My Ugly Rosacea Face Rash is Making Me a Better Person

My Ugly Rosacea Face Rash is Making Me A Better Person

I’ve always been confident about my looks, my health, and my ability to get what I want. Then I got The Face Rash. For over a year now, I have had this splotchy red rashy thing across the inside of my cheeks, my nose, forehead and chin. And I’m so grateful. Here’s why…

What I learned from My Face Rash

We’ve all heard the phrase “learn from your mistakes”. Our adversities in life can be our biggest teachers – whether they are mistakes, unexpected hardships, ill-fortune, loss or disease. However, it’s up to us to look for the lessons in these things, after we are done with the crying and cursing and self-pitying, of course. 🙂

Well, that exactly how it is with The Face Rash. For months it stressed me to no end – not knowing where it came from or what was wrong with my health, hating the way I looked, not being able to get rid of it, and feeling a failure as a health coach. But gradually I started to notice the lessons. And now, wow, what life-changing lessons they have been!

Here’s what The Face Rash has taught me:

Let go of control and go with the flow

You may be surprised about this lesson, but it’s probably the most important one for me and has changed my life the most.

As usual, whenever I have symptoms of ill health, I immediately look to my Primal 6, and #1 is thoughts. So the first person I went to see about my rash was my intuitive healer. Yes, I have an intuitive healer! This wonderful woman has taught me so much about the power of our thoughts on our health, so I went to her for a session.

I noticed a definite theme in what she said. “Left brain is controlling/dominating; the right brain is screaming to be heard…” “masculine side is taking over; you are weighed down by feeling you have to be strong for everyone else” “lack of trust in the universe, the system, etc. – feel like you have to control it”.

Around the same time, Kaiya (then 3), started having uncharacteristic angry outbursts and constant power struggles with me. My faithful parenting book suggested that children who engage in power struggles learn to battle for control from having a controlling parent. Umm, that would be me.

Then the clincher was a friend telling me that in a Louise Hay’s book she was reading, she learned that skin problems have to do with trying to control everything in your life too much. Ok, ok, I got it.

I started meditating, envisioning that every breath out of me was “letting go of control” and every breath in was “going with the flow”. I wrote the word FLOW everywhere. I made an effort to stop micro-managing my household and my family; to ask more for other’s ideas and input; to admit that I didn’t have all the answers; to accept flaws in my family; to stop over-scheduling life.

Kaiya’s power struggles disappeared as she didn’t have anyone to struggle against. Brad and I communicated better. Even my relationship with my mum flourished. I became more relaxed. And things always seemed to work out better when I didn’t try so hard to make it what I thought I wanted.

Did the rash go away? No.

Did my relationships, my family, my attitude and my life improve? Yes!

Thanks Face Rash.

Letting go of some vanity is so freeing

My whole life people have complimented me on my skin, and I have never worn makeup (except mascara and occasional lipstick). As The Rash got redder and flaky and bumpy, even people I didn’t know asked me, “What’s that on your face?”

I pretended like it didn’t bother me, telling myself, “Well at least I’m not single and don’t go out socialising much.” But normally I would be excited for the occasional party, and instead I started dreading them because of my face rash. Instead of jumping into pictures, I always offered to be the picture taker. I stared at my rash in the bathroom mirror several times a day. And I stared too long at everyone else’s clear, beautiful skin.

But then I remembered how freeing it was as a backpacker to wear frumpy clothes, no mascara and never style my hair. I reflected on the times when bad hair days, extra body weight, fashion and pimples stressed me out unnecessarily. Vanity is really just a mind-set, so I decided to change mine.

I decided to stop the chore of plucking my unruly eyebrows, and even stopped washing my hair for about 4 months (but that’s another story, coming soon). I got more comfortable with just being me, unvarnished, rash and all.

I also realised that as long as I was with friends that I was really comfortable with, I never thought about the rash, so why not spend more time with those people, than with people I felt I had to impress?

Did the rash go away? No.

Did I learn to let go of some of my lifetime of vanity programming? Yes!

Thanks Face Rash.

Health is a journey, not a destination

A chronic rash was especially surprising to me and those who know me, because I’m a health coach and health is my passion. I have  “figured out” all the secrets to optimum health and therefore should be in perfect health for the rest of my life. Right? Nope.

After 6 years of living Primally and feeling and looking the best I have in my life, here comes The Rash. Ok, I must be slacking on one or two of my Primal 6. So I work on them all year and still have the rash. Hmm, I think…

How can I be a role model for good health when I can’t figure out my own health?

However, over time, I realise that health is not something we arrive it. It is a fluid, ever-changing part of our lives that is so complex and holistic in nature, that to aim to “achieve” it is like aiming for perfection. What a revelation! In life, the goal is not to be perfect, but to be constantly growing and evolving. And so it is with health.

My health journey over the year also taught me so much about all the amazing health practitioners there are out there. I’ve consulted an iridologist, a homeopath, an intuitive healer, an applied kinesiologist and chiropractor, a nutritionist, a naturopath, a food intolerance test, a colonic hydrotherapist, a general practice doctor, and a functional medicine doctor. I learned from books, videos and articles all about fungus, gluten, digestion, gut disorders, food intolerances, parasites, rashes, automimmune diseases, and diagnostic testing.

Has the rash gone away? No.

Have I been on an informative and enlightening health journey that will also help me be a better health coach? Yes.

Thanks Face Rash.

Some hurts take years to heal

This last lesson is one that I had already been learning through my sessions with the aforementioned amazing intuitive healer. It’s incredible to learn how emotional pain can stay in the subconscious mind for decades, causing physical pain and illness long after your conscious mind has forgotten the experience.

Well, I’m now learning more about how physical damage can take years to heal, too.  Does time heal all wounds? Maybe not on it’s own, but it’s definitely a key component of the healing process.

If I had been in a rush to clear up this rash, I would have gone to a dermatologist and just put some cream on it. I would have covered it with make up.

And then I would have never found out that I have a very leaky gut (READ: damaged small intestine wall), a dientamoeba parasite the lab finally found, and a high intolerance to gluten.

I am treating the parasite now, but my poor gut still has a lot of healing to do. And it’s going to take time. But what’s another year of nurturing and learning about my body and myself?

