Is Biodynamic Organic Wine Healthier? – Part 1

Is Biodynamic Organic Wine Healthier? – Part 1

Note: This is a transcription of the video: ‘Is Biodynamic Organic Wine Healthier?’ – Part 1.

Hello Everyone, Its Brad from Primal Health. I am up in the beautiful wine valley country of New South Wales knows as the Hunter Valley. I am here today at Macquariedale Organic Wines talking with the owner Ross McDonald; he is also a chemical engineer and has also grown grapes commercially (chemically) for seven years, prior to actually starting up the Biodynamic farm here, where he has been growing grapes for about ten to eleven years. Now as you know, Bex and I don’t promote alcohol as health food, but the fact remains, around the world we all drink alcohol of some sort and in various quantities! So essentially, we want you guys to understand that there is a big difference on your health in drinking varieties of alcohol that have been grown commercially compared to organically and biodynamically. So we are here to find out from Ross, what the big difference is between the two? So Ross  tell us a bit more about then the actual grapes you grown here and the stalls of lanes of wines you make.

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Well, at Macquariedale Organic Wines in the Hunter, we grow or specialise in three white varieties and three red varieties. The white varieties are Semillon, Chardonnay and Verdelho and in the reds Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Those varieties are really the best wine varieties in the Hunter Valley.

Okay, so you advertise your wines as being ‘Biodynamic’. So if someone has no idea what organic or biodynamic means as far as a wine is concerned, tell us what it actually means and why you think it’s a superior choice?

The key differences to be ‘Certified Biodynamic’ means that we don’t use any herbicides in the vineyard. We don’t use any pesticides, we don’t use synthetic fertilizers and we don’t use systemic chemicals. Now, that’s really the basis for being Organic and then Biodynamic is a step further in terms of certification. It’s more of an holistic approach to the farm where we minimize, we look at the farm as a controlled unit and we minimize the amount of inputs coming into the farm and we do that by doing lots of mulching and composting on site. We have our own herd of cows, and we use lots of cow manure. We then follow the whole Biodynamic philosophy which I will go into in more detail.

Okay, to at least summarise, talk about Rudolf Steiner and how his farming methods are not only used here for wine, but other foods as well.

Rudolf Steiner was a philosopher back in around 1920. He came up with a holistic approach to fertility on the farm. A lot of people have picked that up around the world now. It is a method of using the whole of the cosmos to bring the maximum life forces to bear on the plants and they respond very well to that. So it’s, as I mentioned prior, its putting out preparations, its inoculating the compost with lots of herbs and we do that and put it out and it allows the plant to access what it needs in the soil without relying on fertilizers as such.

Wow, it sounds pretty amazing. I look forward to getting out into the vineyards and seeing some of the key points of it. Can you tell us how many chemicals are used in commercially grown wine in comparison to Biodynamic / Organic Wine?

One of the key areas is, as I mentioned before, is herbicides. Herbicides are used to kill weeds in the soil and those chemicals translocate into the plants through the root system. There is also pre-emergent chemicals used in the soil conventionally which really deadens the soil for future use. So, in biodynamic farming we don’t use any herbicides. Then we go to the pests. We don’t use pesticides, we use all natural treatment. We use a lot of seaweed, we use a bit of fish emulsion; all these natural tonics to build the strength of the plant rather than pumping the plant up with synthetics.

Yeah right so improving the health of the actual plant so that they are more resistant to bugs and problems actually getting into it.

That’s right. People say, the bugs, how do we look after those? Well, luckily we don’t get a lot of bugs because the plants are so healthy. But we also manage that through the way we design our canopies. It’s a whole farming technique.

Well, on that note, farming technique…How about we go out to the vineyard and you show us couple of the key processes that are involved in biodynamics.

Australian Biodynamic Certification Logo – Macquaridale Organic Wine

Yeah. Just before we do. Moving on, just let me cover a little bit about the winery. The other key aspect of biodynamic wine is that we are trying to minimize the amount of chemicals that are used actually in the winery with the wine. And to do that we add just a little bit of sulphur. We minimize the amount of sulphur and that’s very key to your health. A lot of wine is over-sulphured unnecessarily and the health can get affected by that.

So when there is label on the bottle saying sulphurdioxide 220 for example, what does the 220 mean and what’s normal in a conventional wine?

Well that’s a good question. Look, the 220 is just the number for sulphur dioxide. It’s a number that’s given to it, so if you see 220, it refers to sulphur, or sulphites, as it’s sometimes refered to. The typical level in a conventional wine could be as high as 250 parts per million of sulphur. The organic standard maximum is 120 and we have some of our wine down as low as 10 parts per million. Virtually sulphur free.

Oh wow. Which are the ones that tend to require more sulphur then?

The ones that require more sulphur are generally white wines. So if you’re sensitive to sulphur, you should be varying toward drinking red wine, which typically has less. The tanins and the whole structure of red wine tends to make it less suceptible to oxidation. Therefore, you need less preservative.

Gotcha. Well I guess before we go out there as well, are these your two most popular wines or what would you put as your most popular wine?

Look, all of them are very popular. But I am showing these two because these are two of the classic hunter varieties. The Shiraz, we call it Thomas Shiraz in red, and the Semillon. And these two varieties in the Hunter are probably the most readily recognized. But, our Merlot is always popular in the reds, and our Chardonnay and Verdelho are also very very popular.

Awesome. Yeah, they’re great wines guys, if you ever get your hands on one, you’re in for a treat. You can get them off their website. I am sure even overseas as well?


Yeah, we do export a little bit, to Japan and Canada.

Gotcha. And its Okay guys, also before we get out there one another thing to note is the surrounding farms…three of them is it?

Yeah three of our neighbouring farms have joined in our certification so we farm those vineyards for our neighbours. We manage them, we look after them, and we secure the fruit from that for our wine making processes. So we’ve probably got close to 300 acres of certified land and approximately 50 acres of vineyard land.

That’s awesome! That’s a feather in your cap for changing them from commercial. That’s great. Well, should we get out there?

Yeah, let’s go.

Continue with Brad & Ross in the vineyard in ‘Is Biodynamic Organic Wine Healthier? – Part 2‘.

110 year old man credits his health to 5 foods

As I write this, we are currently in Phoenix Arizona in the United States. I recently saw this video from 2011, of a local man in Mesa who reached his 110th birthday!  Bernardo LaPallo says good old father’s advice and simple foods helped him reach his milestone birthday. Here’s what he had to say about his secrets to his longevity.

Two Tests Rarely Used by Traditional Doctors: Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupunture

Live Blood Analysis - Recovery - Seven Point 2 - Dr Ranga Premaratna

Are you frustrated with all the doctor’s tests coming back as ‘normal’ even though you know there is something not right with your health? So many of us suffer with pain or illness for years because the doctors can’t find anything in their tests. Well suffer no more, because there are other tests out there which can be very effective at getting to the bottom of your health problems.

