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Coaching with Kaiya: Basic Yoga

Coaching with Kaiya: Basic Yoga

Coaching with Kaiya: Basic Yoga

4-year-old Kaiya shows us how to do unique versions of some of her favourite yoga poses. Despite being born into the modern world, Kaiya sets a vibrant example of how Primal food, movement and lifestyle can ensure healthy and happy kids!

This is a loose transcription of the video “Coaching with Kaiya: Basic Yoga”

“Hi, my name is Kaiya. Welcome to Primal Health! I’m going to show you some of my favourite yoga.

Fixed Firm Pose

So, I just go down and then put my knees on the carpet. Then put my hands on the carpet as well. Then lie down and stretch your legs down very strongly.

One-Arm Half Downward Dog

This is a tricky one. And this is how you do this one. So you have to balance and be strong on just this one leg and this one hand.

Cross-legged Bow Pose

First go onto your belly and cross your legs like this. Then stretch up and that’s how you do it.

One-Arm Crab Walk Pose

Go onto your back. Put your legs out wide like this and make sure they are not touching each other. Hold on strongly and then tip over to the side with your eyes and put your hand over your head.

That’s the rest!”


Have you made up any unique ways of doing of yoga poses?

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