometrics. Measuring your body.
These are steps I’ve taken to give results that are not just subjective and ‘feeling’ based. Numbers don’t lie.
– Photos of your body from front, back and both sides with minimal clothes on.
– Measuring your waist, hips and/or bodyfat using callipers, bio-impedance scales.
– OR get a DEXA scan (Read more about DEXA here).

Preferably do all this with a health professional or someone skilled.
Book in a session with me in Sydney and I’ll do it in 30min (AUS$50).

Brad getting a DEXA scan

5/ Optional – Measure your base level of fitness
If your goal is athletic performance, you must do this. If you want an improvement in your daily health and performance, choose as many as you wish depending on your exercise experience and fitness level:
a) Time to complete 1km (walk, jog, run)
b) Time to swim 50m
c) 20 metre running beep test. explanation / audio.
d) Number of pushups, chinups, air squats with good technique until fatigue
e) Max Strength 1RM Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, Chin Up
f) Sports specific test you would normally do, that you can measure
g) CrossFit Fran. I hate this workout, so I’ll choose it!

FREE You Tube Video – 6:25min – Watch Brad suffer through his benchmark fitness tests

5/ Optional – Measure the amount of ketones in your blood
Do this before and after taking the supplement, or before and after the experiment. Higher levels of ketones indicate your fat burning potential. A test for people keen to see what this does inside their body.

KetoStix are used to measure the level of ketones in your blood


6/ Re-measure and re-test your body
Preferably use the same health professional, person or DEXA scan who did it at the start. 

7/ Share your results
– Send me your results, however you have recorded them, through email or contact page.
– If you choose to share your results on Facebook or Instagram, use the hashtag #PrimalHealthKetosis and tag Primal Health, so the community can see your results and you can help motivate others.

Want to see what people are already saying from my experiment? Read about people’s results here.


Shed Bodyfat and Increase Your Energy! – Keto Os and Ketosis (originally posted 9th Sep 2016)

The Effects of Magnesium and Calcium on Blood Quality After Beer and Coffee

FREE YOU TUBE VIDEO – Duration: 2:19min

Want to see something really cool? Look at how powerful magnesium and calcium are on the blood stream! My friend Maz Compton and I are at it again, this time to show the positive effect that a supplement called ‘7.2 – Recovery’ can have on your blood, after the negative effect drinking beer and coffee had on our blood. This was measured using Dark Field Microscopy, also known as Live Blood Analysis. Dr Ranga Premaratna from World of Health in Sydney Australia, performed the tests.

I first started using this supplement several years ago after much internal debate, as I’ve been anti supplements for many years since taking a holistic approach, when studying to become a high level CHEK Practitioner with Paul Chek. I’m still very pro ‘organic food first’, but after doing these tests many times now, I’m sold on supplements like Recovery. I’m keen to test another one soon called Keto OS. Look out for it!

Brad has made several other videos with Dr Ranga Premaratna in the past outside of this video.
– Watch here, the previous video made showing the effects of beer and coffee on blood quality!
– This video also shows the effects of a 5 minute meditation on blood quality. It’s amazing!
– Want to stop eating sugar? Watch this video showing the effects of eating jelly beans!

Check out this other video I’ve made too, showing former World Champion surfer Tom Carroll, testing the effects of Recovery with it’s ability to enhance our ability to hold our breath underwater!

As mentioned, I plan to do more tests with Dr. Ranga. The next will be with a supplement again called Keto OS.

Subscribe in the above right subscription area to be alerted when it’s available!

Support Primal Health and purchase 7.2 – Recovery here from our representative site.

Recommended Purchases

Recovery with Hydro FX - Seven Point 2 - Molecular Hydrogen
Seven Point 2

July 2016 – Brad Rasmus – The Effects of Magnesium and Calcium on Blood Quality After Beer and Coffee

How Meditation Improves Your Blood Quality

FREE YOU TUBE VIDEO – Duration: 3:38min

See how a simple 5 minute meditation improves the blood quality of Brad and his friend Maz Compton, measured using Dark Field Microscopy. Meditation has long been seen to produce many benefits to the mind and body. After you see this video, I think you’ll be wanting to meditate more!