Is the rash gone yet? No.

Have I learned the sources of my body’s imbalances and how to begin healing the damage? Yes.

Thanks Face Rash.

Rash UPDATE End of December 2013:

After taking antibiotics for the parasite, not only did I test negative for the parasite, but my ugly rosacea face rash completely cleared up from my whole face. Almostly instantly! Was the parasite the cause of my rash? Or does Rosacea just respond well to antibiotics? Hmmm…

I could look back and say it would have been nice to have just tested for parasites in the beginning, but then I wouldn’t have learned all I did. And after so long with that rash, I can’t stop marveling at how nice I look without it. I’d forgotten what I’d looked like before, and now I really appreciate my nice skin.

I’m now working on healing the damage to my intestines. Here’s how I’m healing my leaky gut and how you can heal yourself of most anything.

Rash UPDATE December 2014:

We have been traveling around the world for 7 months, and my gut healing protocol got left somewhere along the way, as I delved into all the amazing foods of the world. It wasn’t until the 5th month, after 4 weeks in Mexico eating lots of corn (one of my gut irritants), that The Rash came back. Boo! Its looking pretty red and inflamed.

My first thought was that the parasite must be back. I started looking into parasites again and learned so much more! I realised that parasites are always present within us, and it’s only when our guts are out of balance that they start to flourish and cause problems. Instead of eliminating parasites, my aim should be to keep my gut, health and body in balance!

I’ve decided to wear a little light make up to cover The Rash, which helps me feel way less stressed about, as I know stress contributes to my digestive issues! And I’m turning my focus to balancing, rather than curing.

Rash UPDATE January 2017:

I’ve written a second article about what’s happened with The Rash over the last 2 years. You won’t want to miss it, as there’s been Big changes and Big learnings! And wait til you see my face pictures. Hope it may help you with your own Rash.

My Ugly Rosacea Face Rash – Learnings Part 2


Please feel free to comment below with any questions! I do this to help others and that includes you. xo

If Your Sex Drive is Low, You Better Read This! (or send it to your partner)

If You Have a Low Sex Drive, You Better Read This!

Do you need more motivation to have sex, to masturbate or to encourage your partner to have sex with you? It feels so good and it’s an instinctual, primal desire. So why aren’t we all wanting more of it?

Low sex drive is a symptom of hormonal imbalance
Low sex drive is a symptom of imbalance

The simple answer is that the stressors of modern life are taking its toll on our hormones, increasing sexual dysfunction and lowering our sex drives. On the comprehensive client questionnaire we give to clients for initial assessment, one of the questions asks about low sex drive. Yes, a low sex drive can actually be a symptom of imbalance in your body!

Why do I have a low sex drive?

As with all symptoms, there are often numerous causes and factors. A low sex drive can be caused by many different diet and lifestyle factors including overwork, financial pressure, processed foods, sugar, caffeine, inadequate sleep, and too many toxins. What do all these things have in common that makes your sex drive plummet? They stress your body!

When your body is stressed by these kind of diet and lifestyle factors, it produces more cortisol, as a “fight-or-flight” response. Your body feels the stress as danger, and the cortisol prepares you to fight the danger or run fast away from it. It’s our body’s smart survival technique. Usually the danger quickly passes and the cortisol subsides. However, when you are constantly stressed by all these non-primal assaults on your body, the cortisol doesn’t subside.

Too much cortisol means hormonal havoc, among other things. When your body is constantly releasing catabolic (break-down) hormones like cortisol, it cannot also release anabolic (build up, grow, repair) hormones such as sex hormones. Low sex hormones, low sex drive.

In women, there are other natural factors which cause sex hormones to fluctuate, such as menstruation and pregnancy. It is natural for women feel a stronger drive for sex at certain times of the month, and a weaker drive for sex (low libido) after giving birth. However, if the urge for sexual activity, even with yourself, doesn’t return, then it’s time to look at your stress levels and Primal 6 and get your body back in balance.

How do I increase my sex drive?

Now knowing that your sex drive is a symptom of imbalance and too many stressors on your body, look at your Primal 6: Thoughts, Breath, Water, Food, Movement and Sleep – and get back in balance! Manage your work and financial stress, do what makes you happy, take time to rest, breathe properly, move your body, eat real food, eliminate processed foods and toxins, and get on a primal sleep schedule. Identify your main stressors and work on them to better your health. Your sex drive will increase as a result!

If you pop a pill or find an aphrodisiac to increase your sex drive, you are only using a short term solution. You haven’t addressed the actual cause of your low sex drive and thus will continue to need the quick fix every time.

Increase your sex drive by having sex

Having said that, you can also increase your sex drive by having more sex. Sounds funny, but sometimes you have to “fake it until you make it”. In this case, I mean fake the desire for sex and/or masturbation, not the orgasm. 🙂 Having sex will actually boost your libido to have more of it! Sex, including masturbation, provides numerous health benefits that will get your body and your hormones back in balance.

10 Health Benefits of Regular Sex

To learn more about how sex provides these health benefits, you can read this article. Or you can just take my word for it that I’ve done the research and instead of reading the article, you can get to bed early with your partner or with yourself! Sex – what an enjoyable way to stay healthy!


Proof That Advertising is Bad for Your Health

Proof that advertising is bad for your health

We are almost continually surrounded by messages trying to influence us to buy something. Millions of dollars and hours are spent calculating new ways to appeal to our emotions and even trick us into consuming things that we are told will better our lifestyle, image and health.

More doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette

Older ads carry the highest shock value today because they promote things that we have now realised are highly detrimental to our health and lives.

Cigarettes were promoted by doctors, politicians, celebrities, even Santa Claus. Camel’s were touted as “scientifically proven to show no adverse affects”, and in this ad, Lucky’s is said to be less irritating to your throat.

Cigarettes advertised as good for your athleticism
Cigarettes advertised as good for your athletic ability

The Importance of Sugar

Sugar was a massive star in advertisements which emphasized weight loss and energy. The ads are clearly an attempt to win sugar some popularity at a time when diet soft drinks and other diet foods are becoming popular for weight loss. Many of the ads say that real sugar is superior to artifical sugar. Real sugar, they claim, curbs appetite and quenches fatigue. This huge sugar campaign is a perfect example of the many manipulations of advertisements.

