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Overall Health Improvement

From Chubby Kid with Allergies & Insomnia to Crossfit and Paleo

Taunted as a Chubby Kid From grade school to the day I graduated from college, I was a chubby nerd and an easy target. My parents were both exceptionally good cooks — my dad owned a restaurant and my mom won almost every cooking contest she entered. I was a chubby kid because I really liked […]


Jasmine Overcame Anorexia & Bulimia and Became a Healthy Chef

Overcoming Anorexia & Bulimia

My love of organics began as a child, wandering my dads organic apple orchard, going to soil association meetings with hippies that smelt funny and had long hair and bush walking. I have always wanted to know that what was on my plate was not only going to be good for my body, but also […]


Sue’s Focus On The Power of Now Completely Changed Her Health!

Sue Nadjarian

How I changed my life around. It took a long time for me to finally understand how important it is to keep fit and look the best you can. How did I do it? Well I finally said enough is enough. I was sick of constantly saying ‘I’m gonna do it’. Finally I broke through […]


Nicholas’ Depression led to Pneumonia & Glandular Fever

Nicholas Healed Himself From Pneumonia & Glandular Fever

  My name is Nicholas Fairbairn. I have had chronic depression and anxiety I healed myself from Pneumonia I healed myself from Glandular Fever (Mono) I was overweight I was addicted to alcohol and sugar I had chronic neck and back pain Normally when you see people talking about depression or articles on depression, you […]


Andy Eliminated Stomach Bloating and Lost Weight for Good

Andy Parker – Weight Loss | Stomach Bloating

Words from Brad: Andy came to me with a goal of losing the spare tyre. When assessing his body, he only had one previous injury to his ankle and was pain free. His posture was pretty good other than his forward head posture affecting his ability to breath.  However, my ‘Holistic Health Questionnaire’ revealed that […]


Celebrities Loving the Primal Approach


Catherine Hikari – Radio Personality | Inter FM | Client in Japan “I definitely don’t get my painful backaches anymore. I used to get them once or twice a week at least. Sometimes I would almost cry just trying to get home from work because it would hurt so much. Regular exercise has really made […]