As you may have read in Bex’s article called ‘I Have a Parasite Called Dientomoeba Fragilis’, she had to take the next step in assessing her body with other types of doctors and tests, when our standard Primal questionnaires and the standard doctor’s blood tests weren’t helping. In this interview, Brad speaks at length with Dr. Ranga Premaratna about his unique holistic approach, and the two main tests he uses to get to the bottom of some of the nasty health issues that so many of us are suffering from.

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Note: This is a loose transcription of the video ‘Two Tests Rarely Used by Traditional Doctors: Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupunture ’

Brad: G’day Primal People! It is Brad Rasmus here again. Last time, you saw me I was half naked on a table getting a colonic hydrotherapy session. Today, I am fully clothed and I am in Mosman–a suburb of Sydney at a place called ‘World of Health‘ with Dr. Ranga Premaratna. He has a PhD in Food and Nutritional Science and about 30 years experience in the field of health. He’s also got 12 years experience in laboratory research as well, so he’s got a lot of experience here that I thought a lot of you guys would be interested in hearing about, with the different diagnostic tests that he actually does.

My attraction to Dr. Ranga is more through his unique holistic approach, where he has a blend of clinical nutritional medicine, as well as Ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India and its subcontinents) and energetic modalities that he uses like Reiki, meditation and Qigong. Like what I was saying before, he uses some pretty unique diagnostic tests to be able to work out some of the unique problems that we are all presenting with these days.

Two of these tests are called Hemaview (also know as: Live Blood Analysis or Dark Field Microscopy) and B.E.R.T.T. (also known as: Vega Testing or ElectroAcupuncture). We will explain more what it is about and what they mean in a second.

Dr. Ranga, thank you for having me here. I have been looking forward to this.

Question: What is an average day in your office, what types of clients do you see, their health issues, and the tests you perform and the prescriptions you write?

Dr Ranga: I see clients of all ages and different stages of health.  Generally, what I see is very high incidence of environmental toxicity, because we are living in a very toxic environment.  Most of the people we see or patients we see, have high levels of what I call ‘toxic burden’ which is an accumulation of environmental chemicals. My practice has kind of changed more and more into looking into this toxicity and how to detoxify and how to support the detoxification systems.

The instrumentations that I use, rather than a diagnostic, I call it more a bio-energetic assessment of the cellular health. B.E.R.T.T, which is a term that I created, is called ‘Bio-Energetic Response and Resonance Test’. What we do is we send a very small electrical signal to the acupuncture meridian because the acupuncture meridians have higher electrical conductors. We send the current to the acupuncture meridian, and then we challenge the cellular membrane or the electrical membrane potential because all of those function with the electricity. Then, if we get a response back and we get a certain value which is a 50,  that means that the intracellular environment and the extracellular environment are in good health. But if we get a response under 45, that shows chronic degenerative conditions. If it is over 55, it means all are functioning.  So, we get a very good range of 20 points, so that gives me a pattern of imbalances. That way we can address that particular pattern to correct it.

In addition to that, I look at blood and I call it Dark Field Microscopy which is a traditional laboratory technique that I have used in my medical laboratories. Now, we look at the blood through that technique where we can see the red blood cells and all the blood components very clearly in a live state. So, we look at it in a very thin layer and we can see the blood moving. We can see how sensitive the blood is to oxidative stress from chemicals, and bacterial or viral infections. So, a typical day is seeing clients who come with chronic degenerative conditions, allergies, chemical sensitivities, and fat is a very common problem. So, all can be related to this fundamental problem of oxidative stress.

Brad: So, these are the two main ways that you tend to test people.
Question: With a lot of people, are you prescribing them a combination of nutrition, supplementation, and different energetic work as well?

Dr Ranga: I always include energetic work. First of all, we know that the food is the foundation. If we do not have high quality food, non-toxic organic food, we are not building the right building blocks. So the foundation is the diet and we look at it either from the clinical nutritional point of view or Ayurvedic diet point of view based on the constitution or combination. Then, once that is done, we can look at what are the additional things that we can use as nutritional supplements to correct those imbalances. Sometimes, diet is not enough because the body has gone to a completely imbalanced state away from nature. So, we need to bring it back by adding something that can detoxify it.

Question: Do you find that you are getting a lot more clients who are requiring more than just eating organic food to achieve homeostasis at least?

Dr Ranga:  Stress is a big problem. Emotional stress creates free radical damage. So, that is where the mental mind-body part comes in. So, I look at the body first, then I do a little bit of short Reiki treatment or short guided meditation to get them to experience what is it to be relaxed and what is it to have some piece of mind.

Question: With these assessments, is it possible to see instant results under the microscope or B.E.R.R.T., with food, liquid, supplementation and/or energetic work?

Dr Ranga: Yes, in energetic work or healing work, you might see results but it might take two or three sessions, it may not be immediate. What I have seen as an immediate effect is with molecular hydrogen that in 2 minutes you can see if the blood is sensitive. If it is oxidized, you can see an effect immediately. Other things might take a bit longer.

Brad: What is the validity of both these techniques and the accuracy of them?

Dr Ranga: Well, this has been based on my professional experience for the last 20 years. I had very good results and reproducible results and because I come from a laboratory research background, I use as much as possible, techniques that can prevent any artificial damage to the cells. Few studies have been done with these kinds of instruments (B.E.R.R.T. / Vega Testing) developed by Dr. Reinhard Voll, a German doctor with B.E.R.T.T or Vega testing which is both similar in using the same kind of technology.

Question: So B.E.R.T.T or Vega, was specifically made originally to quantify Chinese meridian lines?

Dr. Ranga: Yes, exactly. It is possible to detect any electrical activity in those lines. Dr. Voll has also identified meridians that are not found in the traditional Chinese medicine.

Brad: Yes, because you said that you have the possibility to be looking at 20 organ systems.

Dr Ranga: Small meridians, that are sensitive to heavy metals, chemicals, and skin—those were not found in the storage sites like fatty tissue. So, it is very useful for a practitioner.

Question: If someone outside of Sydney was interested in trying ElectroAcupuncture or Live Blood Analysis, who would they contact?

Dr. Ranga: I am a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine. They are not like a governing body but this institute does a lot of research and they would have functional medical practitioners that they could refer.

Testing B.E.R.R.T. / Vega testing / ElectroAcupuncture

Brad: Alright, so we are going to currently use the Vega Testing or B.E.R.T.T. So, what is that doing here? (referring to a metal rod I’m holding)

Dr. Ranga: That is you becoming part of the circuit.  So what I am doing first, is to show normal skin conductance. If you look at the skin, you can see a low tone, and your reading is 25. I cannot push any further as much as I can so that stops there. So, that is the level of conductance on normal skin.

