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Jasmine Overcame Anorexia & Bulimia and Became a Healthy Chef

My love of organics began as a child, wandering my dads organic apple orchard, going to soil association meetings with hippies that smelt funny and had long hair and bush walking. I have always wanted to know that what was on my plate was not only going to be good for my body, but also good for the people who grew it and the environment.

Overcoming Anorexia & Bulimia

I was a chubby kid at school, back then there were only two in our class who were overweight.. now I would have had a lot more friends unfortunately with childhood obesity now a major health concern.

In my teens I had a stressful home environment which resulted in anorexia and bulimia. Food became the enemy, and I began a process of slowly starving myself for protection. The only thing I had control over was what I put in my body. This lead to not only long term physical health impacts but affected my relationships with friends and family.

In seeking healing I came to see a naturopath, who encouraged me to no long be in opposition with my own body, but to nurture it. This lesson still remains one of the most important of my life today, and is part of why I share my love for healthy food and cooking. Through having to take the journey of loving my body and self again, I discovered my passion for fresh, healthy food, and I love nothing more than having friends over for a beautiful nourishing meal and great conversation.

I now work at a health retreat catering for yoga retreats and functions. I have completed Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Certificate 1 with The CHEK Institute, and am currently completing studies in nutrition.

I feel that the media also has a large part in the way we treat and perceive our own body, and learning to nourish your body, organically, leads to loving your body. You can only be your best when you feel your best.

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