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Trevor Lost 18kg of Fat at Age 51 by Letting Go of Old Beliefs

Trevor Richards - People Like You

Trevor Lost 18kg of Fat at Age 51 by Letting Go of Old Beliefs

Words from Brad:

I trained Trevor many years ago. I used to be a ‘Body For Life Success Coach’ before my philosophies on health moved away from supplement use and machine training.

Words from Trevor to Brad:

“Lending me the video Body of Work’ was such an inspiration. I decided after watching it to take ACTION (the key word). Hence emerged my favourite saying, ‘Life rewards action.

I knew I had to change my whole way of eating and training, and you helped me see it from a different point of view. I had to let go of old beliefs that were not serving me; this mind transformation at 51 years certainly helped the body transformation. In your words, if something is not working, try something else. It starts with courage.

I remember when you started running me on the rooftop car park next to Active Fitness Centre. What a sorry sight! I could hardly do five laps and I’d be out of breath. Sit-ups were painful, and I had trouble breathing. My body has been reincarnated. The cells in the body are constantly being replaced.

I have enclosed some photos of me for you to laugh at that you took in June this year (1999). The shorts are dusters for the car now!

I’m constantly asked the secret. Here it is.

1/ Intense desire and focus.

2/ Don’t be thrown by drama’s that will for sure occur along the way. That’s the test, these will happen.

3/ 6 meals a day. 1 portion of carbs, 1 portion of protein (a portion is fist sized). 3 litres of water. Nothing else; meaning booze and soft drinks.

4/ Do cardio first thing in the morning after fasting all night for the body will burn 300% more fat. Don’t eat until 1 hour after cardio.

5/ Weight training to failure and stretching.

6/ Cut the carbohydrates out after 6pm. This will help with fat loss.

I lost 18kg of pure fat and increased muscle. Get the right information and ACT UPON IT. Everyone’s body is different, so if something’s not working, fail fast and try something new.

Write down everything consumed each day. Water, carbohydrates, protein, fat and calories. Have a plan.

These are the basic rules. Thanks again Brad for helping me to LIVE.”

Trevor Lost 18kg of Fat at Age 51 by Letting Go of Old Beliefs – 2002

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