Brad has made several other videos with Dr Ranga Premaratna in the past outside of this meditation video. See this video showing the effects of eating jelly beans!

The next video in this series will show the effect of beer and coffee on blood quality! Subscribe in the above right subscription area to be alerted when it’s available!

June 2016 – Brad Rasmus – How Meditation Improves Your Blood Quality

Does Your Body Need a Reset?

As you know by now, Primal Health is about so much more than food and working out. It’s also about following your dreams and passions and pursing the things that bring you joy.

That said, having a solid plan for nutrition and exercise are and will always be a vital part of life.

When I travel and visit my family and friends for the holidays and travel to new countries, I love to indulge in my craft beers and enjoy a bit of chocolate as much as the next guy.

Hey, life is short right, and stressing about being perfect all the time can wind up being totally counterproductive.

I like to follow the principle of roughly 80/20, meaning eat and live clean about 80% of the time and enjoy your indulgences about 20% of the time.

Being back in the swing of the New Year and helping folks kickstart achieving their fitness goals, I’ve heard so much from so many that you’d just like to hit the reset button on your bodies.

I’d like to share with you this awesome video my mate in America just released.

Her name is Andrea and she’s a personal fitness trainer, private cook and nutrition coach, and even has written a book on all-natural protein shake recipes that Kaiya and Bex and I are obsessed with.

In this video she’ll give you some fantastic motivation for getting back on track to your fit body.

She does it in a way that honors the principles of primal living while acknowledging and finding a way to slip in a bit of craft beer and chocolate.

Seriously, give it a watch HERE.

I know she’s not going to keep it up for very long, so best take a look right away.


P.S. If you’re needing a little help getting back on track, check out my mate Andrea’s video HERE. It’s awesome and she will totally motivate you to get your butt back in gear.

Would you trust a woman that looks like this, with your health?? I should hope so!

Andrea Barkley
Andrea Barkley

How Milk Became So Dangerous

Danger: Wholesome Milk!

The conflicting information is driving us all mad!! On the one hand we hear: Milk Does a Body Good!. It’s essential for calcium requirements, Vitamin D, strong bones and healthy children. On the other hand we hear: Milk causes mucus. It leads to lactose intolerance and ear infections. It’s too fatty. It contains Bovine Growth Hormone. Our societal response to this confusion is low-fat milk, skim milk, no-fat milk, soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, oat milk, organic milk, BGH-free milk, no milk. Just more confusion. So what’s gone wrong and where do we go from here?

Once Upon a Time…The Milk Was Raw

As far back as 9,000 years ago, cows, sheep, goats, water buffalo and camels munched exclusively on the rapidly growing green grass of early spring and fall. Milk was squeezed from the healthy animals udders, then drunk fresh by humans. The fresh milk these animals produced provided animal protein and fat, a rich supply of vitamins and minerals, and other life-giving enzymes and nutrients to the healthy nomadic and agricultural societies of some parts of the world. When the milk sat out for too long, it didn’t go off, but instead, it simply soured and became cream cheese and whey. Many of these traditional societies further fermented or soured the milk to produce yoghurt, cheese, buttermilk, kefir and sour cream… foods full of friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes.

Today the Milk is Diseased and Processed

In today’s industrial society, dairy cows have little or no access to their proper diet of green grass. Instead, they are fed high-protein soybean meal which stimulates them to produce more milk but in turn leads to high rates of mastitis, liver problems and other illnesses. The cows are given genetically engineered growth hormones so that they will produce huge amounts of milk, but too much growth hormones leads to growth abnormalities and possibly tumour formations and cancers. With her new diet and hormones, today’s cow is prone to so many diseases that she almost always excretes pus into her milk and needs frequent doses of antibiotics. Needless to say, her milk is just as diseased as she is.

