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Parasites 101

Parasites 101

Parasites 101

Don’t freak out, but you should know it’s very possible that you have a parasite. You may only think of parasites as something that gives you diarrhea on holiday in a tropical third-world country, but actually, parasites are just as rampant in the Western world, and are related to illness and disease of ALL kinds. Yes, even we, your gurus for all things Primal, have both had parasites that have significantly affected our health.

Parasites have been a subject of interest for many years now, especially since Brad started studying the work of Paul Chek and obtaining many certifications as a CHEK Practitioner. To learn more about parasites, we met with a legend in the world of Parasitology, Dr. Omar Amin. He’s the Professor of Parasitology and founder of the Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI) in Scottsdale, Arizona. Arizona just happened to be our last stop on a 7 month world trip, and we knew that we had certainly picked up some new bugs whilst traveling in Japan, Europe, Mexico and the USA. We left Dr. Amin’s office with a wealth of new information AND a specially formulated botanical remedy to give us relief from our own parasites. Brad has had issues with pinworms/threadworms on and off for many years and Bex more recently with Dientamoeba Fragilis.

Bex, Dr.Omar Amin and Brad at his home in Scottsdale Arizona.
Bex, Dr.Omar Amin and Brad at his home in Scottsdale Arizona.

Symptoms of Parasite Infection

The most common indicators that you may have a parasite are: diarrhea, constipation, bloating, cramps, indigestion, mucus, fatigue, nausea, skin rash, dry cough, headaches, allergies, joint pain, memory loss, and brain fog.

But it hardly stops there. Other symptoms can include:

Abdominal pain, lethargy, excessively dry or itchy skin, itchy nose or anus, depression, chronic mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, waking a lot during the night, grinding teeth during sleep, inability to lose or gain weight, uncontrollable hunger OR loss of appetite, muscle pain or cramping, numbness of hands and/or feet, arthritis, fast heartbeat, bad breath, excessive body odor, anemia, hypoglycemia, sexual impotence, yeast and urinary tract infections, cysts and fibroids.

How do parasites cause illness and disease?

They take nutrients away from their host (you, in this case), and produce toxic waste called mycotoxins. Parasites can occur anywhere in your body – every organ, tissue and even in your blood – and they can cause symptoms that mimic other disorders. So you may have been treated by your doctor for many different problems over your lifetime, but because they were never diagnosed as being parasite related, the parasitic infection may continue to affect your health in various ways.

How do we get parasites?

Parasites are all around and can enter your body through food, water (drinking/touching), insects, air, pets, people and soil. There’s no use worrying excessively about trying to avoid them, but there are lots of simple sanitary precautions and lifestyle habits that will minimise your risk of contracting a parasite, such as washing your hands and vegetables, drinking filtered water, chewing your food well, avoiding antibiotics, taking care of your digestive system, and not biting your nails or kissing your pets. In general, the stronger your immune system is to prevent parasites creating a home within your system, the better the chance you have of preventing them from getting too comfortable within your internal environment.

How do you know if you have a parasite?

If you are suffering from some of the symptoms above, take this Parasite Questionnaire. If your score is 15 or higher, parasites may be affecting your health.

It would be wise to then contact PCI directly or an integrative doctor or naturopath for further consultation and possible lab testing. The ‘Full GI Panel’ is the number one test Dr. Omar Amin offers.

One thing to be aware of with parasite testing is that results can often be inaccurate. You may get an incorrect negative result, as many types of parasites are not detected by common stool tests, and parasites are cyclical so may not show up every time. Or you may get an incorrect positive result as undigested food particles can look like certain parasites, as you can see in these parasite test photos at the bottom of the page. For this reason, it’s best to test with experts in parasitology, such as PCI. Or if your symptoms have been chronic for a long time, then consider starting parasite treatment even if your test results are negative. As Brad has learned from Paul Chek, there are over 1000 parasites that can affect the human body. Common stool tests may only test for 9-12 of the most common ones.

How do you treat a parasite infection?

The million dollar question. Even when people finally discover that a parasite is the cause of their problems, figuring out how to safely and effectively treat the infection can be an even bigger challenge.