“Diet hint: Have soft drink before your main meal.”

“Diet device: Snack on some candy about an hour before lunch.”

Sugar advertising

Sugar advertising Sugar advertising

Ads disguised as articles

A clever tactic, still widely used today, is to sneakily advertise the product in what looks like an unbiased magazine or newspaper article, as seen in the ad above right entitled, “A timely report on…The importance of sugar.” The “article” continues with, “Nutritional findings show that your need for nature’s own sweetener is as deep-seated as the human body’s need for energy.”

The non-profit guise

All the sugar ads are “Published in the interest of better nutrition by Sugar Information, Inc., a non-profit organisation.” It is not uncommon for food and drug companies to create a non-profit organisation to use as a guise for advertising. Today, we have many “organisations” like the National Heart Foundation and The Cancer Council which “advise” us that if we don’t buy certain products, we will be plagued by disease and death.

Sugar advertising Sugar advertising

Selling to mothers

Many ads appeal to women, especially mothers – society’s main consumer, such as the last sugar ad above on the right, which has a little box saying,

“Note to Mothers:  Exhaustion may be dangerous – especially to children who haven’t learned to avoid it by pacing themselves. Exhaustion opens the door a little wider to the bugs and ailments that are always lying in wait. Sugar puts back energy fast – offsets exhaustion. Synthetic sweeteners put back nothing. Energy is the first requirement of life. Play safe with your young ones – make sure they get sugar every day.”

Here are some more examples of scaring mums into buying junk to keep their kids safe and healthy. Notice the cola one is from “The Soda Pop Board of America.”

advertising-is-bad-for-your-health-7 Sugar advertising

Processed packaged snacks are heavily advertised as being healthy, not just on TV and in print, but right on the package! Mums are busier and busier these days and are easily conned into buying a ‘quick, healthy snack’ for their kids. Eat healthy by ignoring the health food labels, and by just choosing real plant and animal food instead!

quick easy real food snacks for kids Eat Healthy by Ignoring the Health Food Labels

Junk food – now with added vitamins!

Today we have tons of vitamin-enriched processed food lining the supermarket shelves, most commonly nutrient deficient foods like bread, milk and cereal. So even though this Vitamin Donut ad seems hilarious, the tactic is still conning parents today.

“Each donut fortified with a minimum of 25 units of vitamin B1.”

vitamin-enriched junk food advertisement

You don’t want to be fat…OR skinny!

The current generations of young to middle age people have been so bombarded with weight-loss advertising, that it’s hard to believe many ads used to sell the opposite – weight gain! These weight-gain drinks and supplements were the answer to being a curvy and popular woman. Curvy was “in” then; skinny is “in” now. It seems no matter what your body looks like, you will never be sexy, popular or good-looking enough if you don’t buy all the right supplements, foods, drinks, clothes, and cars!

“If you want to be popular…you can’t afford to be skinny! Ask today for amazing Wate-On, at drug counters everywhere.”

“Good news for thousands of girls who have no sex appeal. Gain 10-25 lbs. quick, with ironized yeast.”

advertising-is-bad-for-your-health-16 advertising-is-bad-for-your-health-17

Selling weight-gain to women

How to protect your health from advertising

So how do you discern which advertisements are legitimate and avoid consuming harmful products? My solution is to get away from advertisements as much as possible. Only good can come from ditching magazines and free-to-air TV. We don’t watch the news, read the paper or buy magazines and believe it or not, we are still informed, intelligent, social people! The internet allows us to choose and watch TV shows ad-free and read only news stories that are of further interest. Sure, unless you live in the countryside, you won’t be able to avoid advertisements completely, especially with billboards and posters everywhere you turn. However, if you continually educate yourself and stick to primal principles, your intuition will guide you in the right direction.

you can't blame the TV for advertising to your kids

Antibiotics & Our Kids – Helping or Harming?

Antibiotics and Our Kids - Helping or Harming?

If you thought we were a family of perfect health all the time, all our lives, I hate to burst your bubble. Truth is, we are humans, living in a very un-primal world. Especially in the first 25 years of our lives, Brad and I had our share of junk food, processed food, late nights, alcohol, tap water, illness, antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs.

Antibiotics and Our Kids - Helping or Hurting?

With our daughter Kaiya, however, we feel we’ve had a chance to get it right from the beginning. We get such proud parent feelings from having a child who at 4 years old loves organic meat and veggies, gets to bed early and sleeps well, drinks nothing but water (and primal shakes!), is a nature lover, keeps a happiness journal, and has hardly ever been sick.

So we were in for a big lesson recently, when Kaiya got a staff infection that required antibiotics.  The only time she had ever been to the doctor was when she was 1 year old and had conjunctivitis in her eye, which healed with time, and eye drops of my breast milk.

Our good health, and faith in the body healing itself are the main reasons for our lack of doctor visits. Yes, we also have an aversion to drugs and doctors that love prescribing them, but understand that medical drugs have a purpose too.

Antibiotics are a problem when overused, and sadly, antibiotic overuse is rampant, with doctors prescribing them for everything, including viral infections which heal on their own with time and care.

At 4 years old, this was Kaiya’s second time to a doctor. Some nasty looking yellow crusts had slowly been growing on the corners of her mouth over the week, and though it wasn’t bothering her or making her sick, it got so bad-looking that a friend suggested we go to the doctor. As soon as the doctor looked at Kaiya, she knew that the golden crusts were a staff infection called Impetigo, which is highly contagious and treated easily with antibiotics. Two minutes later, we had a prescription in our hand and were off to the chemist (pharmacist, for my fellow Americans). It all happened so fast that I didn’t even think to ask any more questions.

What’s in the pink drink?

It wasn’t until the chemist put the bottle of bubblegum-pink liquid on the counter that I started to back pedal.

“Why is it pink?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. All the kids ones are pink,” the chemist answered.

Hmm. “Well, what’s in it? How does it get pink and liquid? What else is in it besides the antibiotic?” I pressed.

“Why? Does your daughter have any allergies? It’s liquid because we add distilled water to the powder,” the chemist replied.

“No allergies,” I said. “We just like to know what we are ingesting.”