Louis Pasteur

Pasteurisation: Processing the Milk

So in an attempt to protect himself against disease, man pasteurises the diseased milk, subjecting it to extremely high heats. This actually further degrades the milk in numerous ways:

  • Pasteurisation is no guarantee of cleanliness: In recent decades, all outbreaks of salmonella (and there have been many) have occurred in pasteurised milk.
  • Pasteurisation destroys all the enzymes in milk, including lactase, which helps digest lactose (contributing to lactose intolerance), and numerous enzymes which help the body absorb calcium and other minerals. This puts a strain on the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes.
  • Pasteurisation destroys friendly lactic-acid producing bacteria in milk which aid digestion and protect against pathogens (making it vulnerable to rancidity and salmonella).
  • Pasteurisation promotes rancidity of milk’s fatty acids and alters the amino acids (proteins).
  • Pasteurisation promotes destruction of vitamins. Vitamin loss is usually 50-80%.

The Final Touches: Toxification

The milk is not quite ready for the supermarket shelves yet. Next, chemicals may be added to suppress the bad odour and bring back the normal taste (both a result of the pasteurisation). Synthetic vitamin D3 is added, which is hard for the body to absorb, and synthetic D2 is added, which has been linked to heart disease among other things. Powdered skim milk is added to certain varieties, which contains rancid fats harmful to the arteries, nitrate compounds that are potent carcinogens, and a neurotoxin called free glutamic acid. Lastly, the milk is homogenised, which has also been linked to heart disease.

Which Types of Milk Should We Drink?

X Non-fat and Low-fat Milk: Diseased and Pasteurised. Plus, these are the varieties that powdered skim milk is added to, which I just described in the last paragraph as a toxic mess.
X Soy Milk: Most soybeans are genetically modified. Unfermented soy can greatly disrupt the hormonal and digestive system. Most soy milks contain sugar.
X Oat Milk, Almond Milk, Rice Milk: Processed and/or unsoaked grains and nuts strain the digestive system. The extrusion process used to get milk from grains or nuts often involves high heat and pressure which renders the food rancid and devoid of nutrients.
X Organic Milk:Healthy cows, healthy milk but then what a shame pasteurised! If you absolutely must have milk and can’t get it raw, this is the better bad choice.
v Raw Milk:Healthy, life-giving milk like our ancient ancestors drank. The bad news: thanks to pasteurisation laws in Australia and America, it is illegal to sell raw milk as food. The good news: you can buy delicious raw milk sold as bath milk for cosmetic purposes. Contact me to find out where!
v No Milk:If you don’t have access to good quality raw milk, remove milk from your diet altogether. Milk’s main partners in crime cereal and coffee aren’t doing your health many favours either.

Cleopatra Milk

What About Calcium?

Many of us are determined to drink milk because we’ve been led to believe that it is the only way to get enough calcium in our diet (by the dairy companies marketing). However, hasn’t anyone noticed that Western nations with high dairy consumption still have high rates of osteoporosis and tooth decay? Reasons for this include:

  • Pasteurisation thwarts all the body’s chances of absorbing calcium from milk.
  • Sugar consumption and stress (both rampant in our society) both pull calcium from the bones.
  • Phytic acid in unsoaked grains (consumed recklessly in our society) inhibits calcium absorption.
  • Sufficient Vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption. Yet we shy away from some of the best sources of
    Vit D: the sun, organ meats, eggs, and butterfat.
  • Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Potassium and other nutrients need to be obtained in proper balance
    to provide optimal bone health (the average Western diet is often lacking).

In many Asian countries and other societies where dairy is not consumed, bone broth is a diet staple. This is a highly nutritious addition to any diet.Other good sources of calcium include leafy greens, nuts, oranges, broccoli, sweet potatoes, sardines and wild salmon.

RAW Cheese Ingredient List

Other Dairy: Yoghurt, Cheese, Butter and more

Only in the West is milk consumed in an unfermented or uncultured state. Pre-industrial societies consumed milk as yoghurt, cheese, butter, sour cream, buttermilk, kefir, curds and whey. If made properly from good-quality dairy, these foods have tremendous health benefits. Raw is still best, but these foods can still be beneficial when pasteurised. The process of fermenting or souring milk partially breaks down lactose (milk sugar), predigests casein (one of the most difficult proteins for the body to digest), and increases vitamin content. Adding a culture to the milk (such as with yoghurt) restores many of the enzymes destroyed during pasteurisation and provides friendly bacteria and lactic acid to keep pathogens away, guard against infectious illnesses and aid in digestion of all food intake.