Lots of low level chatting whilst lots of beeping from the machine goes on!  Refer to Brad’s results below. ’50’ is a normal baseline reading:

Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupunture
‘Brad’s results using ElectroAcupuncture / Vega Testing / BERRT’

Testing Live Blood Analysis / Dark Field Microscopy

Dr Ranga pricks my finger to obtain blood. Then we view my blood…

Dr Ranga: So, normally red blood cells are well separated but we see two things: one is that ring inside (referring to inside the Red Blood Cell) which is the oxidation of the haemoglobin, so it becomes dense and the light is refracted more. The problem is the aggregation of the cells is clumping, so we see maybe medium level of aggregation. When the cells clumped like that, that means reduced surface area for the oxygen to penetrate and for nutrients to come in. We can see quite a bit of debris around like red blood cells rupturing and it could be some kind of infection—it could be a parasitic infection or white blood cells / neutrophils have been working hard or rupturing. It could be some level of uric acid being released when you see these orange-y crystals.

Brad: So, we are going to try the supplement out now which is what Dr Ranga was talking about. It is a supplement called the molecular hydrogen, and then we are going to retest it using the Live Blood Analysis.

Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupuncture
‘Brad’s blood the first time under the microscope!’
Recovery with Hydro FX - Seven Point 2 - Molecular Hydrogen
Recovery with Hydro FX made by a company called SevenPoint2. An anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant mineral complex’
Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupuncture
‘Brad’s blood several minutes later after taking Recovery with Hydro FX!! Incredible’

Okay, so now we put my second blood drop underneath the microscope and we can see what molecular hydrogen has done for us. Learn more about the molecular hydrogen ‘Recovery’ supplement.

Dr Ranga:
How about that?

Brad: Oh my god!

Dr Ranga:  Right away we can see the difference. I have tested over 400 people now. You can see the flexibility of the cells now  squeezing through, and the annular size in the middle…

Brad: Holy s&*t! … What is that?

Dr Ranga: That is a white blood cell.

Brad: Oh, my gosh!

Dr Ranga: They become expanded. This is beautiful. I love to see this!

Brad: They are huge. That is phenomenal. That looks like a different person (a different person’s blood). I don;t feel any different though…

Dr Ranga: No. But if you are going to do some training now, you might probably do it 20% more. Now, the cells can absorb all the oxygen and they have that energy.

Brad: Wow! Time for some PB’s today at the gym! That looks completely different.

Dr Ranga: Yes, there are a lot of cells but they are not aggregated.

Brad: Geez! Just from those few tablets (4).

Dr Ranga: That is why I have never seen anything like that for 35 years in Food and Nutritional Science.

Brad: That is amazing! At least, through Live Blood Analysis, you can see pretty instant results just by taking this particular supplement (Recovery). This is the one he wanted to show because it is pretty amazing with what it does. Do you have access to any other videos to what you have done to meditation, organic or non-organic food, or something like that?

Dr Ranga: No, but that was a good idea. I have not done that but it is a good thing to try to see how the food affects the body because that is the basic foundation, and it is something that I am doing.

Brad: I think that could be a good project to do. Thank you so much for letting me try this out. This is really interesting. So guys if you are living in Sydney and are interested in doing something like this, then contact Dr. Ranga at World of Health, Mosman. Else, if you live overseas especially in America and especially in the Middle East, there is a lot of people that…

Dr Ranga: If they contact me, I can find the right practitioner.

Brad: There you go, if you come, Dr Ranga will be able to help out. Thank you very much.

We at Primal Health are huge believers in getting the nutrition you need from real whole organic food first, supplements second. Since doing this experiment with Dr. Ranga, my tune has certainly changed about the power of natural supplements.  I have been using ‘Recovery’ now for several weeks since doing this and definately feel a difference espeically in the energy I have whilst working out and duration I can train for. We are now distributors for Seven Point 2 products. Should you wish to buy Recovery and buy it through this link you will be supporting Primal Health.

Have you ever tried Live Blood Analysis or ElectroAcupuncture? Tell us about your experience in the comments.


Working In: Qi Gong and Tai Chi

Working In: QiGong and Tai Chi

This is a loose transcription of the video ‘Working In: Qi Gong and Tai Chi’

Brad:Qi gong and Tai Chi are ancient Chinese health practices that combine visualisation, movement, breathing and meditation to cultivate what the Chinese call Qi (pronounced, and also spelled ‘Chi’) — the life energy that flows through the body’s energy pathways called Meridians, to maintain essential health. Qi is the basis for Traditional Chinese Medicine. The body is unwell when the flow of Qi becomes stagnant or blocked, whereas a free flowing and balanced Qi energizes the organs, systems and cells. Qi Gong has been around since the 3rd Century B.C., and Tai Chi more recently since the 14th century AD.

Working In: Qi Gong and Tai Chi

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Qi gong and Tai Chi have in common the same basic property (Qi), the same fundamental principle (relaxation), and the same fundamental method (slowness). Tai Chi has a more overt emphasis on the martial art aspects of the training. Each Tai Chi motion has a specific combative application, and thus can theoretically be used for self-defence. Not all Qi Gong motions are like this, as most of them exist solely for the purpose of meditation, health and healing.


Working In: QiGong and Tai Chi
Brad demonstrating a qi gong energy push

As I am a firm believer in studying the healthy rather than the sick, Eastern medicine has always been a fascination of mine. I’ve been practicing Qi Gong in particular for several years now and found it to be a fantastic form of active meditation. It’s a lot less complex to the Kung-Fu type moves of Tai Chi that you must learn. Tai Chi can certainly distract your focus from the energy manipulation aspects of the art due to how much you must learn. Qi Gong practice is often less prescribed, instead following a series of movements based on the needs of the practitioner or even the whims of the instructor. The latter certainly pertains to me! I’ve only done a basic 12-week course from which I then combined movements with my own that I have found make me and my clients feel good.

Now I will lead you through a Qi Gong session…

If this is your first time trying this, let go of your inhibitions and preconceptions about what Qi Gong and Tai Chi are, and allow yourself to relax and feel the buzz that you can get from doing this. Close your eyes to enhance the experience and the visualisations, especially if you’re in your lounge room or not in a picturesque place like I am here at Watson Lake in Arizona. How long you continue each movement is up to you. For the sake of keeping this video shorter, I’ll teach you each movement for around 30 seconds to a minute. Try the same yourself for longer after watching this video.

Copy what I do…

Don’t worry if you don’t do the exact thing as what I’m doing. Just allow your body to let go. Swing your arms gently side to side as I am. Continually breathe in and out of your nose for the whole session.

