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Sam Discovered There is More to Health Than Being Thin

Sam Discovered There is More to Health Than Being Thin

Sam Discovered There is More to Health Than Being Thin

“Sport and exercise have always been a significant part of my life. Motivation to exercise has never been an issue for me however boredom definitely plays a role in the consistency of my training. I have invested a lot of time and money over the years counting calories, trying various fad diets and always trying to get to my goal weight ‘under 60kgs’. I used to follow a strict low fat diet and trained hard however never seemed to be able to lose the extra weight. Most of my training was anaerobic / interval based. I believed stretching was a waste of time and weights would make me bulk up.

Sam Mancini - Triathlon | Weight Loss | Functional Training

A friend of mine recommended Brad and after looking through his website, I was certainly interested in his holistic / dynamic approach to training. I read through some of the success stories detailed on his website. I was inspired by the people featured in the articles and was intrigued as to how they achieved their lifestyle / fitness goals.

During my initial sessions with him, I was asked to complete several questionnaires relating to my current lifestyle. I have to say, I was shocked at the poor results I got in many areas of my health. It was a big reality check that there is more to health and fitness than just being thin. My flexibility, digestion and general energy levels scored poorly. I also had reoccurring pain in my neck and knees which was limiting the activities / sports I could participate in.

During my initial sessions, Brad also asked me to complete a food diary and recommended I look at the various aspects of my social life that could be sabotaging my weight loss goals. i.e. the amount of alcohol I consumed and the amount of rest I gave my body to repair itself. I did not believe that a few drinks on a Friday and Saturday night could make a difference, however I believe eliminating alcohol from my diet to be a major factor in obtaining my weight loss goals.

My initial program with Brad was based on flexibility, core strength and sport specific weight training. The exercises included in the program were challenging, dynamic and motivated me to work hard in order to progress to the next level. In between sessions Brad was always available to assist me with any questions / hurdles I have come across in my training program.

Brad’s knowledge, dedication and support are truly inspirational. Since training with him, I have incorporated regular weight training into my exercise regime, made time for stretching (love that foam roller), introduced more FAT (heaven forbid) into my diet and reduced my alcohol consumption. The pain I was experiencing in my neck and knees is nearly gone and my posture has improved significantly. I recently completed my first Olympic length triathlon and managed to get through an entire rowing season injury free.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I also managed to lose that stubborn 10kgs and feel fantastic.

Thanks Brad for all your help and support!”

Sam Discovered There is More to Health Than Being Thin – April 2015

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