Your Final Decision

Since we have veered so far from our ancestral ways, food choices are an increasingly confusing and stressful issue. After all you have read here, you will also find lots of articles and people telling you that raw milk is unsafe and pasteurisation is very safe. My advice: instead of following the pack or stressing (both detrimental), do some reading, gather some information and make the right choice for you. If you need guidance in doing this, just give me a shout !

Yours in health, Bex


– Nourishing Traditions; Sally Fallon. Washington DC: New Trends Publishing, 1999.
– The Primal Blueprint; Mark Sisson. California: Primal Nutrition, Inc. 2009.
– How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy; Paul Chek. California: C.H.E.K. Institiute. 2006
– The Bovine: Freedom of Choice.

Rebecca Rasmus – How Milk Became So Dangerous – July 2012

How My Body Swelled Up From Sleep Stress

How My Body Swelled Up from Sleep Stress

How does stress affect your body?

Do you get back pain? Headaches and migraines? Skin problems? Weight gain? Weight loss? Funky inflammation to all parts of your body? Don’t ignore your body – listen to it! It’s telling you something.

I’d like to share with you how sleep stress affected my body when I first became a father.

Stress = ‘Your body’s reaction to change’.

Stress is therefore positive and negative in its effect on the body.

Any movement from a state of health and balance to a state away from what you consider to be healthy for yourself, indicates that your body is under a form of negative stress.

Everybody’s body exhibits stress in different ways.

I’m sure you have friends that live similar lives to you, eat similar foods, participate in the same sports as you and have the same general stressors as you. I’m sure you also find that those same people’s bodies might react totally differently to your body when it comes to body shape, pain levels and general health.

Let me share with you my own story of a stressful inflammatory issue I was having with my face. Check out the photo!

Stress = swelling in Brad's case!

I was waking up with lips that felt like I’d been stung like a bee! It was so uncomfortable and embarrassing to say the least. For the first time in a long time I was having to cancel / reschedule clients to avoid seeing them! This continued on for around 8 months or more to my lips, cheeks and even eyes, hands and feet! So what’s it called? Who cares what it’s called! No need to box myself in as having a syndrome or disorder so as to make me think I was a slave to it. Quite simply, my body was under STRESS. Higher amounts of negative stress than what my body liked. I was creating an inflammatory response in my face to deal with something affecting my body at that current time in my life. My body did not have a lack of Benadryl or some other pharmaceutical ingredient needed to reduce inflammation. It lacked attention to what I was putting my body through.

What was happening during that time in my life? What was the ‘change’ occurring that created such a reaction?

My first year of fatherhood. Severe lack of consistent sleep. Within our Primal 6 philosophy of health, SLEEP is the 6th key. After so many months not getting a full nights sleep, my body was trying to talk to me and get my attention. It sure did.

From a physiological perspective, my pineal gland was crying out for help. As we explain to our clients, the external part of your body tends to be a reflection of the underlying internal parts of your body due to the close association of nerves and hormones that service the same area. Hence my lips and face were a reflection of the Pineal gland that resides in my brain. From an Eastern perspective, my 6th Chakra or third-eye was pissed off!

The answer was simple to me but not so easy. Get more sleep!! My daughter wasn’t quite sleeping solidly though each and every night. Even if she woke up for 5 min at 2 am, that sleep interruption would sometimes keep me up for hours before I could drift off again. My brain would switch on and I’d start thinking about work and anything on my mind at the time. Therefore, my sympathetic nervous system was always working overtime and producing way too much cortisol, stimulating me to stay awake. So in order to change this I’d go to bed a lot earlier, have power naps in the day and then in the very end when was I was desperate, slept on the massage table at work! It finally worked. I became human again, was a lot less stressed and so was my daughter who is very susceptible to change based on her parent’s stress levels. Less stress with daddy meant less stress with Kaiya, so she slept better, then so did I.

To summarise, my message is this:

Don’t ignore your body’s stress signals. The answer is not a pill for an ill.

Everything happens to your body for a reason whether it’s from a physical, emotional or spiritual standpoint. Don’t wait for the next prescription of pills. Reduce your stress levels and your body will thank you by feeling good.

What physical reaction to any life changes have you experienced?