As we now change the movement, imagine yourself painting a fence– painting a fence with Qi. Breathe in on the way up, breathe out on the way down. Breathe in the way up, drag your knuckles.  Breathe out on the way down. and let them float to the ground like a feather. Nice and slow, with a gentle movement from the front to the back of your feet as you raise up and pull back down to the ground. As we paint the fence again on the way up, we’re going to change the movement to an energy push from the chest. Breathe out as you push out with both hands, breathe in as you return to your chest. Add a visualisation to this process this time, imagine breathing out hot stressful red-coloured energy, and as you breathe in you inhale blue-healing cool energy.

As you return your hands to the chest, we’ll change the movement to a single arm energy push across the body with your right hand. As you push your right hand across your body, shuffle your left foot to the left and take a wider stance, and as before, breathe out as you push the energy across your body, breathe in as you return your hand to the waist. With this movement, imagine you are again holding a ball of energy which you are holding lightly within your hand. Push this red ball of energy across the body. Upon reaching the end of your single arm energy push, scoop up the energy ball change the colour of the ball from red to blue then return it back to the body. Should you wish to copy the way I do it so it flows more, pay more attention to my hands. When you have the movement copied, close your eyes again and return to the moment.

As you return your hand to below your chest holding two balls of energy, slowly breathe out and press these two red balls back down towards the earth as you squat down as far as you can comfortably squat. Only go as far as your flexibility allows. If you can squat right down into a primal squat position, then do so. Scoop up the healing energy of the earth as you stand back up and raise your hands back up to your chest where you can allow your body to absorb the energy. Repeat the movement.

Now, let’s combine all the singular movements into one. From the bottom of the squat, scoop up the energy, stand up and now push forward into a two-arm energy push. Return to the chest, and then single-arm energy push across the body. Swap to the other arm, return both arms towards the chest. Two-arm energy push in front of the body again, return to the chest and then press back down to a squat position; and repeat the same thing.

When it’s time to complete your session, you could just cease movement in your body and stand at ease. Taking in the sounds of the area of where you’re standing; relaxing and focusing on your breath. Or, you could do what I’m doing here and sit down and get into a deeper meditation. If meditation is also a fairly new thing for you, then check out  my Meditation Made Simple. I hope you enjoy this video.

How did you feel doing the Qi Gong? Did it relax you, energise you, or a bit of both?

Meditation Made Simple

Meditation Made Simple

This is a loose transcription of the video  ‘Meditation Made Simple’

Brad: Hey guys, If you’ve read my article on Primal Health entitled ‘10 Easy Ways to Meditation‘ you would have read about some of the ways I’ve incorporated active and passive meditation into my life.

Traditional ‘passive’ meditation can take a long time to master. Today I want to take you through some basic focused breathing. Whilst basic in name, it’s powerful in its regular practice. So many of us reach for drugs, herbs and supplements to reduce our blood pressure and high resting heart rate, without ever considering the power of doing it through breath.

Meditation Made Simple

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In this video I’m at a special place in Arizona, US called Watson Lake. I always like visiting this place when I’m here. It has a special energy, a vibe, a feeling it gives me when I visit. Hence it’s a great place to relax and meditate. Think of somewhere in your area where you could go to do the same. It then makes it easier to contemplate a beautiful setting when starting your own meditations, no matter where you are. Whether you’re in your living room or at work on a lunch break.

Best to watch this video in a comfortable place indoors or outdoors where you can be alone uninterrupted. When doing this again in the future it may be beneficial to set an alarm or use music of a pre-determined time length (eg: 5 min. or 10 min.).

Take a seat. Keep your spine erect. You could be sitting in a seat, or if on the ground, cross you legs or even try to sit like I am, in what’s called a ‘half lotus’ position. If you are flexible enough and have done it before, bring the other foot up into a full lotus position.

For now, keep your eyes open. Copy me by doing what’s called alternate nostril breathing . With your right hand, place your thumb over your right nostril, your next two fingers on your temple and and your fourth finger adjacent to your left nostril. Now slowly breathe in through your left nostril. Now block your left nostril with your fourth finger, unblock your right nostril with your thumb and breathe out though the right nostril. Now go in reverse. Breathe in through the right nostril, unblock the left nostril, block the right nostril, and breathe out the left. Let’s repeat this over and over for the next minute.

As you start to breathe in now, pay attention to the way you are breathing. Is your chest lifting up or your stomach getting fatter as you breathe in? You should feel your stomach distending or moving outwards as your lungs fill up with air. As you breathe out you should feel your stomach flatten as the air goes out of your lungs. This is indicating that your diaphragm muscle that sits below your lungs is doing its job properly. As you will see our babies and kids doing naturally before they’ve been conditioned to suck their stomach muscles in due to higher stomach body fat levels, bloating from foods that don’t agree with us and the social stigma associated with having a belly sticking out. If this feels like a backwards breathing pattern for you, don’t worry. Take your time. In several sessions it should start to feel normal to you. So many of us who are chest dominant breathers don’t realise that we are doing approximately 20,000 shoulder shrugs all day long to allow our lungs to breathe, when our diaphragm is not doing its job.

Now close your eyes. Continue to breathe the same way. Focus on deep, slow, controlled breathing through the nose. Breathing through the nose stimulates the nerves directly connected to the parasympathetic nervous system which helps us to produce hormones to grow, repair and digest. Breathe in and allow the stomach to fill up like a balloon. Breathe out and feel your stomach draw in like the balloon has popped. Drop your hand now from your nose. Interlock your fingers and place them on your lap. Continue to breathe alternating between nostrils. Even if it feels like both nostrils are working, just pretend it’s still happening. Try slowing down your breathing even more now and notice how your breathing comes thinner, shorter and eventually seems to disappear. Now try and alternate your breaths. Now it should hopefully seem possible.

Now, let’s try putting a visualisation with our breathing. Imagine with each exhalation, you are breathing out negative energy coloured red, and with each breath in, you’re inhaling positive healing energy the colour blue. Send your body a message “Everything is fine, everything is at peace. Relax….”  Let’s continue to do this now for another minute. Breathe in, breathe out, “Everything is fine, everything is at peace. Relax….”

Now, next breath out, I want you to start to come back into your body and open your eyes up when you’re ready. Take in the environment in which you’re sitting and reflect on what you have just done in the last couple of minutes.

Meditation made simple through basic breathing techniques
Brad demonstrating alternate nostril breathing’ and ‘diaphragmatic breathing’

Now each time you try one of these forms of meditation, the experience will be different, and it will certainly take some practice to get good at it. Don’t feel discouraged if, in one session you experience a high, but then subsequent sessions aren’t as effective and your attention is scattered. You’ll certainly get better at it. It’s worth persisting with it. Meditation is definitely an awesome tool to be able to get good at using.

I hope you enjoyed the video and make meditation a daily practice.

