Kaiya Rasmus

Kaiya Rasmus

Kaiya Jade Rasmus was born in June 2009 to Primal Parents, Brad & Bex Rasmus.

“I guess you could say I’m lucky that I was born into a Primal Health home. Mummy had an amazingly healthy pregnancy with me in her tummy. She had no throwing-up morning sickness, had tons of energy for jazz dance classes, carried me easily for 2 weeks past the due date, and had no extra body weight afterward. She and Daddy worked hard through a 20-hour labour and managed the labour pain through tai chi, long showers and Daddy telling Mummy stories from their travels. I was born fighting fit, with my eyes wide open! Everyone in the hospital nursery couldn’t believe I was just born, as I was so alert…and also slept long nights easily, which Mum and Dad loved.

Mummy’s breast milk was plentiful and I drank it until I was almost 2 years old. Occasionally Mummy would have cake or chocolate at a party, and the next day, I was usually gassy and spit-up my milk a lot, but other days, I rarely ever had gas or spitting up. She likes some beer or wine at a party but didn’t drink alcohol for almost 3 years, just for me. Just lots of filtered water. When I was 6-months-old, I started eating solid foods, while still having my breast milk. I got to play with and try eating lots of different whole meat and vegetables and easily developed a taste and a love for all the nutritious foods that mummy and daddy eat. Mummy never had to make separate meals for me. They never give me sugar, and at my friend’s 2nd birthday parties, I didn’t even want the cupcakes because there were so many yummier things like grapes and strawberries there! I’m sure I will try sugary things later, but for now, I don’t think I’m missing out on anything!

Mum and Dad’s lives changed a lot when they had me, so they spent lots of time talking, relaxing, meditating, soul-searching and learning how to be parents. I think this helped them with the stress of the big change of having such an energetic one like me around! Though it was hard for them to afford things they like with Mummy not working, they said it was worth the sacrifice in order for Mummy to be home taking care of me and cooking nutritious meals for all of us. Daddy’s health suffered a bit from the change of sleep patterns, lifestyle, and loss of Mummy’s income, and sometimes his stress made me feel a bit sick too. Fortunately, Daddy knew what we needed at those times: more relaxing, bonding, meditating, time in nature, proper nutrition, laughing, extra naps, and energy-building exercise like yoga and tai-chi. This made sure we never felt sick for long :).

I’m happy that I don’t have any of the allergies, ear infections and viruses that many of my friends often have. After much deliberation, Mum and Dad decided not to give me any vaccinations, but instead they vowed to keep my immune system as strong as possible through following what they call the Primal 6. I guess you could say I’m lucky that I was born into a Primal Health home!”