Is Biodynamic Organic Wine Healthier? – Part 2

Is Biodynamic Organic Wine Healthier? – Part 2

Continued from: ‘Is Biodynamic Organic Wine Healthier? – Part 1‘.

Okay guys, we’re out here at Shiraz vineyard at Macquariedale Biodynamic wines with Ross McDonald. Ross can you explain to us what the key differences are between Biodynamic farming within your vineyard in comparison to commercial farming?

The key thing is that we spray a product called BD500.  It is a humus like material that is made from cow manure which is put in the cow horns and left underground over winter and then pull it out and then we make it into a homeopathic solution. About 80 grams per acre we use, which is just the size of inside your hand. We spray that out over the vines. And it really encourages the bacteria fungi in the soil and the whole biodynamic approach is about improving the fertility of the soil. Not using synthetic chemicals and as you can see from this (pointing to the grapes) we have a great bunch of shiraz here which is going through the verasion at the moment. That is the color change from green to black. That will be the part of Shiraz 2012 vintage.

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That’s good. I have already been eating them and they taste fantastic! You were also talking before about the size of the actual fertiliser. BD500?  That’s all that is required to do the whole vineyard.



So we use about 80 grams per acre for the vineyard.

80 grams per acre! That’s pretty powerful stuff guys. And so another part of biodynamic farming?

Okay there are the other part we talked about is the diversity in the vineyard. If you are going to a conventional vineyard, nothing is growing. They really try and nuke everything. As you can see in our vineyard, we have a kind of weed mat under the vines themselves and in the middle of the rows of the vines we plant what we call cover crops. Those cover crops are really based on legumes – we plant peas and beans, clover, vetch. All these type of legumes which allow us to access the nitrogen out of the air. Everybody knows that its about 80 percent nitrogen in the air and these plants are able to put it in the root systems so it goes into the soil and the vines, the beautiful vines access that.  That’s how we source Nitrogen for the vines.

Wow. That is fascinating stuff guys. Once you start learning a little bit more about Biodynamic farming.  We probably talked for about 20 minutes to condense something into this video.  Ross, what would be the third main thing about Biodynamic Farming you wanted to share?

The third main thing is allowing the natural compost to occur. Part of Biodynamics is making compost using the other preparations which is 502 and 507 which is based on valerian, nettle, oakbark etc and those small quantities are put into the  compost. We then put some the compost out into the vineyard. We also do some natural composting in the vineyard by throwing the soil from the middle of the row under the vine and allowing that to break down to form a compost.  And you can see from this, there is a great diversity of products happening here.

Ross one other thing I want you to mention is the analogy you use with regards to herbicides, fungicides bodybuilding type stuff…

Look, one other thing that is always raised is the question about synthetic fertilizers, that is the NPK fertilizers. Now the NPK fertilizers add a lot of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous to the soil and the plants go green and big and they develop lots of fruit and that. But each year you’ve got to keep adding that because the plants are like on steroids. They built massive, massive structures.  The leaves they form also brings disease. So the farmer then has got this massive crop and potential disease issues. Then he’s got to spray the systemic chemicals. All our vines grow naturally very much like it is been growing since few thousand years. So there’s no synthetic fertilisers, they are just doing it naturally. We firmly believe that at the end of the day we get better fruit out of that. More flavorsome, more nutrition and it makes better wine.

So there you have it guys, that’s all a quick run-down on Biodynamic farming here at Macquariedale Biodynamic wines. Like I said in the first video if you are keen to get your hands on some of the Ross’s fantastic wines, go to or come down to the Hunter Valley and do a bit of a wine tasting yourself and a chat with Ross. (Ross: Thank you very much) No worries Ross. Thanks.

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Parasites 101

Don’t freak out, but you should know it’s very possible that you have a parasite. You may only think of parasites as something that gives you diarrhea on holiday in a tropical third-world country, but actually, parasites are just as rampant in the Western world, and are related to illness and disease of ALL kinds. Yes, even we, your gurus for all things Primal, have both had parasites that have significantly affected our health.