Colon Cleansing Q & A During a Colonic Session

Colon Cleansing Colonics Enemas Laxatives

Note: This is a loose transcription of the video ‘Colon Cleansing – Colonics, Enemas, Laxatives’.

Brad: Hello Primal People, it’s Brad from Primal Health here.  Today, this video should enlighten you, literally, with regards to information about Colon Hydrotherapy. I’m here today at North Side Colon Hydrotherapy with Janice Osmond, super Colon Hydrotherapist, and a lady that I’ve been referring clients to for several years and coming to myself, for several reasons. But also, just to give you a bit of information, Janice is a former nurse and she basically became a devout Colon Hydrotherapist after it dramatically changed her life.

Colon Cleansing – Colonics, Enemas, Laxatives

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Basically, as we know it’s pretty impossible to live Primal 100% of the time. You just can’t do it, and even if you have been doing it for several years, there’s plenty of other years where you haven’t been eating and doing all things that we’ve been teaching you.

So, we look at having a Colon Hydrotherapy session as being like cleaning your teeth. Because essentially the plaque that builds up on your teeth is essentially a window of what’s going on with your digestive system. And the large intestine is the area that’s being cleaned out here with a session with someone like Janice. So, there are plenty of people that I see that have a heap of problems with regards to things to like fungus and parasites and a lot of lower back and hip problems. A lot of that stems from what’s going on in the gut because the muscles that surround the digestive system actually tend to be a mirror of what’s going on underneath it.

So, this is a pretty important thing that a lot of you can do to dramatically improve your health and Janice is going to be the one to give you a whole heap of information about it. So, what we are going to do now…I am going to the toilet and you know, to get myself all ready to go. You don’t have to follow me in there, but then we’ll get back on the table and we’re going to get Janice to start answering some questions.

Okay, so I’ve just been into the toilet and I’m going to give you a full run down of how this all works. I’ve got undressed from the waist down. I’ve got this little towel here and it’s open to the back. Don’t worry you’re not going to see everything but you’re going to see a little bit of poo and that’s the whole point of this whole thing. So essentially, what do I now do, Janice?

Janice: You lie down on here on your back.

Colon Cleansing Colonics Enemas Laxatives
Brad and Janice talking ‘shit’ 🙂

Janice: And then lie on your side, face the window and bring your knees up really high. Bring your knees up, touch my hand, perfect.

Brad:  This isn’t the best part. Tell the guys what you actually do.

Janice: They are all sterilised units. They are all one-off, then thrown away. So then what we do now, is just put some lubricant on there. Everything is sterilised.

Brad: So, what’s that particular thing called there?

Janice: This is the speculum, which only goes in that far. This helps me to glide it in. Now what you do is get your knees up as high as you can and take some big deep breaths. Rest your head down, so that your body is relaxed. Big deep breaths. The more big breaths you take the better.

Brad: I’ve had this done many times, but this still feels really quite bizarre.

Janice: So now I’m going to do what is called the release. So what that does is it helps to bring down all the gas that lies around the sigmoid colon. So, it helps to give a better feel and if there’s any cramping, often it’s just to do with the gas.

Brad: Yup, gotcha.

Janice: So, we take that down for a minute or two.

Brad: So would you say that most people tend to have a lot of gas and a lot of build-up around that sigmoid colon because so many people, especially us westerners, don’t get into a full squat when we do a number 2?

Janice: And we eat too fast.

Brad: And we eat too fast, and not chew our food. Yeah, exactly. Alright, guys we’re into it now. Janice, what are you doing with your hands then?

Janice: Well, I’m just trying to loosen off the rubbish and just trying see where there is some really some hard spots in the bowel that I might need to concentrate on more. I’m helping the water to come around so I’m massaging it up the opposite way.

Brad: Okay, so which direction does the water usually tend to go, for people that don’t know about the large intestine. Where’s the water going to come up first? Up this side there?

Janice: Yeah, yes, going up the left and then go across. So I’m doing that the way the water is going out and helping to move it around, and helping to loosen up the bowel in any hard spots where the water can’t get through. Actually, the water is pushing its way through at the moment. It’s not going through all that easy. It’s just struggling at the moment to go through, and that can be because there’s some hard matter or there’s some big pockets of gas.

Brad: Yeah, we’re not perfect guys, my gut’s not perfect either. So, that’s why I’m here. Now, actually I have a list of questions to ask because lying in this position here really isn’t the best place to remember my lines and all of that sort of stuff. So here’s some of the key things that we always hear people ask about colonics.

Colonics FAQ

Brad: How does Colonic Hydrotherapy detoxify?

Janice: Well, what we’re doing; the water is going in and softening the rubbish and so we’re helping to draw it out. So we’re helping to draw out the old rubbish that’s been there for a long time and all the toxins there.

Brad: So, the mucosal plaque lining the gut wall; all that sort of rubbish.

Brad: So does it hurt? I’m the one that’s in the position at the moment so, well it can hurt, especially on your first time, based on how blocked up you are and how much stuff you got going on with your digestive system. The last time I came in here was the first time I’ve had one in a couple of years, as I’ve been a bit lazy and yeah it was a bit uncomfortable but it’s worth going through that pain. Just like you go to the gym and have a workout– feel a little bit of pain; a little bit of pain for a little bit of gain.

Brad: Is it hygienic and will I leak or make a mess?

Janice: Most cases, no. But there are cases that, if the bowel’s really full and the bowel is just not well, then yes we can get some leakage. Not often, very very few times. But if it does happen, it’s no problem. That’s ok.

Brad: Yeah, gotcha. And as far as being hygienic here is concerned, tell us more about the water that you’re using.

Janice: It goes through three filters and a fluoro light that kills any bugs as well.

Brad: So it eliminates chlorine. Does it get rid of fluoride ?

Janice: Yes, yes, yes.

Brad: It does as well, that’s good to know.

Janice: The water is completely and utterly pure.

Brad: How are colonics different from an enema?

Janice: Well, an enema is where you can only clean the sigmoid colon, but not a lot more. Where with colonics we have the chance of cleaning really the whole large bowel.

Brad:  Gotcha, it’s just the first part (of the bowel); the descending colon.

Janice: That’s still good to use (enemas), like in between colonics, but they are in no way going to all the work of bringing down all the mucous and all the rubbish.

Brad: How does someone know if they need a colonic or what are the common reasons for having a colonic?

Janice: Generally people feel tired, fatigued, migraines, skin irritations like Cirrhosis, pimples. Anxiety and depression is virtually so high of having a toxic bowel.

Brad: Why not just take laxatives? How is it better than taking laxatives?

