James: From Slouching & Sluggish Teenager to Pro Football Star

Words from Brad:
As you can see from the photos, James looks totally different. Bigger, taller, more confident! His father even called us after two weeks to ask us if we had given him any supplements as he is an AFL player with a scholarship to the Brisbane Lions and his coach had noted that he was running faster and had more energy. All we had done with him at that point was get him to stretch the correct muscles, be more aware of what correct posture was, and to regularly lie on a Foam Roller!

I have increasingly seen many teenagers with posture and back pain like James had. Poor nutrition and neglecting his body were preventing him from being the best footy player he could be. He completed high school in 2011 and went on to be a pro AFL player.

James was taking oral skin medication (Roaccutane), which was affecting his digestive system and back pain quite a bit. We got him to regularly consume a Certified Organic Probiotic called In-Liven. This made a big difference.

James Brain - AFL Football Player | Port Adelaide | Brisbane Lions

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