“Hmm, I don’t know what’s in the powder,” the chemist said. “I guess I could try to print off a copy of the drug fact sheet for you.”

The chemist’s puzzled reaction made it clear to me that no one had ever asked these questions before. She and her colleagues seemed to think I was a bit strange, but they graciously printed me off some information.

Ibilex (powder for oral suspension)
– Cephalexin (monohydrate): this is the drug, which has a long list of rare side effects
– Sucrose: this is sugar
– Imitation guarana flavour: artificial flavouring
– Powder for reconstitution: what powder?
– Gluten-free: so is cocaine…

Despite the weird ingredient list that didn’t seem complete anyway, I shrugged and got on with the dosages. The smell of the pink medicine took me back to my childhood, and Kaiya found it so delicious, she couldn’t wait for medicine time every day. Her mouth crusts cleared up after several days, and the contagious infection forced us to stay home together all week, which gave us lots of much-needed nurturing time together.

Antibiotics kill the bad…and the good

However, I still didn’t like the fact that Kaiya was taking antibiotics, knowing that the good bacteria in her digestive system were facing a mass genocide. I had been learning from my research that it only takes a couple rounds of antibiotics to initiate leaky gut syndrome (intestinal permeability) from the dysbiosis (imbalance of good and bad bacteria), and was feeling a bit guilty for not looking into other options to clear the infection.

We gave Kaiya plenty of InLiven Probiotics, homemade kefir, and kombucha from our farmer’s market. She learned that the medicine kills the bad bugs, but also the good bugs, so we have to get some more good bugs in our tummy with these probiotics and fermented foods.

Are there alternatives to antibiotics?

As I was telling my mummy mentor friend about this, she told me that she, too, had a staff infection. And the infection cleared up completely with herbs from her homeopath! So I could have given herbs to Kaiya instead of antibiotics! No proud mummy feelings now. 🙁

I realised that though I know a lot about health, I don’t know a lot about sickness.

I didn’t have the knowledge or experience to do anything but follow the doctor’s orders to medicate, even though there are alternatives that carry much less risk to the whole body.

What I can do now, however, is learn from my experience. Now, I will be prepared with some knowledge and resources that give us options when Kaiya is sick or has an infection. I will visit the homeopath while we are healthy, so I will know what to do if we are sick.

My friend suggested that with something like an infection, it’s a good idea to visit the doctor first to find out what it is, then visit the homeopath to get some herbs for it. Because doctors know sickness. That is what they are trained for: knowing all about different types of illness, how to identify the illness, and how to treat it with medication. We are very grateful for modern medicine and doctors that can get us out of pain, injury and illness when the body can’t heal itself, or drugs are the only way.

However, when our immune system is simply a bit low, we have a viral infection, or our injuries are minor, we first go back to our Primal 6 and help the body heal itself. And with some illnesses and bacterial infections, homeopathics and natural remedies can be marvelous healers, without killing off our gut flora and encouraging further disease. Here’s an example of avoiding antibiotics from Whole New Mom, who treated her child’s ear infection, fever and pain without using antibiotics.

Just as with health, sickness is about balance and intuition. Gather knowledge, have resources, know your options. Our children’s health depends on it.


Have you ever found a way to avoid giving your kids antibiotics when they were sick?


Colon Cleansing Q & A During a Colonic Session

Colon Cleansing Colonics Enemas Laxatives

Note: This is a loose transcription of the video ‘Colon Cleansing – Colonics, Enemas, Laxatives’.

Brad: Hello Primal People, it’s Brad from Primal Health here.  Today, this video should enlighten you, literally, with regards to information about Colon Hydrotherapy. I’m here today at North Side Colon Hydrotherapy with Janice Osmond, super Colon Hydrotherapist, and a lady that I’ve been referring clients to for several years and coming to myself, for several reasons. But also, just to give you a bit of information, Janice is a former nurse and she basically became a devout Colon Hydrotherapist after it dramatically changed her life.

Colon Cleansing – Colonics, Enemas, Laxatives

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Basically, as we know it’s pretty impossible to live Primal 100% of the time. You just can’t do it, and even if you have been doing it for several years, there’s plenty of other years where you haven’t been eating and doing all things that we’ve been teaching you.

So, we look at having a Colon Hydrotherapy session as being like cleaning your teeth. Because essentially the plaque that builds up on your teeth is essentially a window of what’s going on with your digestive system. And the large intestine is the area that’s being cleaned out here with a session with someone like Janice. So, there are plenty of people that I see that have a heap of problems with regards to things to like fungus and parasites and a lot of lower back and hip problems. A lot of that stems from what’s going on in the gut because the muscles that surround the digestive system actually tend to be a mirror of what’s going on underneath it.

So, this is a pretty important thing that a lot of you can do to dramatically improve your health and Janice is going to be the one to give you a whole heap of information about it. So, what we are going to do now…I am going to the toilet and you know, to get myself all ready to go. You don’t have to follow me in there, but then we’ll get back on the table and we’re going to get Janice to start answering some questions.

Okay, so I’ve just been into the toilet and I’m going to give you a full run down of how this all works. I’ve got undressed from the waist down. I’ve got this little towel here and it’s open to the back. Don’t worry you’re not going to see everything but you’re going to see a little bit of poo and that’s the whole point of this whole thing. So essentially, what do I now do, Janice?

Janice: You lie down on here on your back.

Colon Cleansing Colonics Enemas Laxatives
Brad and Janice talking ‘shit’ 🙂

Janice: And then lie on your side, face the window and bring your knees up really high. Bring your knees up, touch my hand, perfect.

Brad:  This isn’t the best part. Tell the guys what you actually do.

Janice: They are all sterilised units. They are all one-off, then thrown away. So then what we do now, is just put some lubricant on there. Everything is sterilised.

Brad: So, what’s that particular thing called there?

Janice: This is the speculum, which only goes in that far. This helps me to glide it in. Now what you do is get your knees up as high as you can and take some big deep breaths. Rest your head down, so that your body is relaxed. Big deep breaths. The more big breaths you take the better.

Brad: I’ve had this done many times, but this still feels really quite bizarre.

Janice: So now I’m going to do what is called the release. So what that does is it helps to bring down all the gas that lies around the sigmoid colon. So, it helps to give a better feel and if there’s any cramping, often it’s just to do with the gas.