Janice: Well, laxatives are generally, on the whole a poison. And what they do, they go into the bowel and they irritate the bowel that much that the bowel has to get rid of it. And it generally only just cleans out the last little bit, maybe even just a little bit more than the sigmoid colon. So it will just blurt about, and that’s the poison. The body has to get rid of it. It’s like when you’ve got diarrhea; the body has to get rid of the poison.

Brad: Won’t it flush out the good bacteria, too? One of the biggest questions I always get.

Janice: Most common question asked. No, it doesn’t. Most of the good bacteria is kept in the small bowel and we only clean out the large (bowel). But we live in a fairly toxic world, and so we should take the good bacteria any way. Colonics do not get rid of any good bacteria.

Brad: As we were talking about before, but most people never make the association with it…is that it’s very common that most of you all have had, or will be taking some sort of antibiotic and/or you’re drinking tap water with chlorine in it and they’re two main things that kill bacteria, whether it’s good or bad. So, essentially most people are always doing it (killing good bacteria) without even knowing it. This is just basically trying to give you a fresh clean start for your whole gut. Whether it gets rid of any sort of good bacteria in your large intestine or not. As Janice said, most of it is all in the small intestine anyway.

Last question, we’ve got here: Can the colon become dependent on it and stop functioning on its own?

Janice: No, it actually stimulates the peristalsis. So, you can have them one a week,  for six months or something and your peristalsis is only going to kick in better. When you go to the toilet normally, you will pass more because the peristalsis has made that bowel work and bring everything down. So, no.

Brad: As you can see guys, I’ve been here for a while now and I haven’t been like, you know dying in pain or anything like that. All I’m basically feeling is like, my stomach feels like it’s just bloating up. And then every now and then it feels like, “you know what, I’m going to do a number two now”, and she can feel it with her hands through the massage, and she turns the machine off and it evacuates the stuff out. You can see that in a sec, if you want, in the machine.

Basically she just continues to do that: on, off, on, off, on, off until she feels the water is going up around my descending colon and across the transverse colon and then along the ascending one. So, it’s like this horseshoe shape that the large intestine takes. So, yeah it’s like she said, the first couple can be pretty uncomfortable for people that really really need it, but in general it’s pretty good.

Brad: Yes, when you’re looking at that what can you tell from the actual fecal matter that comes out?

Janice: We can tell if your body is dehydrated, if the rubbish that comes out is hydrated enough; it’s not hard. Also we can tell if there’s candida there. Also, we can tell if your digestive system’s working. A lot of people have a lot of undigested food.

Brad: So how often is safe enough to do this safely? Like three times a day, three times a week, or once every month?

Janice: When you start off, it’s probably a good idea to do two or three in the first couple of weeks.

Brad: Okay.

Janice: Because, we’re already working the rubbish. We’re already trying to get it down, then you can do monthly. Maintenance is really important.

Brad: So, this is a closed system, Janice.

Janice: Yeah, this is a closed system. In meaning that, the water is all enclosed in tubes. Water is going in here gently on a fill and the rubbish is coming out in the tubes. And the other system is the open system where there’s an opening underneath where you lie there and hold, and then you push, so you’re just pushing it out into like a bucket thing underneath the table.

Brad: A bucket or like a bath, or something like that. You can actually see it all and smell it all and…

Janice: You don’t actually see it all, because it’s underneath your bed. It’s a bucket just at your bottom, sort of thing and then you’re just trying to push it out.

Brad: Check that guys, ask for a closed system or find a person that uses a closed system.

Brad: Alright guys, so after 45 minutes, I’m all done. I’m going to go to the toilet, just to get rid of the extras in there (my bowel), and get changed, then voila, I’m all clean. So, I hope this sort of helps you make a more educated decision in whether or not you will go in and do this yourself but we really recommend them. Thank you very much, Janice.

Janice: That went well.

Brad:  Can’t say it was like- you know, amazing to do this or anything like that, but yeah it feels awesome after every time you do it. So, it’s good.

Janice: People feel lighter and they say their head feels clearer. You can be a little bit tired on the night, on that evening and that’s not a bad thing — that’s good. That’s just the body rejuvenating from the toxins.

Brad: Cool, alright thank you very much. See you later!


What are your experiences or concerns with colonics?

Visual Proof of How Dirty Tap Water Can Be

Visual Proof of How Dirty Tap Water Can Be

Note:  ‘Visual Proof of How Dirty Tap Water Can Be’ – This is a loose transcription of the video.

Hello Primal People!

Welcome to our kitchen. Today’s little video is going to be about the importance of water. A lot of you would have already watched one (water video) of the Primal 6 videos that you have access to when you first to subscribe to and join the Primal website. This one is going to go a little bit more in depth into the water filter we actually use.

We decided a long time ago that it was pretty important for us to have the cleanest source of water that we could possibly get into our body. Because essentially from a Primal perspective, the tap water and bottled water that we drink the majority of these days, is nothing like what we used to drink accessible from the waterfalls, rivers and streams that we used to get  our water from. So we chose a brand of water filter called the Nikken Pimag and essentially, this particular model here, which unfortunately is not available anymore 🙁 (but Nikken has other models available like the Nikken PiMag Waterfall), the tap water goes through this top compartment through what’s called a ceramic filter, then it goes through the main compartment into another 6 or 7 stage filter cartridge getting rid of a whole heap of extra organic and inorganic contaminants that are prevalent in tap water. Then once the water has been filtered, sits on 2 different types of rocks. Silver stones and mineral stones.

Nikken PiMag Waterfall
The current Nikken Pimag Waterfall (5.5 litres)(2012)

Nikken Pimag 10 Water Filter - Primal Water
The old Nikken Pimag 10 Water Filter that we own. Finished early 2012.

Both of these stones contain a whole heap of fantastic minerals within them like silicon, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. The silver stones contain silver to provide an anti-bacterial effect, especially for when water is sitting in the main compartment for a long period of time. Then the water goes through a magnetic section, essentially because, I’d say the Japanese have looked at it and recreated the effect that the earth has on the water. The earth being the world’s biggest magnet with a north and south pole. You always have water constantly running across rocks within these streams and rivers and waterfalls, so this is what we’ve then found to recreate Primal water. Good clean water, mineralised, magnetised, and it tastes awesome. You really can taste the difference when you start drinking this type of water.

In Australia, this particular Nikken Pimag was almost $600 for this whole unit, but they are now cheaper with the smaller 5.5litre ones that they offer here, but they are different around the world.

Before we had something like this, we spent $30-40 at the supermarket and bought a Brita Water Filter, which is a pretty common brand around the world that you will be able to get access to as well.

