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Illness, Syndromes and Disease

A Look Into Iridology: Are Your Eyes a Window to Your Health?

A Look Into Iridology: Are the Eyes a Window to Your Health?

Some say the eyes are the window to the soul, and after my recent experience with an intuitive naturopathic iridologist, I would say that the eyes are a window to the body as well. Juggling motherhood with my new business (this amazing website) has it’s challenges, as both are new ventures for me and to […]


How to Write Your Own Prescription

How to Write Your Own Prescription

Even holistic health coaches like me encounter challenges with their health. But most of the time, instead of running to the chemist for a cure, we look to find the cause. When our body is producing symptoms – such as headaches, acne, fatigues, sore throat, colds, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, muscle/joint pain – we first look […]


How our Health Obsessions Make Us Unhealthy

I was feeling inspired by a list of great health quotes the other day. As I read down the list however, the attitude started to change from ‘health is the greatest wealth’ to ‘health is the greatest burden’. Instead of affirming my passion for prioritising good health, there were more and more quotes that seemed […]


Mass Shootings and The Drugging of Our Children

The Drugging of Our Children

In wake of the latest US mass shootout in Newtown, Connecticut, I watched this documentary that I feel needs to watched by everyone that’s blaming access to guns as the major contributing factor in these mass shootings. There is way more at work here causing these mass murders. After watching this documentary, I can’t think […]


The Cure is You | The Cure is U – 2012 Documentary

The Cure Is U! - Documentary

Hey Primal People 🙂 The latest documentary I’ve just watched is called ‘The Cure is U! (The Cure is You)’. If you want to watch something that helps to scientifically validate the power of your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS on your health, then you need to watch this video. For those of you that have been […]


Healing ‘Incurable’ Diabetes

Healing Incurable Diabetes Mellitus

I’ve just watched a great documentary on Diabetes called ‘Simply RAW – Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days’. It showed 6 people that entered a program in Arizona to just eat raw vegan food over 30 days with the goal of eradicating their issues with Diabetes and removing their dependance on insulin and other medications. For […]


What’s the Big Deal with Pesticides?

What's The Big Deal With Pesticides?

In the debate on organic food, many people consider price and nutritional benefits. If you have decided that organic food is too expensive, consider how much you are willing to spend on a glass of wine, a trip to the cinema, a pair of jeans, a nice car…yet the very thing that gives you life […]


It’s Up to You Whether You Catch a Cold or Not

It's Up To You Whether You Catch a Cold or Not

At Primal Health, we don’t believe that you should have to catch a cold or any other illness. Colds, flu, diseases…all illnesses are not so much ‘caught’, as ‘created’. The book ‘Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis M. Sc.‘ delves deep into this way of thinking. Francis reiterates our holistic health philosophy that health […]


Would You Eat Your Body Care Products?

Toxic Body Care

There’s already huge awareness of the importance of eating nutritious, chemical-free primal foods, but have you ever considered what your skin is eating each day? It is a medically recognised fact that our body absorbs significant amounts (about 60%) of what we put on our skin. A great example of skin absorption is in nicotine patches […]