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Primal WOD! – Workout Of the Day

Primal WOD! – Workout Of the Day

Needs some ideas on how to move your body outdoors in nature, with minimal equipment? Check out these YouTube videos I’ve made to keep you on your toes!

Primal WOD – 11/7/14
Turkey, Antalya, Park & Sea Workout

– Bodyweight Dips
– Picnic Bench Jumps
– Bar Muscle Ups or Chin Ups
– Human Weight Back Squats
– Sea Swim

Repeat x 3 rounds!

Primal WOD – 7/6/14
Turkey, Pammukale, Hotel Workout

– Kid Back Squat to side lunge combination
– Kid Weighted Pushups
– Chin-Ups
– Kid Weighted Run

Repeat x 3-5 rounds!

Primal WOD – 19/6/14
Greece, Kythera, Forni Beach

– 15 rock squat push press (aka thrusters)
– 30 metre swim
– rock climb razor sharp rocks then rock jump
– 50 metre swim
– run 50 metres

Repeat x 3-5 rounds!

Primal WOD! – Workout Of the Day

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