Brita Water Filter
A Brita Water Filter. The first cheaper filter we bought and used for several years

So just know that if you are drinking tap water now, it’s way better than any soda, alcohol or coffee all the time! But if you are really wanting to improve your health, just know that things like chlorine and chloramine are put within water and swimming pools to kill off bacteria. Our digestive system is made of bacteria! So it’s pretty detrimental to always be putting this stuff into your system. On the other flip of the coin, if you are taking probiotics, or things to replenish the good bacteria back into your system, then you are contradicting yourself! So you want to filter your water. Plus fluoride is another big one as well. There are always massive debates about fluoride all around the world, but visit and you’ll learn quite a lot about why you don’t want fluoride in your water, and why the majority of Europe don’t have any fluoride in their water.

[Note: Unfortunately the PiMag products DO NOT filter out fluoride. Reverse osmosis is the only filtration system I’m aware of that does this. But it filters out everything else as well! Leaving no mineral content.]

So just to keep it simple now, I want to show you how powerful filtration can be when you get a good one like this (referring to the filter), or even another filtration system like this, such as a Wellness Filtration System, which is a lot more expensive but still does a very good job of filtering things out, so check that out too on the net if you are interested.

Look now at this ceramic filter. This yellow coloured ceramic filter is supposed to look like this brand new white filter!

Nikken PiMag Ceramic Filter
After 2 months our Ceramic Filter gets pretty dirty! The one on the right is brand new. We clean the filter regularly with a toothbrush and hot water, then replace it every 2 years.

This will become a lot whiter when I clean it under the tap in some hot water (with a toothbrush), but I don’t want this in my body! So there is quite a lot of crap in Sydney tap water here as you can see. We’ve drunk quite a lot of tap water around the world with the amount of travel that we’ve done, and Sydney water tastes actually pretty good (in comparison) and pretty ‘clean’ in comparison to a lot of other places, but the ceramic filter stills brings out a lot of this! (referring to the yellow crap)

So as you can see it makes a pretty big difference guys. You should definitely filter your water. If you need any more information, feel free to contact us. Note: We are Nikken Pimag representatives and receive a commission for sales. Like I said though, the Brita Filter and Wellness Filter are two brands I’d suggest you check out too. Just get filtering!

Thanks for watching!

COMMENT: Do you filter your tap water? If not, why? If so, what kind of filter do you use?

Mass Shootings and The Drugging of Our Children

The Drugging of Our Children

In wake of the latest US mass shootout in Newtown, Connecticut, I watched this documentary that I feel needs to watched by everyone that’s blaming access to guns as the major contributing factor in these mass shootings. There is way more at work here causing these mass murders. After watching this documentary, I can’t think of a better time than NOW for every family to start taking a Primal Approach to their health ie: clean food and water, return of the tribal / family unit, re-establishing real communication, balance of Primal 6 etc. No more ‘pill for an ill’ approach to improving our health. Should you not watch this documentary, I implore you to at least read this post and the points I’ve taken from it.

Mass Shootings - What drove these people to kill?
What drove these people to kill?

The Power of Media

For those of you that know Bex and I well, we haven’t had ‘normal TV’ connected within our home for a lot of years. We don’t have Cable TV and we don’t have Free-To-Air TV either. We just watch shows on demand streamed through the internet without advertisements. We feel it’s healthier for us and Kaiya not to be bombarded with it all the time. Word of mouth from my family, friends and clients literally becomes our news feed. If it’s really important we’ll watch it on a news website. Abstaining from daily news is what we call ‘selective ignorance’. Something we adopted from Tim Ferriss. Logging onto Facebook the other day showed 15 out of 20 posts being about the CT shooting. All I could think was ‘not again’ and ‘another day in America’. It’s an unfortunate but valid stereotype as there have been 61 mass shootings in the US in the last 30 years! [1].

Australian 1996 Gun Ban / Buy Back

Everyone on Facebook was screaming anti-gun sentiments, which is fair enough. Here in Australia, we had a mass shootout in 1996 that brought the country to a standstill [2]. The government immediately reacted and created a ‘gun ban/gun buyback’ scheme that removed over 600,000 guns from the public. There haven’t been any mass shootouts since. There has however been an increase in ‘non-gun suicides’, ‘assault rate’ and ‘robbery’ [3]. Yes of course, nowhere near as many deaths as mass shootouts, but the fact remains, getting rid of guns does not actually fix the root core of the problem. It is not addressing why all these people are getting angry enough to kill people then commit suicide in the first place.

Bowling for Columbine

As shown in the documentary ‘Bowling for Columbine’ by Michael Moore [4],  he found that Canadians have the same access to guns and ammunition, same access to violent movies and nowhere near the same problem with mass shootings. Let alone even double digit mortality rates from guns in the area of Windsor where he did his research. He also noticed that the nightly news and TV in general lacked the same fear mongering he experienced when watching it at home in the USA. People in Windsor left their doors unlocked and felt safe. A quote from a citizen he interviewed: “If more guns made people safer, the USA would be the safest place in the world. It isn’t, it’s the opposite”. So in the case of Canada he clearly showed access to guns is not affecting the incidence of mass shootings.

What makes people angry enough to kill people including themselves?

More than ever after killings like this, I feel it is more important than ever for parents to question how they are raising their children and to question what our governments and schools are teaching us as right from wrong.  To understand how powerful the media and government are and how much fear is being created surrounding how we live our life. To understand how much chemical laden, neurotoxic crap food is served in school cafeterias and the effect this has on our neuro-chemistry. To understand how much the typical family unit / tribe has changed from yesteryear and what effect it is having on our health. To understand what effect shoot ’em video games have on the sub-conscious. The list can go on. In this case, it can go on to understanding how lethal pharmaceutical drugs can be on the human body. In 2010 in the USA, Pharmaceutical Drugs were the third leading drug killer after cigarettes and alcohol [5]. Why the heck are we giving these things to kids? Can these things designed to improve our health be a contributing factor in these mass shootouts? Spending for prescription drugs in the USA was $234.1 billion in 2008, which was more than double what was spent in 1999 [8].

The Drugging of Our Children
Is drugging our children the answer to optimal health for them?

The Drugging of Our Children

This documentary puts a lot of focus on the incessant ‘clinical diagnosis’ and labeling of kids as having issues like ADD and ADHD. Here’s some pertinent points and quotes I made during the film:

The Drugging of Our Children Documentary
The Drugging of Our Children Documentary

– The children that were to blame for the Columbine, Georgia, Kentucky and Colorado mass shootings were on psychotropic drugs. Columbine Killer, Eric Harris, was on ADHD drug Ritalin for 1 year prior to shootout.

– There are no quantitative biological forms of measure for ADHD and ADD. Some diagnostic measures for ADHD obtained from the ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)’ used by school teachers, doctors and psychiatrists are:
‘Often fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat’, ‘Work is often messy and performed carelessly and without considered thought. Individuals often have difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities and often find it hard to persist with tasks until completion’ [6].
Brad: Sounds like normal kids to me! Or more so, kids that have had a pop-tart or cereal breakfast and have unstable blood sugars! I also wonder if Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla or Thomas Edison would have fit these diagnoses for ADD or ADHD!