Parasites have been a subject of interest for many years now, especially since Brad started studying the work of Paul Chek and obtaining many certifications as a CHEK Practitioner. To learn more about parasites, we met with a legend in the world of Parasitology, Dr. Omar Amin. He’s the Professor of Parasitology and founder of the Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI) in Scottsdale, Arizona. Arizona just happened to be our last stop on a 7 month world trip, and we knew that we had certainly picked up some new bugs whilst traveling in Japan, Europe, Mexico and the USA. We left Dr. Amin’s office with a wealth of new information AND a specially formulated botanical remedy to give us relief from our own parasites. Brad has had issues with pinworms/threadworms on and off for many years and Bex more recently with Dientamoeba Fragilis.

Mr parasites himself, Dr.Omar Amin, with Bex and Brad at his home in Scottsdale Arizona.
Bex and Brad with Dr. Omar Amin (center) at his home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Symptoms of Parasite Infection

The most common indicators that you may have a parasite are: diarrhea, constipation, bloating, cramps, indigestion, mucus, fatigue, nausea, skin rash, dry cough, headaches, allergies, joint pain, memory loss, and brain fog.

But it hardly stops there. Other symptoms can include:

Abdominal pain, lethargy, excessively dry or itchy skin, itchy nose or anus, depression, chronic mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, waking a lot during the night, grinding teeth during sleep, inability to lose or gain weight, uncontrollable hunger OR loss of appetite, muscle pain or cramping, numbness of hands and/or feet, arthritis, fast heartbeat, bad breath, excessive body odor, anemia, hypoglycemia, sexual impotence, yeast and urinary tract infections, cysts and fibroids.

How do parasites cause illness and disease?

They take nutrients away from their host (you, in this case), and produce toxic waste called mycotoxins. Parasites can occur anywhere in your body – every organ, tissue and even in your blood – and they can cause symptoms that mimic other disorders. So you may have been treated by your doctor for many different problems over your lifetime, but because they were never diagnosed as being parasite related, the parasitic infection may continue to affect your health in various ways.

How do we get parasites?

Parasites are all around and can enter your body through food, water (drinking/touching), insects, air, pets, people and soil. There’s no use worrying excessively about trying to avoid them, but there are lots of simple sanitary precautions and lifestyle habits that will minimise your risk of contracting a parasite, such as washing your hands and vegetables, drinking filtered water, chewing your food well, avoiding antibiotics, taking care of your digestive system, and not biting your nails or kissing your pets. In general, the stronger your immune system is to prevent parasites creating a home within your system, the better the chance you have of preventing them from getting too comfortable within your internal environment.

How do you know if you have a parasite?

If you are suffering from some of the symptoms above, take this Parasite Questionnaire. If your score is 15 or higher, parasites may be affecting your health.

It would be wise to then contact PCI directly or an integrative doctor or naturopath for further consultation and possible lab testing. The ‘Full GI Panel’ is the number one test Dr. Omar Amin offers.

One thing to be aware of with parasite testing is that results can often be inaccurate. You may get an incorrect negative result, as many types of parasites are not detected by common stool tests, and parasites are cyclical so may not show up every time. Or you may get an incorrect positive result as undigested food particles can look like certain parasites, as you can see in these parasite test photos at the bottom of the page. For this reason, it’s best to test with experts in parasitology, such as PCI. Or if your symptoms have been chronic for a long time, then consider starting parasite treatment even if your test results are negative. As Brad has learned from Paul Chek, there are over 1000 parasites that can affect the human body. Common stool tests may only test for 9-12 of the most common ones.

How do you treat a parasite infection?

The million dollar question. Even when people finally discover that a parasite is the cause of their problems, figuring out how to safely and effectively treat the infection can be an even bigger challenge.

Parasites are often treated with antibiotics, but these drugs are harsh on your system, weaken your body, and kill off the beneficial bacteria in your system which helps keep the parasites at bay in the first place. So the parasite may go away for awhile after antibiotics, but re-infection is common. A vicious cycle, really.

Bex experienced this personally when she took antibiotics to treat her Dientamoeba Fragilis. Her parasite seemed to go away, and symptoms were temporarily relieved, but have now returned. We also learned from Dr. Amin that D. Fragilis is a type of parasite that ‘sits on the line’, so often only an immune compromised person will show a positive result. So maybe her parasite never actually left.

