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John Reduced Chronic Pain & Sinus Suffering

John Reduced Chronic Pain & Sinus Suffering

John Reduced Chronic Pain & Sinus Suffering

“In Praise of “Bradention” (or how Brad Rasmus’ intervention in my life changed everything).

As a result of a lifetime of contact sports, I collected my share of injuries; knee reconstructions, dislocated shoulders and a ‘spondie’ (spodylolithesis) in the lumbar spine. Pain was part of my life, in the lower back, knee and shoulder. Some days I ate pain killers for breakfast, lunch and dinner!”

Pain was a real constraint on my exercise regime.  At the suggestion of my wife (god love her)! I contacted Brad. What impressed me about Brad was his commitment to understand my circumstances and objectives before letting me undertake a training regime with him. At the risk of sounding like some TV infomercial, it changed my life. I can do things now I would not have attempted in the past and have experienced sharply lower incidence and frequency of pain. Greater overall flexibility, increased strength and improved posture have resulted. Finally, and most significantly in my view, my overall health has improved significantly. For example, in the past I was a frequent sinus sufferer and was prone to flu’s and colds. Not anymore!:

John Wilson - Pain Reduction | Back Knee Shoulder Pain | Injury

John Reduced Chronic Pain & Sinus Suffering – February 2013

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