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Pain Management

Debra Defied her Rheumatoid Arthritis through Strength Training

Knee Arthritis

Words from Brad: I couldn’t believe someone Debra’s age had endured pain, for more than 2 years, that is usually associated with older people. When I told her strength training was a viable tool to help her reduce her arthritic pain she was keen to try it out and it certainly worked wonders for her. […]


Brad Went From Chronic Illness & Pain to Healthy Holistic Coach

Brad Rasmus

Pain used to be a daily occurrence for me I wish to forget. I’d like to share with you my journey. A lot has changed for me since originally starting work within the fitness industry as a ‘Personal Trainer’. During my world travels, my wife and I created a web business called Explore Now, that allowed […]


Amy Overcame Severe Back, Neck & Knee Pain

Amy Sanderson – Back, Knee and Neck Pain

Amy didn’t need to lose weight, she needed to get out of pain. With a holistic approach, I used the Primal 6 approach to address any health imbalances she had. Amy’s thoughts were being affected by negative relationships, her posture and breathing were suffering from her excessive computer work, she had digestive issues which called for dietary […]


John Reduced Chronic Pain & Sinus Suffering

John Wilson – Pain Reduction | Back Knee Shoulder Pain | Injury

“In Praise of “Bradention” (or how Brad Rasmus’ intervention in my life changed everything). As a result of a lifetime of contact sports, I collected my share of injuries; knee reconstructions, dislocated shoulders and a ‘spondie’ (spodylolithesis) in the lumbar spine. Pain was part of my life, in the lower back, knee and shoulder. Some […]