Parasites are often treated with antibiotics, but these drugs are harsh on your system, weaken your body, and kill off the beneficial bacteria in your system which helps keep the parasites at bay in the first place. So the parasite may go away for awhile after antibiotics, but re-infection is common. A vicious cycle, really.

Bex experienced this personally when she took antibiotics to treat her Dientamoeba Fragilis. Her parasite seemed to go away, and symptoms were temporarily relieved, but have now returned. We also learned from Dr. Amin that D. Fragilis is a type of parasite that ‘sits on the line’, so often only an immune compromised person will show a positive result. So maybe her parasite never actually left.

Dietary changes
Following a primal diet of real whole foods is definitely key in preventing and treating parasite infections. However, once the infection is deep and long-lasting (usually when the symptoms get worse/obvious), most people find dietary changes alone can’t treat the parasite problem. You can be assured, however, that if you take a medical or botanical remedy but don’t also change your diet and lifestyle, parasite reinfection is very common.

Natural Remedies
For years, we have tried using many natural anti-parasitic substances as part of level 3 and 4 of our Primal Cleanse. These include oregano oil, wormwood, detox teas, Naturopathic Tinctures, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Diatomaceous Earth. Other known remedies are black walnut hulls, cloves, pumpkin seed oil, garlic, neem, thyme, and marshmallow root. However, knowing how to use these properly, in what combination and proper dosages is really just a guessing game for people like us. And we’ve heard that many of the expensive commercial formulas in the shops don’t work very well. Dr. Amin also warns, “The body understands and wants consistency. When you try too many things all the time, it confuses your body.”

This is what we are currently taking for our parasite infections

Needless to say, we were really excited to meet a holistic-minded parasitologist who has worked hard to create completely natural and plant-based formulas which are helping thousands of people all over the world get relief from their parasite infections. We decided to take Dr. Amin’s formulas, called Freedom, Cleanse, Restore, for 3 months. At the time of writing, we’ve been taking it for 2 months.

Freedom, Cleanse, Restore parasite protocol.
Freedom, Cleanse, Restore parasite protocol.

As mentioned, we’d just returned from traveling the world for 7 months. We could certainly recognise the return of our previous parasitic symptoms, so we are looking forward to seeing how this remedy works for us. If Dr. Amin’s credentials and the testimonials are anything to go by, we think we’ve found a winner.

Note: We do not receive any commissions for mentioning this remedy, and are not qualified to prescribe anything to you. We simply believe in natural health solutions and are happy to recommend good ones when we find them!

Dr. Amin told us that this treatment is designed to work for all known species of parasites, including single-celled organisms, worm parasites, fungus and pathogenic bacteria. However, he greatly advises parasite testing to be sure that your symptoms are parasite related and also to see what type and how chronic the infection is, to regulate dosage and length of treatment.

He recommended no less than 3 months of taking the remedy, which may seem long to you and so many of us who are used to quick fixes. But the body is complex, and slow and steady often wins the race, especially when it comes to healing.

When you might have to keep your parasites

Dr. Amin corrects us when we say ‘eradication’, as there is no such thing. Only homeostasis, or balance. If we can keep parasites at low levels (and our system strong), they don’t cause problems.

You see, our bodies are designed to live in balance with low levels of foreign bacteria, which we accumulate from our environment after birth. It is only when this relationship becomes ‘imbalanced’ – that is beneficial for one but detrimental to the other – that it becomes parasitic.

In some instances, however, Dr. Amin warns that fungus and parasites can actually be beneficial to your body and should not be treated yet. The example he gives us is of Candida, which can be very harmful to the body. However, candida protects against heavy metal poisoning by metabolising the heavy metal and carrying it out of the body. So people with heavy metal poisoning would actually benefit from having candida!

It gets worse before it gets better

As often occurs in healing, once you start a remedy, you may feel worse at first. As your parasites die off and your body slowly flushes them out, you may experience more severe symptoms such as sharp intestinal pains or cramps, fatigue and grogginess, nausea, swelling, and foul smelling gas. Be assured that this is only temporary and is actually a good sign – it means that the remedy is working! Relief is on the way :). Brad has had this happen several times during our Primal Seasonal Cleanses, resulting in large amounts amounts of inflammation and swelling around the lymph node areas, and even the face.

