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The Effects of Magnesium and Calcium on Blood Quality After Beer and Coffee

FREE YOU TUBE VIDEO – Duration: 2:19min Want to see something really cool? Look at how powerful magnesium and calcium are on the blood stream! My friend Maz Compton and I are at it again, this time to show the positive effect that a supplement called ‘7.2 – Recovery’ can have on your blood, after the […]


How Beer and Coffee Affect Your Blood Quality

FREE YOU TUBE VIDEO – Duration: 2:59min Brad and his friend Maz Compton show what effect beer and coffee instantly have on your blood measured using Dark Field Microscopy. If you really love beer and coffee perhaps you shouldn’t watch this! If you do watch it, I think you’ll question how regularly you will now consume it, […]


How Meditation Improves Your Blood Quality

FREE YOU TUBE VIDEO – Duration: 3:38min See how a simple 5 minute meditation improves the blood quality of Brad and his friend Maz Compton, measured using Dark Field Microscopy. Meditation has long been seen to produce many benefits to the mind and body. After you see this video, I think you’ll be wanting to […]


Celebrities Loving the Primal Approach


Catherine Hikari – Radio Personality | Inter FM | Client in Japan “I definitely don’t get my painful backaches anymore. I used to get them once or twice a week at least. Sometimes I would almost cry just trying to get home from work because it would hurt so much. Regular exercise has really made […]