Brad: Yup, gotcha.

Janice: So, we take that down for a minute or two.

Brad: So would you say that most people tend to have a lot of gas and a lot of build-up around that sigmoid colon because so many people, especially us westerners, don’t get into a full squat when we do a number 2?

Janice: And we eat too fast.

Brad: And we eat too fast, and not chew our food. Yeah, exactly. Alright, guys we’re into it now. Janice, what are you doing with your hands then?

Janice: Well, I’m just trying to loosen off the rubbish and just trying see where there is some really some hard spots in the bowel that I might need to concentrate on more. I’m helping the water to come around so I’m massaging it up the opposite way.

Brad: Okay, so which direction does the water usually tend to go, for people that don’t know about the large intestine. Where’s the water going to come up first? Up this side there?

Janice: Yeah, yes, going up the left and then go across. So I’m doing that the way the water is going out and helping to move it around, and helping to loosen up the bowel in any hard spots where the water can’t get through. Actually, the water is pushing its way through at the moment. It’s not going through all that easy. It’s just struggling at the moment to go through, and that can be because there’s some hard matter or there’s some big pockets of gas.

Brad: Yeah, we’re not perfect guys, my gut’s not perfect either. So, that’s why I’m here. Now, actually I have a list of questions to ask because lying in this position here really isn’t the best place to remember my lines and all of that sort of stuff. So here’s some of the key things that we always hear people ask about colonics.

Colonics FAQ

Brad: How does Colonic Hydrotherapy detoxify?

Janice: Well, what we’re doing; the water is going in and softening the rubbish and so we’re helping to draw it out. So we’re helping to draw out the old rubbish that’s been there for a long time and all the toxins there.

Brad: So, the mucosal plaque lining the gut wall; all that sort of rubbish.

Brad: So does it hurt? I’m the one that’s in the position at the moment so, well it can hurt, especially on your first time, based on how blocked up you are and how much stuff you got going on with your digestive system. The last time I came in here was the first time I’ve had one in a couple of years, as I’ve been a bit lazy and yeah it was a bit uncomfortable but it’s worth going through that pain. Just like you go to the gym and have a workout– feel a little bit of pain; a little bit of pain for a little bit of gain.

Brad: Is it hygienic and will I leak or make a mess?

Janice: Most cases, no. But there are cases that, if the bowel’s really full and the bowel is just not well, then yes we can get some leakage. Not often, very very few times. But if it does happen, it’s no problem. That’s ok.

Brad: Yeah, gotcha. And as far as being hygienic here is concerned, tell us more about the water that you’re using.

Janice: It goes through three filters and a fluoro light that kills any bugs as well.

Brad: So it eliminates chlorine. Does it get rid of fluoride ?

Janice: Yes, yes, yes.

Brad: It does as well, that’s good to know.

Janice: The water is completely and utterly pure.

Brad: How are colonics different from an enema?

Janice: Well, an enema is where you can only clean the sigmoid colon, but not a lot more. Where with colonics we have the chance of cleaning really the whole large bowel.

Brad:  Gotcha, it’s just the first part (of the bowel); the descending colon.

Janice: That’s still good to use (enemas), like in between colonics, but they are in no way going to all the work of bringing down all the mucous and all the rubbish.

Brad: How does someone know if they need a colonic or what are the common reasons for having a colonic?

Janice: Generally people feel tired, fatigued, migraines, skin irritations like Cirrhosis, pimples. Anxiety and depression is virtually so high of having a toxic bowel.

Brad: Why not just take laxatives? How is it better than taking laxatives?

Janice: Well, laxatives are generally, on the whole a poison. And what they do, they go into the bowel and they irritate the bowel that much that the bowel has to get rid of it. And it generally only just cleans out the last little bit, maybe even just a little bit more than the sigmoid colon. So it will just blurt about, and that’s the poison. The body has to get rid of it. It’s like when you’ve got diarrhea; the body has to get rid of the poison.

Brad: Won’t it flush out the good bacteria, too? One of the biggest questions I always get.

Janice: Most common question asked. No, it doesn’t. Most of the good bacteria is kept in the small bowel and we only clean out the large (bowel). But we live in a fairly toxic world, and so we should take the good bacteria any way. Colonics do not get rid of any good bacteria.

Brad: As we were talking about before, but most people never make the association with it…is that it’s very common that most of you all have had, or will be taking some sort of antibiotic and/or you’re drinking tap water with chlorine in it and they’re two main things that kill bacteria, whether it’s good or bad. So, essentially most people are always doing it (killing good bacteria) without even knowing it. This is just basically trying to give you a fresh clean start for your whole gut. Whether it gets rid of any sort of good bacteria in your large intestine or not. As Janice said, most of it is all in the small intestine anyway.

Last question, we’ve got here: Can the colon become dependent on it and stop functioning on its own?

Janice: No, it actually stimulates the peristalsis. So, you can have them one a week,  for six months or something and your peristalsis is only going to kick in better. When you go to the toilet normally, you will pass more because the peristalsis has made that bowel work and bring everything down. So, no.

Brad: As you can see guys, I’ve been here for a while now and I haven’t been like, you know dying in pain or anything like that. All I’m basically feeling is like, my stomach feels like it’s just bloating up. And then every now and then it feels like, “you know what, I’m going to do a number two now”, and she can feel it with her hands through the massage, and she turns the machine off and it evacuates the stuff out. You can see that in a sec, if you want, in the machine.

Basically she just continues to do that: on, off, on, off, on, off until she feels the water is going up around my descending colon and across the transverse colon and then along the ascending one. So, it’s like this horseshoe shape that the large intestine takes. So, yeah it’s like she said, the first couple can be pretty uncomfortable for people that really really need it, but in general it’s pretty good.

Brad: Yes, when you’re looking at that what can you tell from the actual fecal matter that comes out?

Janice: We can tell if your body is dehydrated, if the rubbish that comes out is hydrated enough; it’s not hard. Also we can tell if there’s candida there. Also, we can tell if your digestive system’s working. A lot of people have a lot of undigested food.

Brad: So how often is safe enough to do this safely? Like three times a day, three times a week, or once every month?

