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Julie Keeps Fit with Her Family After 5 Kids and ACL Knee Surgery

Need some motivation to move your body after pregnancy? Try 5 kids! Julie is an inspiration. Tim and Julie used my services in Japan, and with their entire family on the yearly holiday in Michigan. Hard to believe Julie is still so ripped, being an amazing mother of 5 children! Words from Julie: “I wanted […]


A Difficult Pregnancy & Sick Baby Led Consuelo to Paleo & 4 Healthy Kids

Consuelo Werner Healthy Guts

Growing up in Mexico I took for granted that nutrition was passed down from mother to daughter, and that products like corn and beans were staples of any healthy diet. When I came to the U.S. in 2007, I found myself separated from family and my long time family doctor. My husband on deployment in the […]


Busy Parents & Travelers Mandy & Randy Always Make Time for Running

Randy and Mandy Work – Clients in Japan and on Fitness Vacations

Words from Brad: Mandy and Randy trained with me in Japan on a regular basis, and also on fitness vacations in Hawaii and California. Randy is now an unstoppable triathlete! Word’s from Mandy: “I lost 20 pounds of post-baby weight and have gotten stronger and more toned… I have benefited the most from running. I […]


Keith & Adine are Seniors Keeping Fit

Keith and Adine - Fitness for Seniors | Seniors Personal Training

Words from Adine: “Our daughter, Dara, her husband John and their kids, have benefited from Brad’s services for a while now and during several visits to Australia from the United States we have used his services. Initially we saw him three times a week. Within the time we have spent with him he has greatly […]