Whatever you do, don’t discontinue the remedy as soon as you start feeling better. The danger is that there is still a residual population of parasites which can mutate into drug-resistant strains which are extremely hard to treat.

Paul Chek’s ‘Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections’

If you want to know more, save yourself thousands of dollars in course fees that Brad has spent learning about this stuff from CHEK Institute courses, and go straight to Paul Chek’s DVD series to give you all you need to know about Parasites. Well worth the investment.

Have you had a parasite and have some pertinent information to share with the Primal Health community?


Parasites 101 – 2015

  • Heather
    Posted at 15:20h, 11 March

    Hi Bex, I just had a look at Dr Amin’s site and am really interested in the FCR, but the shipping is $163 to Aust. Do you know of any other options?

    • Bex
      Posted at 20:25h, 11 March

      Hi Heather, we only paid $30 for shipping to Sydney, Australia. If the website is telling you such a high price for shipping, I highly suggest you call PCI directly (use Skype), as that pricing is incorrect. They are extremely friendly and helpful in the office. Hope you get it sorted and get your FCR!

      • Samantha Wyatt
        Posted at 07:14h, 08 April

        Hi Bex! Thanks for sharing these articles on parasites – has been SO helpful. I took your advice here and actually called PCI office just now, because I too got quoted online $174 shipping, but when I called the gentleman I spoke to told me there is no difference in postage price and that whatever the website says is the cost of shipping is what I will have to pay. Can you suggest what I could do in this case? Or is there no other option but to pay the shipping…?

        • Bex
          Posted at 16:16h, 08 April

          Hi Samantha, That’s strange, it shouldn’t cost so much for shipping! And we surely didn’t pay that. I will call PCI and see what’s happening, as we recommended their product and would love people in AUS to be able to afford this product.

          • Samantha Wyatt
            Posted at 22:53h, 08 April

            Ah thanks Bex, would greatly appreciate that! Really want to order a 3 month course for myself and my fiancé, so any help on that shipping price would be absolutely amazing! xSam

          • BradR
            Posted at 13:58h, 14 April

            Hey Samantha. I’ve contacted Dr. Amin, and his son Karim is on the case and will be replying in these comments soon with more details about a reduction in postage costs.

  • abc
    Posted at 07:59h, 12 March

    Great article Bex. We need more doctors like this in Australia who know their stuff. I really do believe environmental / functional medicine practititioners are practicing medicine on a level that all medical practitioners should be. I have gone to some gps who just have no idea about parasites or would not even think to test for nutritional deficiencies, etc. If we don’t absorb all the good stuff from our food, our bodies become weak and we get things like allergies, food intolerances, parasites, etc. Even though I eat very healthy, I have nutritional deficiencies due to malabsorption issues that need to be corrected. Too often I see people (including myself) who have had parasites that develop food intolerances and other such issues mentioned above. I avoided going to a dietician because while elimination diets are a good way to work out what foods your body is sensitive to, I think it is important to get down to the bottom of WHY that is happening (for example, candida, deficiencies, etc.)…not just avoiding those foods forever, as some people do. I also know that so many dieticians out there (from having worked with lots of children who have allergies and intolerances) still say it is okay to eat foods like cereals, processed dairy, sugar, soy, etc. even though they are avoiding things like additives, colours, preservatives, gums, etc. I am currently studying natural health sciences and I can definitely say that from my own research (even though I am not qualified yet), and from the advice of my doctor that these foods are not healthy and make your body weaker and / or can add to your health issues. Thanks again for your honest hard work and this important information that can help others.

    • Bex
      Posted at 19:22h, 12 March

      It is my pleasure and I am so grateful for your input and feedback!

  • Paige
    Posted at 20:02h, 09 April

    Hi Bex, I am looking at doing the Dr.Amin protocol I just wondered if you have an update after completing the 3 months? Also would be keen to know about the postage that Heather was asking about?thanks in advance for any help!

    • BradR
      Posted at 13:59h, 14 April

      Hey Paige. I’ve contacted Dr. Amin, and his son Karim is on the case and will be replying in these comments soon with more details about a reduction in postage costs.

    • BradR
      Posted at 14:00h, 14 April

      Hey All. Due to the amount of comments we get on the D Fragilis page and this page, I’ve invited Karim from PCI to help answer you questions. Expect to hear from him soon!

