Primal Seasonal Cleanse

At the beginning of every season, we give our bodies two to four weeks of tender loving care, in the form of a cleanse. Think of it like a spring clean. Instead of vacuuming around the furniture and ignoring those hard to scrub spots, we really give the place a thorough cleaning and throw out unwanted clutter. Similarly, we help the body get rid of built up toxins, clear the mind of stress and negativity, and then replenish our nutrition stores for the new season. Whether it’s your 1st time or 15th time cleansing, your body will love you for it. Four times a year, this is a great time to give your digestive system and overall health that extra care.


Why Cleanse?

– Remove toxins from your body and your personal environment
– Transition from disease to health
– Create an awareness on how you take care of yourself
– Educate yourself about nutrition, health and lifestyle
– Reconnect with the changing of the seasons
– Prepare your body for the different weather, food available and seasonal sickness

The Benefits of a Cleanse

– Feel nourished, hydrated and rejuvenated
– Increased awareness of your health (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual)
– Repairs digestive system, hormonal system
– Addresses chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disorders


True health is living in sync with nature and the changing seasons
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How to Cleanse

There are many approaches to cleansing. We use a ‘gut gardening’ approach taught to us by a respected naturopath in Sydney. It consists of a ‘weeding’ phase followed by a ‘seeding’ phase. Pull out the harmful weeds, then plant more seedlings for new life to grow. The goal of the weeding phase is to eliminate the bad bacteria / parasites and fungus within our system. Then in the seeding phase, we replenish the good bacteria in the stomach, and heal the lining of the stomach. How long each phase lasts depends on your level of toxicity and the amount of time and energy you can invest in a cleanse.

2 Week Cleanse: 1st week = weed      2nd week = seed
4 Week Cleanse: 1-2 weeks = weed    3-4 weeks = seed

In the weeding phase, we eliminate certain foods from our diet in order to starve any bad bacteria in our body, so they can no longer survive. We also drink a detox tea made by our Naturopath with specific roots and herbs that assist the detoxification. During the seeding phase we switch from drinking detox tea to drinking a probiotic, in order to replenish the colon with beneficial bacteria necessary for proper digestion. Relaxation techniques, extra sleep, and a break from strenuous exercise also give the body a nice rest and rejuvenation during this time. Other cleanse rituals may include epsom salt purges and colonics, for when we need an extra thorough clean-out.

Lastly, we assess our current health resolutions or goals, then set new goals for the next season.
Here’s an example of what your seasonal goals may look like:

Seasonal Primal Cleanse / Detox to Cleanse Your Colon

1st Month
a) Find local organic food sources.
b) Buy a Brita Water filter or PiMag Water Filter.
c) Exercise less at night and more in the day time.

2nd Month:
a) Get to bed earlier than 10:30pm.
b) Reduce alcohol intake from nightly to once a week.
c) Eat leftovers for breakfast instead of cereal.

3rd Month:
a) Get a colonic.
b) Make my own yogurt.
c) Remove Mercury Amalgam Fillings.

Receive our FREE Seasonal Cleanse Manual each season simply by joining our tribe as a free member! Includes step-by-step instructions for each phase of the cleanse, allowable food lists, sample menus, symptoms to be aware of, and ways to vary the cleanse for beginner, intermediate and advanced cleansing.

Yours in health,

Brad & Bex

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16 Replies to “Primal Seasonal Cleanse”

    1. Hi Russell, thanks for your contributions to our facebook community! I will personal message you via facebook or email for more cleanse details. Glad to have you join us!

  1. Hi Bex and Brad, can you send me some details about the seasonal cleanse, as you know I’m a member of your tribe, and I want to start with a seasonal cleanse for 2 weeks maybe 4 weeks depends because in March we have a lot of birthdays coming gr. Desiree

    1. Don’t worry Desiree. If you are a Tribe member (website member) and you also clicked on the subscription link to our newsletter in a confirmation email, then when we send it this Friday 15th February (2013). You’ll get a nice PDF full of everything you need to know 🙂 Hope you are well! Been enjoying YOUR FB posts.

  2. Hi !I love your facebook page and just joined the tribe.i would love to start the seasonal clense this Monday could you please send me more info on how to do it.thank you.Tania (

    1. Hi Tania, Great to hear you are a fan and tribe member and ready for a cleanse! We have just sent you am email with the seasonal cleanse PDF which has all the info you’ll need for a fantastic cleanse.

  3. Well as Promised, I did the Seasonal Primal Cleanse level 2 – At first it was difficult to cut all grains, and instead of Anthia’s Detox tea (we don’t have it in Holland) I use Flor Essence contains: Burdock root, sheep sorrel herb, slippery elm bark, watercress herb, Turkish rhubarb root, kelp, blessed thistle herb, red clover blossom – all pure and natural. My cleansing experiences: at the weeding time I had some headaches and musclepains (back) but after a view days it did get better and I didn’t felt the need to eat some chips or sweet drop (licorice candy), some nasty habits of mine… Well I intend to do this more often and I want to thank my friends from Primal Health (Brad and Bex) for sharing their knowledge xx gr Desiree

    1. Well done, Desiree! Isn’t it amazing seeing your body go through those changes? Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the cleanse, which will help other readers get an idea of what to expect.

  4. Hi, I’ve just discovered your facebook and website and signed up, would it be possible to get details of the cleanse?

    1. No worries, Sam. We will send out the cleanse again this weekend to all new subscribers, so no one misses out. Great to have you join us!

  5. I just joined as a tribe member, will I still get a copy of the cleanse manual for spring? I’d like to start ASAP. Cheers, Michelle

    1. Hey Michelle! As usual we’ve had a big influx of new subscribers since we posted our weekly Wednesday newsletter with the cleanse PDF this week. So, we will send it again tonight (Friday Sydney time), so look out in your inbox!

    1. Hi Virgina! ‘Join our Tribe’ as a free member to receive our seasonal cleanse manual each season. We are nearly done with this seasons cleanse right now, so the next one will go out to all members before the start of Winter (U.S./Europe/Canada) / Summer (Aus/NZ/S.Amer). Follow the ideas in this article if you want to do a beginner cleanse in the meantime. Try taking 1-2 weeks off sugar, alcohol and/or caffeine (weeding), followed by 1-2 weeks of incorporating more vegetables and/or probiotics into your daily diet.

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