– The DSM has therefore attracted praise for standardizing psychiatric diagnostic categories and criteria. It has also attracted  a lot of controversy and criticism. Some critics argue that the DSM represents an unscientific system that enshrines the opinions of a few powerful psychiatrists. Most Psychiatrists then get their information about the latest drugs to treat these mental disorders straight from pharmaceutical representatives.$16 billion a year is spent on pharmaceutical representatives doing this job.

– Kids are being pushed to achieve from a very early age. To develop a resume from the word go. This is certainly the case in Japan [7].

– Approx 10% of boys ages 6-12 in the states are taking psychotropic drugs. Schools get awarded more money for kids that end up getting diagnosed with ADHD.

– Increased dosages of Ritalin lead to lots of side effects such as child depression. Anti-depressants like Prozac and Zoloft are then used. This then affects their sleep, so they are prescribed Paxil, which is known to produce hallucinations. Two teenagers on the video talked about their own experiences with the hallucinations motivating them to kill people.

– During a clinical trial of anti-depressant Prozac, a teenager experienced hallucinations and fantasies of murdering his classmates and his classmates murdering him [9] [10].

– Pharmaceutical companies go as far as to pay for Professorships, entire laboratory costs in universities and pay for the distribution of major journals such as the ‘Archives of General Psychiatry’ which is sent to all Psychiatrists in the USA free of charge. They sponsor a heap of the credit courses that MD’s have to take to keep their credentials up to date as well as plenty of free conferences for doctors.

– The ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ looked hard for an academic psychiatrist or expert that was NOT on the payroll of a drug company so they can write an unbiased synopsis of the pros and cons of anti-depressants.

– For 15 years, the Eli Lilly pharmaceutical corporation covered up up their own internal investigation that showed people on Prozac were 12 times more likely to commit suicide, than people using other anti-depressants!! The 1988 document indicated that 3.7 percent of patients attempted suicide while on the blockbuster drug, a rate more than 12 times than cited for any of four other commonly used antidepressants [11].

– An FDA Hearing on Prozac shown in the movie plays like a suicide convention of former patients using the drug explaining how it affected them.

– Who is benefiting from the prescription of these drugs? Pharmaceutical companies, advertisers, MD’s, teachers who can’t control their classes.

– One lady’s child was taken from his school and placed in a ‘special school’ and dosed with Ritalin against her will. After fighting many times to try and get her son released, she had to abduct her child from the special school, and immediately leave for the Canadian border. She lived there for several years before one day getting pulled over by the Canadian police whereby she was made aware that she was wanted by the FBI for kidnapping and stood the chance of being locked up for 10 years. She went to California and went to jail. She has since left jail and is still searching for her child’s whereabouts.

-The end of the documentary talks a lot about the power of food and how much of a change teachers at schools have noticed when their school cafeteria lunches changed.

I feel that the bottom line is this. We all have lives where our emotions go up and down. We have periods of depression and happiness. Life is an experience. It’s never perfect. These ebbs and flows are not a reason to go running to a doctor to medicate ourselves to achieve perfection and normalcy 100% of the time. It’s a time for reflection on how we are living our life! A time that Bex and I get ourselves and clients to reflect on how much balance lies within the Primal 6. What is the root cause of why we are depressed or angry in the first place? Yes it’s certainly a longer road compared to the ‘pill for an ill approach’, but as shown in the video, a whole lot healthier and safer!

In the words of Hippocrates, ‘the father of modern medicine’:  ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. Eat non-chemical laden neurotoxic food first 100% and see how your moods change before dosing up with big pharma!

1/ A Timeline Of Mass Shootings In The US Since Columbine
DEF: Mass Shooting: “The discharging of firearms multiple times by one or more parties into a group of unarmed victims”

2/ The Australian Port Arthur Massacre

3/ Results of the 96 /97 Australian Gun Laws and ‘Buyback’

4/ Bowling for Columbine – Documentary [from 1:11 onward]

5/ Legal vs. Illegal Drug Deaths Per Year

6/ DSM – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Psychiatric Manual

7/ Suicide of Japanese Youth

8/ Prescription Drug Use Continues to Increase: U.S. Prescription Drug Data for 2007-2008

9/Emergence of self-destructive phenomena in children and adolescents during fluoxetine treatment.

10/ Emergence of intense suicidal preoccupation during fluoxetine treatment.

11/ Document may reveal Prozac risk

The Cure is You | The Cure is U – 2012 Documentary

The Cure Is U! - Documentary

Hey Primal People 🙂

The latest documentary I’ve just watched is called ‘The Cure is U! (The Cure is You)’. If you want to watch something that helps to scientifically validate the power of your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS on your health, then you need to watch this video. For those of you that have been reading our work for a while, you would understand how much of an emphasis we put on this as written within our Primal 6 philosophy. Paul Chek is in it as well as Dr. Bruce Lipton and Greg Bradden. 3 people whose work I highly respect. Consider buying the video access for a friend for Christmas! Watch it first, I’m sure you will agree it’s a worthy documentary.

Paul Chek - The Cure Is U | The Cure is You - Documentary
Paul Chek speaks in ‘The Cure is U | The Cure is YOU’

Here’s the synopsis from their site that I think summarises it perfectly:

“A transformational film about how every human body is brilliantly designed for vitality and longevity. Why then is our health and life expectancy declining? Have we lost our connection to our natural way of living? Is it possible there is a powerful and effective means to address our health and disease, which can assist in tapping into our natural healing capacity of our profoundly powerful human body?

THE CURE IS YOU / THE CURE IS U unveils one of the most profound, ancient health formulas to be released in over a century. Amazing true stories, woven with testimonials from top scientists, doctors and evolutionary leaders creates a mind-blowing journey of self-discovery that will radically shift the way you look at health and disease forever.

It is time for us look beyond the band-aid approach of medicine in our Western culture and deeper into the unlimited healing capacity of the human body.”

Rent the video:

Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.

The Cure Is …

A transformational film about how every human body is brilliantly designed for vitality and longevity. Why then is our health and life expectancy declining? Have we lost our connection to our natural way of living? Is it possible there is a powerful and effective means to address our health and disease, which can assist in tapping into our natural healing capacity of our profoundly powerful human body?

THE CURE IS… unveils one of the most profound, ancient health formulas to be released in over a century. Amazing true stories, woven with testimonials from top scientists, doctors and evolutionary leaders creates a mind-blowing journey of self-discovery that will radically shift the way you look at health and disease forever.

It is time for us look beyond the band-aid approach of medicine in our Western culture and deeper into the unlimited healing capacity of the human body.

THE CURE IS… Join the revolution to health and happiness!