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Nicholas’ Depression led to Pneumonia & Glandular Fever

Nicholas' Depression led to Pneumonia & Glandular Fever

Nicholas’ Depression led to Pneumonia & Glandular Fever

My name is Nicholas Fairbairn.

  • I have had chronic depression and anxiety
  • I healed myself from Pneumonia
  • I healed myself from Glandular Fever (Mono)
  • I was overweight
  • I was addicted to alcohol and sugar
  • I had chronic neck and back pain

Normally when you see people talking about depression or articles on depression, you see someone with their head in their hands not knowing what to do with the world. For me it was completely different. I still went to work, went to social events and lived life. Realistically I did not even know I was chronically depressed. I just got unhappier and unhappier as each day went on. I never went to a doctor for them to tell me I was depressed.

The way I can describe it is I just lost my pizzazz, I didn’t feel like I was really me, life was a struggle – even things that should have made me happy didn’t anymore. However I still carried on with life and at the time just thought being happy was for special occasions. I always put on a show that I was living the dream.

I put this show on for everyone until the show was cancelled.

At the age of 25 on Australia Day, I was partying like a rock star. I passed out super early and couldn’t get out of bed the next day. I was unbelievably sick, the sickest I have ever been. I fell ill with Pneumonia and Glandular fever. I went though the modern medical system, and after months of going to doctors, having x rays, numerous different types of antibiotics, my condition continued to worsen. At the age of 25, I thought I was going to die.

Through this sickness I was at an all time low. It was honestly the worst I had ever been. Life just seemed useless.

At this stage a good friend suggested that I see a CHEK Practitioner named Rhett Strauss, who literally brought me back to life using the CHEK principles to guide me to health and well-being. I cannot thank him enough. Three years later, I am my vibrant self again.

Depression is not an easy thing for a guy to go through.

We are supposed to be macho and not show our feelings. When we are sick we are supposed to man up. However, depression makes you feel like you are weak and you have failed.

One thing I have learned from my experience with depression is it’s ok to be depressed. You may be thinking, what do you mean its ok to be depressed?

Hear me out. If your body is toxic, you are not fueling your body correctly, you are not in the company of people that truly care about you, and each day you wake up you are not doing what you love doing. Plus you batter your body and never get much rest. Why wouldn’t you be depressed?

The thing I want you to know is there is nothing wrong with you. You are fine just the way you are.

You are depressed because you are not living the way you want to live.

So let’s change this.

How? It’s easier than you think. For starters, I would recommend eating real food. Get rid of the four white devils: processed dairy, flour, salt and sugar.

Drink more water – you will be amazed at the power of hydrating your body. If your body is toxic, water will help get rid of these toxins the way they are supposed to –  through your bowels.

Start making small steps each day.

I was so low and so down on myself that I was forced to change. There were three options I could think of:

1) Suicide. That wasn’t really my thing. It briefly crossed my mind but I brushed that idea.

2) Keep being depressed. That didn’t sound like fun either.

3) Change. Now this was the scariest of all. What happens if I fail? Then I thought, what have I really got to lose, so i gave it a go.

Its hard to make drastic changes as when you are depressed it takes so much energy to change and if you were like me you felt like you had no self worth so why bother. However small changes are not so bad. I made little changes each week. I would think to myself I don’t need to feel as depressed as I did yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I was still depressed, just not as much. Then each day it got better and better until, wait for punch line…I was happy. It hit me one day that I loved myself and love life.

When you are depressed you actually have quite a strong sense of what makes you unhappy. The simple solution is stop doing what your doing and change. You certainly do not need to listen to me or anyone else. You have the power to do this. You are amazing. If you do not get anything else from my little rant just take on this one sentence “You are amazing You are Worth it” do not let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

I look back on this illness now as a positive experience because it has given me the chance to have a thorough understanding of health and life. Once I had energy again and my spirit started to come back to life, I noticed the majority of people around me and in society were depressed, overweight, sick and just generally unhappy with their lives. I decided that helping people become as healthy and happy as me was something that I wanted to do, and started my studies with, of course, the CHEK institute. This has been an amazing journey and I have a real passion for learning and hope to have positive influences on all that cross paths with me. The journey still continues 🙂

Nicholas’ Depression led to Pneumonia & Glandular Fever – February 2013


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