How Beer and Coffee Affect Your Blood Quality

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Brad and his friend Maz Compton show what effect beer and coffee instantly have on your blood measured using Dark Field Microscopy. If you really love beer and coffee perhaps you shouldn’t watch this! If you do watch it, I think you’ll question how regularly you will now consume it, if at all!

Brad has made several other videos with Dr Ranga Premaratna in the past outside of this beer and coffee video.
– Watch here, the previous video made showing the effects of a 5 minute meditation on blood quality. It’s amazing!
– Want to stop eating sugar? Watch this video showing the effects of eating jelly beans!

The next video in this series will show the effect of a supplement I’ve spoke of before called ‘Recovery’ by a company called 7.2. You’ll be astounded to see what taking 3 small tablets did to our blood after drinking our beer and coffee respectively.

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July 2016 – Brad Rasmus – How Beer and Coffee Affect Your Blood Quality

5 Replies to “How Beer and Coffee Affect Your Blood Quality”

    1. when you say “coffee” is this black coffee without sugar? or is this coffee with lots of sugar and cream? how do we know that this is the effect of the actual coffee and not something you added to the coffee? Beer clearly has lots of maltose, so if this affect was associated with the lactose and sucrose added to the coffee, this would seem more understandable.

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