Does Your Body Need a Reset?

As you know by now, Primal Health is about so much more than food and working out. It’s also about following your dreams and passions and pursing the things that bring you joy.

That said, having a solid plan for nutrition and exercise are and will always be a vital part of life.

When I travel and visit my family and friends for the holidays and travel to new countries, I love to indulge in my craft beers and enjoy a bit of chocolate as much as the next guy.

Hey, life is short right, and stressing about being perfect all the time can wind up being totally counterproductive.

I like to follow the principle of roughly 80/20, meaning eat and live clean about 80% of the time and enjoy your indulgences about 20% of the time.

Being back in the swing of the New Year and helping folks kickstart achieving their fitness goals, I’ve heard so much from so many that you’d just like to hit the reset button on your bodies.

I’d like to share with you this awesome video my mate in America just released.

Her name is Andrea and she’s a personal fitness trainer, private cook and nutrition coach, and even has written a book on all-natural protein shake recipes that Kaiya and Bex and I are obsessed with.

In this video she’ll give you some fantastic motivation for getting back on track to your fit body.

She does it in a way that honors the principles of primal living while acknowledging and finding a way to slip in a bit of craft beer and chocolate.

Seriously, give it a watch HERE.

I know she’s not going to keep it up for very long, so best take a look right away.


P.S. If you’re needing a little help getting back on track, check out my mate Andrea’s video HERE. It’s awesome and she will totally motivate you to get your butt back in gear.

Would you trust a woman that looks like this, with your health?? I should hope so!

Andrea Barkley
Andrea Barkley

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