    • Bex
      Posted at 16:27h, 20 April

      Hi Paige, I’ve just answered the same question for Erin, so hope that helps. After becoming far too stressed over treating my dis-ease, I’ve changed my tact completely. Thoughts are #1, so I’ve taken my focus away from what I don’t want, and keeping my focus on having my best life every day and loving my body, niggles and all. 🙂

  • Erin Roberts
    Posted at 11:36h, 13 April

    Hi Bex – Did Dr. Amin’s remedy work for your D. Fragilis? Just recently diagnosed and my naturopath mentioned his remedy as a possible option vs the antibiotics? Curious if it worked! Thanks, Erin

    • Bex
      Posted at 16:26h, 20 April

      Hi Erin,
      After several months of a more relaxed mindset and really living my truth/a grateful and contented life, eating what my intuition tells me (and not feeling guilty for eating things on my previous NO list), eating fish oil capsules, taking digestive bitters occasionally AND taking the Freedom, Cleanse, Restore, I feel pretty awesome. My face rash has slowly been disappearing and is now almost gone, and I still get gut reactions, but only when I eat things I know inflame it, so that’s a no-brainer. 🙂 It’s hard to know if Dr. Amin’s remedy has been the main cause of my rash disappearing, or if it’s a combination of things, but my intuition tells me his remedy was an integral part of it. I realised that the last couple years, I was too focused on the dis-ease itself, the parasite and gut issues – and what I focus on is always what becomes stronger! I am not going to test myself for parasites again right now as I’m really out of the disease-treating mindset right now. And that’s the best treatment I can think of to recommend!

  • Karim Amin
    Posted at 04:41h, 09 May

    We at the Parasitology Center, Inc., based in Arizona, USA, would like to make our exceptional product “Freedom, Cleanse, Restore” available to our friends in Australia at discounted rates. I have developed a couple of promo codes that will help reduce your costs. When you order that product, at check out you will have the option to enter in a promo code. First enter “10FCR”, that will give you 10% off the cost of the product. Then click “apply”. You will see the discount applied. Next, enter the promo code “AUS30”. That will give you a 30% discount on shipping costs. This discount will show up on the next screen after you click “apply” and then “checkout” and finally “next”. If you have any questions please feel free to click the “contact us” link on the bottom of every page on our website, and we will be happy to take care of you. Cheers!

    • BradR
      Posted at 14:36h, 11 May

      Thanks Karim! Awesome news for people outside of the North American region where postage can add up. Highly recommend these supplement guys.

    • Nigin Jacob
      Posted at 11:58h, 26 May

      Hi Bex. Hi Karim. My name is Nigina Jacob. First, this Primal Health website is very helpful. So many great articles. You are doing a great job running this website. Thank you! I want to thank you Bex for writing and sharing your own experience. It’s super helpful for those of us who also have D Fragilis. I have also been diagnosed with dientamoeba fragilis and due to this I am very interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Amin at the Parasitology Center in Arizona. I have the same symptoms and have been trying to meet with Dr. Amin. I have wrote the lab and sent emails but no answer yet. Brad or Karim, is it possible for you to help me contact Dr. Amin? Thank you so much for your help!

      • BradR
        Posted at 09:30h, 31 May

        Thanks Nigina! Have you called him yet? The Primal way of communication before email 🙂

        Go here:

      • Scott
        Posted at 03:28h, 02 June

        Hello Nigina,
        Dr. Amin does not offer patient consultations. If you would like to test with us simply purchase any of our tests online and we will ship you the appropriate collection kits.

  • BradR
    Posted at 12:11h, 20 July

    Hey guys. Comments are disabled on this post now. There is a mass of information here and the purpose is NOT to overwhelm people. Please BUY Paul Cheks DVD series or contact Dr Omar Amin for more information.

  • Bex
    Posted at 15:37h, 12 January

    Hi everyone! I’ve had more life-changing insights on my gut situation, parasites, my skin and everything related to it, and have written about in my latest article, At the end of the article I list all the things that I truly feel are the absolute keys for me in managing parasites, gut issues and skin disorders. I really hope it helps you too! Much love xo Bex

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