Dietary changes
Following a primal diet of real whole foods is definitely key in preventing and treating parasite infections. However, once the infection is deep and long-lasting (usually when the symptoms get worse/obvious), most people find dietary changes alone can’t treat the parasite problem. You can be assured, however, that if you take a medical or botanical remedy but don’t also change your diet and lifestyle, parasite reinfection is very common.

Natural Remedies
For years, we have tried using many natural anti-parasitic substances as part of level 3 and 4 of our Primal Cleanse. These include oregano oil, wormwood, detox teas, Naturopathic Tinctures, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Diatomaceous Earth. Other known remedies are black walnut hulls, cloves, pumpkin seed oil, garlic, neem, thyme, and marshmallow root. However, knowing how to use these properly, in what combination and proper dosages is really just a guessing game for people like us. And we’ve heard that many of the expensive commercial formulas in the shops don’t work very well. Dr. Amin also warns, “The body understands and wants consistency. When you try too many things all the time, it confuses your body.”

This is what we are currently taking for our parasite infections

Needless to say, we were really excited to meet a holistic-minded parasitologist who has worked hard to create completely natural and plant-based formulas which are helping thousands of people all over the world get relief from their parasite infections. We decided to take Dr. Amin’s formulas, called Freedom, Cleanse, Restore, for 3 months. At the time of writing, we’ve been taking it for 2 months.

Freedom, Cleanse, Restore parasite protocol.
Freedom, Cleanse, Restore parasite protocol.

As mentioned, we’d just returned from traveling the world for 7 months. We could certainly recognise the return of our previous parasitic symptoms, so we are looking forward to seeing how this remedy works for us. If Dr. Amin’s credentials and the testimonials are anything to go by, we think we’ve found a winner.

Note: We do not receive any commissions for mentioning this remedy, and are not qualified to prescribe anything to you. We simply believe in natural health solutions and are happy to recommend good ones when we find them!

Dr. Amin told us that this treatment is designed to work for all known species of parasites, including single-celled organisms, worm parasites, fungus and pathogenic bacteria. However, he greatly advises parasite testing to be sure that your symptoms are parasite related and also to see what type and how chronic the infection is, to regulate dosage and length of treatment.

He recommended no less than 3 months of taking the remedy, which may seem long to you and so many of us who are used to quick fixes. But the body is complex, and slow and steady often wins the race, especially when it comes to healing.

When you might have to keep your parasites

Dr. Amin corrects us when we say ‘eradication’, as there is no such thing. Only homeostasis, or balance. If we can keep parasites at low levels (and our system strong), they don’t cause problems.

You see, our bodies are designed to live in balance with low levels of foreign bacteria, which we accumulate from our environment after birth. It is only when this relationship becomes ‘imbalanced’ – that is beneficial for one but detrimental to the other – that it becomes parasitic.

In some instances, however, Dr. Amin warns that fungus and parasites can actually be beneficial to your body and should not be treated yet. The example he gives us is of Candida, which can be very harmful to the body. However, candida protects against heavy metal poisoning by metabolising the heavy metal and carrying it out of the body. So people with heavy metal poisoning would actually benefit from having candida!

It gets worse before it gets better

As often occurs in healing, once you start a remedy, you may feel worse at first. As your parasites die off and your body slowly flushes them out, you may experience more severe symptoms such as sharp intestinal pains or cramps, fatigue and grogginess, nausea, swelling, and foul smelling gas. Be assured that this is only temporary and is actually a good sign – it means that the remedy is working! Relief is on the way :). Brad has had this happen several times during our Primal Seasonal Cleanses, resulting in large amounts amounts of inflammation and swelling around the lymph node areas, and even the face.

Whatever you do, don’t discontinue the remedy as soon as you start feeling better. The danger is that there is still a residual population of parasites which can mutate into drug-resistant strains which are extremely hard to treat.

Paul Chek’s ‘Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections’

If you want to know more, save yourself thousands of dollars in course fees that Brad has spent learning about this stuff from CHEK Institute courses, and go straight to Paul Chek’s DVD series to give you all you need to know about Parasites. Well worth the investment.

Have you had a parasite and have some pertinent information to share with the Primal Health community?


Bex and Brad – Parasites 101 – 2015