Janice: When you start off, it’s probably a good idea to do two or three in the first couple of weeks.

Brad: Okay.

Janice: Because, we’re already working the rubbish. We’re already trying to get it down, then you can do monthly. Maintenance is really important.

Brad: So, this is a closed system, Janice.

Janice: Yeah, this is a closed system. In meaning that, the water is all enclosed in tubes. Water is going in here gently on a fill and the rubbish is coming out in the tubes. And the other system is the open system where there’s an opening underneath where you lie there and hold, and then you push, so you’re just pushing it out into like a bucket thing underneath the table.

Brad: A bucket or like a bath, or something like that. You can actually see it all and smell it all and…

Janice: You don’t actually see it all, because it’s underneath your bed. It’s a bucket just at your bottom, sort of thing and then you’re just trying to push it out.

Brad: Check that guys, ask for a closed system or find a person that uses a closed system.

Brad: Alright guys, so after 45 minutes, I’m all done. I’m going to go to the toilet, just to get rid of the extras in there (my bowel), and get changed, then voila, I’m all clean. So, I hope this sort of helps you make a more educated decision in whether or not you will go in and do this yourself but we really recommend them. Thank you very much, Janice.

Janice: That went well.

Brad:  Can’t say it was like- you know, amazing to do this or anything like that, but yeah it feels awesome after every time you do it. So, it’s good.

Janice: People feel lighter and they say their head feels clearer. You can be a little bit tired on the night, on that evening and that’s not a bad thing — that’s good. That’s just the body rejuvenating from the toxins.

Brad: Cool, alright thank you very much. See you later!


What are your experiences or concerns with colonics?

How to Write Your Own Prescription

How to Write Your Own Prescription

Even holistic health coaches like me encounter challenges with their health. But most of the time, instead of running to the chemist for a cure, we look to find the cause. When our body is producing symptoms – such as headaches, acne, fatigues, sore throat, colds, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, muscle/joint pain – we first look to our Primal 6. Though it’s common to first look at Food, Movement and Sleep, we must remember that Thoughts, Breath and Water are just as important as their places at the top of the list.

How to Write Your Own Prescription of The Primal 6

A Personal Story

I was never plagued by acne. Lucky, I know. I am blessed with good genetics combined with good nutritional habits. I have smooth, clear, olive skin with few blemishes and the occasional pimple. So you can imagine my surprise one week when every day, my forehead and cheeks became bumpier and redder. Being passionate about my health and vigilant about my nutritional needs, I immediately scanned my memory for something I recently ate that could have started this madness on my face. But then the rest of my body started complaining too. My hips got sore, my shoulders and neck became tight as ever, and the back of my throat started getting that scratchy feeling.

Symptoms = Body’s Cry for Help

Ok, this was clearly my body telling me that it needs some attention. I realised that I had been staying up too late working on the computer, so I started getting back to my early bedtime. I reminded myself daily to drink more water, as my intake had decreased since the start of winter. And I pushed on with my to-do-list, thinking that if I could cross some things off the list, I’d feel more relaxed.

One of the things on my list was to join the local gym for 4 months over the winter, and that new outlet for movement and ‘me time’ was bound to boost my health. I excitedly went to my first yoga class in a long time, and the class was just what I needed – relaxing, releasing and grounding. So much so, that during a very releasing stretch for the hips, I started crying. The instructor, completely unaware of my tears, told the class, “a lot of emotion gets stored up in the hips”. And then the tears really flowed. I could hardly chant my oms at the end without choking up, and my namaste nod of gratitude at the end was more heartfelt than the instructor will ever know. You see, thanks to her, I had started to discover a main cause of my body’s ills. My mind.

Everything seemed fine, what was bothering me? A thorough D&M (Deep and meaningful talk; very effective mental health test) with my husband, Brad, revealed parts of my personal, work and family life where I simply felt overwhelmed and undernourished at the moment. My thoughts, feelings and emotions, simply needed some attention, as they had gotten lost in the to-do-lists of our day-to-day life, and suppressing them contributed physical stress on my body.

Purging for The Cause

Feeling much better already from the emotional purge, I decided to continue purging. I drank some Epsom salts to purge my bowels, and then purged all that clutter out of the bottom of our closets to finally sell on or give to charity or friends. Lastly, I sat down in front of the computer and purged this letter to you.  Partly because writing makes me feel good, and partly because what I learned this time about taking care of myself could help you take care of yourself too. This also makes me feel good.

Anyway, when the Epsom salts didn’t produce much bowel purging, I realised another symptom that had gone completely unnoticed – constipation. I hadn’t had a full bowel movement in a couple days! The fact that I hadn’t noticed this was further proof that I had gotten too obsessed with my to-do list lately, and the lack of time to tackle it. I wasn’t paying attention to my body. Now everything made a lot more sense, as acne is often a symptom of a sluggish digestive system! Emotional and lifestyle stress was diverting blood flow away from my digestive system so it couldn’t function properly. The fact that I wasn’t drinking enough water just made matters in my colon worse. When bowel waste is not eliminated regularly, it putrefies in the colon and creates toxins, which often represents itself as acne, skin disorders, fatigue, joint pain and more.

I’m no doctor, yet after following my personal prescription below for one week, I was feeling back to my happy self, pooing again and the acne was nearly gone.

My prescription:

– Accepting and releasing past and current emotional hang-ups through Radical Forgiveness.
– Listing the things that bring me joy, then putting those things on my to-do lists.
– Taking things off my to-do list that are causing me stress and are not really pressing.
– Consciously feeling and expressing gratitude for all the wonderful moments of my days.
– Taking time to talk to my husband, rather than just in passing as we rush by each other.
– Having deeper talks with my close friends.

– Stopping to notice my breath several times a day.
– Focusing on belly-breathing, so I’m not stressing my shoulders and neck with chest breathing.
– Doing yoga once a week.

– Continuing my nutritious eating habits.
– Being careful about too many heavy foods while my digestive system is under stress.
– Shutting down my busy mind at mealtime so I can focus on eating and digesting well.

– Drinking at least 2 litres a day for my dehydrated colon!
– Using herbal teas to increase hydration in the winter.

