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Make Great Primal Meal Plans with Primal Recipe Bingo

GUEST AUTHOR – This article was provided by a contributor. Looks like a fun idea. Thanks Lily!
When creating meal plans to eat a primal diet, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with different recipes, especially when you’re under the mindset that your diet has limited your choice of ingredients. As this great bingo game will show you, however, often all you need to be able to stay on the diet is a helping hand.

Just like the primal diet, bingo has been around for centuries, and it’s often gone overlooked. Recently however, it’s seen an unprecedented resurgence, with the BBC reporting that the number of online bingo sites in the UK had grown from merely 20 in 2004 to over 350 in 2012. UK retailer Iceland Foods joined the pack in 2012, launching Iceland Bingo after realizing that the game has become quite popular, and the Food Standards Agency has also used the game to promote healthy eating with Eatwell Bingo. Today, bingo can lend you a hand as you try to create a primal meal plan.

To start, gather a list of 25 of your favorite primal recipes. Next, use an online bingo card generator like the one on osric.com to create your Primal Recipe Bingo card. Following the instructions, you should have something like this:

Next, number each item on the card until you have five rows of items numbered 1-5. To play, at the start of the day, roll a die for each row of the bingo card, and take note of the item that corresponds to the number you rolled. The challenge now comes in being able to use the items that you chose during the game in your meals throughout the day. If you roll a 6, feel free to choose any of the recipes in the row you were rolling for. Before you know it, you’ll have mastered a collection of recipes without even realising it!

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