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The Effects of Magnesium and Calcium on Blood Quality After Beer and Coffee

The Effects of Magnesium and Calcium on Blood Quality After Beer and Coffee

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Want to see something really cool? Look at how powerful magnesium and calcium are on the blood stream! My friend Maz Compton and I are at it again, this time to show the positive effect that a supplement called ‘7.2 – Recovery’ can have on your blood, after the negative effect drinking beer and coffee had on our blood. This was measured using Dark Field Microscopy, also known as Live Blood Analysis. Dr Ranga Premaratna from World of Health in Sydney Australia, performed the tests.

I first started using this supplement several years ago after much internal debate, as I’ve been anti supplements for many years since taking a holistic approach, when studying to become a high level CHEK Practitioner with Paul Chek. I’m still very pro ‘organic food first’, but after doing these tests many times now, I’m sold on supplements like Recovery. I’m keen to test another one soon called Keto OS. Look out for it!

Brad has made several other videos with Dr Ranga Premaratna in the past outside of this video.
– Watch here, the previous video made showing the effects of beer and coffee on blood quality!
– This video also shows the effects of a 5 minute meditation on blood quality. It’s amazing!
– Want to stop eating sugar? Watch this video showing the effects of eating jelly beans!

Check out this other video I’ve made too, showing former World Champion surfer Tom Carroll, testing the effects of Recovery with it’s ability to enhance our ability to hold our breath underwater!

As mentioned, I plan to do more tests with Dr. Ranga. The next will be with a supplement again called Keto OS.

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The Effects of Magnesium and Calcium on Blood Quality After Beer and Coffee – July 2016



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