– Taking exercise classes and doing strength training at the gym I just joined.
– Weekly yoga classes at the same gym.
– Walking around the neighbourhood with my daughter, instead of hiding in the house all winter.

– Getting to bed no later than 10pm.
– No more late night computer sessions.

Learn more about the Primal 6: Thoughts, Breath, Water, Food, Movement, Sleep… and write your own prescription!

Please note: Though I have shown you an example here of how you can often use self-care to eliminate the cause of symptoms, there will still be times when infection, viruses and/or long-ignored symptoms need medical assistance. Use your intuition and common sense to distinguish when you can help yourself, and when you need to see a doctor or other qualified health professional.

A Happiness Journal Can Change Your Life & Health

A Happiness Journal Can Change Your Life & Health

Every single thing in your life starts with a thought. When we don’t nurture our thoughts, they tend to be mainly made up of regrets of the past, worries of the future and never-ending reviews of to-do lists. This leads us to feel constantly regretful, worried and stressed, feelings that our nervous system perceives as negative stress. However, when our thoughts are of loving others and ourselves, and feeling grateful for even the simplest things, our system releases positive hormones which keep our body growing and repairing. Gratitude is one of the most powerful thoughts we can have, as it directs our mind away from what we don’t have or makes us unhappy, to what we do have and makes us feel happiness.

Any blank book or pad can become a happiness journal
Our Happiness Journal

Our family's happiness journal
Our journal’s title page

Replace Regret, Worry & Stress with Gratitude & Happiness

We can be grateful for sunshine, delicious food, freedom of choice, shelter, and being alive another day.We can be grateful for a hug from a child, a smile from a stranger, a call from a friend, and a quiet moment alone. There are endless things to be grateful for, but we often need a reminder to think this way. One of the best reminders our family has found, as a way to feel gratitude together, is to keep a happiness journal.

What is a Happiness Journal?

When I occasionally find myself feeling very blah – low motivation, boredom, stuck in a rut – I read self-help/psychology/personal growth books, to work on my Thoughts. One winter I stumbled upon a book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The book transformed my mood and gave me numerous tools I could use at any time to pick up my ‘happiness levels’. One tool that I have enjoyed for over a year now is keeping a happiness journal. I had kept a gratitude journal before, but it never lasted long. The success of my happiness journal this time is due to a couple key factors:

1. Calling it a Happiness Journal seems to include more thoughts than you might write about in a Gratitude Journal.

2. Write down things that are happy, made you happy, you are happy about. Draw smileys or pictures; doodle; dream. Collect happiness quotes. There are no rules!

3. Keep the Happiness Journal by the table where you eat meals, so you remember to use it.

4. Use the happiness journal with your spouse, kids, family, friends – whoever is eating with you at the time. Or do it alone!

5. No pressure to write in the journal every day! Just do it when you remember or feel like it or need a boost.

6. A Happiness Journal doubles as a diary, memoir or family keepsake when you flip through past pages to relive happy memories.

We keep our Happiness Journal on the shelf with the cookbooks, next to our breakfast bar where the we eat most of our meals. It’s often dinner times when we’ll remember to pull it out while we’re eating, and we simply say, “Ok, what are we happy about?” and start writing. We date our entries and who was there, use a multi-coloured pen and lots of smiley faces, as our toddler Kaiya loves them. Looking at our dates, there are entries a week apart, a month apart or even 3 months apart. We just write in it whenever we remember or feel like it. If one of us is having a tough day or feeling down, that reminds us to pull out the Happiness Journal as well, as it is always great medicine for the soul.

Writing in a Happiness Journal brings out feelings of gratitude

We can be happy for every 'trivial' little thing in life!

Our Happiness Journal doubles as a keepsake of memories


Thoughts are at the top of our Primal 6 Keys to optimal health, as they are the most important. Fortunately, our thoughts can be one of the easiest things for us to change. We don’t have to learn about nutrition, read food labels, organise a work out or get a prescription to change our thoughts.  But because it is easy to fall back into the old habit of negative thinking, it’s important to incorporate some strategies into our daily life to remind us to direct our thoughts toward our happiness. Journals and diaries are wonderful outlets for writing our feelings and when we title a diary or notepad a Happiness Journal, we bring forth appreciation, joy, gratitude…and our health reflects that. Happy mind, happy body.

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The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

It’s Up to You Whether You Catch a Cold or Not

It's Up To You Whether You Catch a Cold or Not

At Primal Health, we don’t believe that you should have to catch a cold or any other illness. Colds, flu, diseases…all illnesses are not so much ‘caught’, as ‘created’. The book ‘Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis M. Sc.‘ delves deep into this way of thinking. Francis reiterates our holistic health philosophy that health and wellness is maintained by a strong immune system and compromised by a weakened immune system. Even according to the Textbook of Medical Physiology (p. 38), cancer is the result of a weak immune system that can’t fight our normally mutating cells. So even if it’s ‘cold and flu season’, and you can’t avoid sick people spreading their germs to you at work, school and on the bus, you do not have to catch a cold! Germs, virus and bacteria and all around us, sometimes more than others, but only when your immune system is weakened by an imbalance in your Primal 6, or key requirements for health and vitality, do you become susceptible to ‘catching’ illnesses.

Strong Immune Systems Don't Often Catch a Cold

Stress can make you more likely to catch a cold

In most cases, negative stress, whatever the cause, is a key culprit in making you vulnerable to illness. When the Sympathetic Nervous System is chronically stimulated by stress, this ‘fight or flight’ response leads to over-secretion of cortisol and adrenalin. These hormones are associated with stimulating the body, but when over-secreted, lead to a depressed immune system in the long term and that is when you will catch a cold every time it comes around you.

I rarely catch a cold anymore, but there are exceptions

Since I have taken responsibility of my own health and started following the Primal 6 in my daily life, I rarely ever have colds, coughs or flu, even in the ‘cold and flu season’. However, there are exceptions, and it’s usually after I become sick, that I can reflect back and see how my immune system became weak through stressful changes to  my Primal 6. Recently, several factors accumulated to create my first cold, chest infection, and day off work in a long long time, and the first time I’ve taken antibiotics since I was a teenager.

Stressful changes to my Primal 6 –

– Worry over losing my investment property in regional floods.
– Worry for my parents’ home and lives, as they prepared for a massive approaching cyclone.
– Worry for dear friends and clients in Japan after a destructive earthquake and tsunami.
– Anger and frustration over my car engine ‘blowing up’ on the freeway far out of town, costing me a huge amount in towing and repairs.

Breathing, Water, Food and Movement
– Normal. Spending a lot of time on the foam roller and meditating more than normal. Drinking plenty of filtered water, and eating whole organic foods. Working in more lately, as working-out was making me too tired (as my system has been depressed).

– Massive amount of sleep debt accumulating recently. My daughter’s sleeping patterns recently changed, her top molars seem to be coming through and she has definitely been feeling our stressors. She started coughing a lot and waking up every night for hours. To catch up on sleep, I had to start sleeping on the massage table at work!

You can see how my THOUGHT and SLEEP patterns were causing my stress levels to sky rocket. My immune system lowered, and I became sick. The bottom line is that there are bugs, bacteria and pathogens everywhere, everyday. You’ll never escape them. Your entire digestive system is even made of bacteria. The key to staying healthy is not trying to avoid bacteria and ‘catching’ illnesses, but to keep your immune system strong through the Primal 6. So the next time a cold or flu is making it’s way around your community, your body will be strong enough to NOT catch a cold.

Strong Immune System Doesn't Catch a Cold

Would You Eat Your Body Care Products?

Toxic Body Care

There’s already huge awareness of the importance of eating nutritious, chemical-free primal foods, but have you ever considered what your skin is eating each day? It is a medically recognised fact that our body absorbs significant amounts (about 60%) of what we put on our skin. A great example of skin absorption is in nicotine patches which release nicotine into the bloodstream through a sticker on the skin. Or think about how lotion or creme disappears as it is rubbed into your skin. It doesn’t just disappear – it is absorbed into your body’s system. Also, doesn’t it send off alarm bells that the side of your toothpaste has a warning against swallowing it? Why would you put anything in your mouth, and especially your child’s mouth, that is toxic to swallow? If we are protecting our body by choosing healthy, organic foods, shouldn’t we be doing the same with our body care, hair care, toiletries and cosmetics?

Toxic Body Care
Toxic Body Care Product
Pic from Mukti

Are Your Body Care Products Making You Sick?

Can you understand the ingredients in your shampoo, lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, soap, lip balm, and make-up? Do you know what they are doing to your health and vitality? It’s now becoming known that aluminium in deodorant can contribute to breast cancer, but what do you know about some other common body care ingredients?

Lanolin: The majority used in cosmetics is highly contaminated with chlorinated pesticides like DDT.

Parabens: Widely used even though known to be highly toxic. Have caused many allergic reactions and skin rashes.

Mineral Oil: Interferes with skin’s ability to eliminate toxins, slows down skin function and cell development, resulting in premature aging. Any mineral oil derivative can be contaminated with cancer causing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Baby oil is 100% mineral oil! Paraffin Wax is also just Mineral Oil Wax. Used in many products.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Causes eye irritations, skin rashes, hair loss, scalp scurf similar to dandruff, and allergic reactions. Animals exposed to SLS experience eye damage, central nervous system depression, laboured breathing, diarrhoea, severe skin irritation, and even death. Frequently disguised in pseudo-natural cosmetics with the explanation “comes from coconut.”

Propylene/Butylene Glycol: Because this penetrates the skin so quickly, the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA warns against skin contact to prevent things like brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities. But there isn’t even a warning label on products such as stick deodorants, where the concentration is greater than in most industrial applications.

Synthetic Colors: They will be labeled as FD&C or D&C, followed by a color and a number. Synthetic colors are believed to be cancer-causing agents.

Synthetic Fragrances: The synthetic fragrances used in cosmetics can have as many as 200 ingredients. There is no way to know what the chemicals are, since on the label it will simply say “Fragrance.” Some of the problems caused by these chemicals are headaches, dizziness, rash, hyperpigmentation, violent coughing, vomiting, skin irritation.

Familiarise yourself with more toxic ingredients using this comprehensive glossary.

Are Your Body Care Products Making You Fat?

It has been proven that these toxins are stored in your fat when the liver cannot process them. So if you take in more toxins than can be processed, your fat cells will have to increase in size! To learn the science behind these claims, visit this link: Chemical Toxins: A Hypothesis to Explain the Global Obesity Epidemic.

Too many toxic body care products
Do you really need all these toxic products?
Pic from agirlsgottaspa

Are There Safe Alternatives?

As consumers become more aware of the consequences of all these chemicals on their skin, the number of body care and cosmetic lines claiming to be all natural and organic has greatly increased. The challenge for consumers is to decide which ones are actually a safer choice. A product labelled “all-natural” gives no reassurance of safety, as many things toxic to the human body come from natural sources, such as mercury, arsenic, and some types of mushrooms. Organic, too, has unfortunately become little more than a marketing buzz-word. A product labelled organic may actually be the same chemical cocktail with the addition of just one organic ingredient.

Therefore, instead of being swayed by the slick marketing words on the front label, turn the product over and read the ingredients. As with food, this is the only way to actually know what you are putting on your body. Usually, the less ingredients, the better, and if you don’t know what any of the ingredients are, look them up! Take the time to find out what soap, shampoo and lotion can simply be made from and look for products with that similar ingredient list.

Another assurance that the ingredients will be safe is an official Certified Organic Label on the product. To have this label, companies must adhere to specific rules and regulations about what ingredients can be used in their products. For example, prohibited ingredients in certified organic body care products include, but are not limited to: Synthetic colouring agents, synthetic fragrances and perfumes, silicones, paraffin and other petroleum or petroleum derived products.

Our favourite brand is Miessence. They sell a wide variety of products certified organic to food standards, which means you can literally eat the products! Every ingredient in every product must be beneficial and chemical free to be included. We are a lot happier about having products like this around the house especially with an inquisitive toddler. Children’s immune systems are especially vulnerable and should not be slathered in toxic body care.

Remember guys, holistic health is about looking at the health of the body from all angles. Reducing toxicity, no matter how small and supposedly ‘safe’ these ingredients are in our food, air, water and skincare, is really important. My goal is to die from old age like the good old days! How about you?

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 Miessence Certified
Organic Body Care