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What’s in Our Fridge, Freezer, Pantry and Fruit Bowl

Sunday morning means our shopping trip to the farmer’s market for samples, socializing, snacks on the grass, and most importantly, stocking up our fridge. The farmer’s market is our supermarket, and Sunday mornings is our main weekly shop, with top-ups through the week from our organic food delivery, wholesale butcher, plus bits and pieces at the grocery store. Sunday at lunchtime, our kitchen is full of fresh food and is a good time to show you what food we buy and stock regularly. It’s also a great time to be invited to our house for lunch!¬†Of course, this is a snapshot of our kitchen on one particular summer Sunday and our grocery items change regularly with the seasons, our changing tastes and needs, and as we discover new wonderful whole foods that we hadn’t tried before. You and your family are bound to have some different tastes and preferences, dietary needs, and nutritional requirements. Therefore, I hope you can use our example, not as something to copy exactly, but as a GUIDE for your own home.

QUALITY of the food listed below:

  • Animal meats are from pasture-fed, free-ranging, humanely-raised animals.
  • Bacon is nitrate free and sausages have no additives or fillers.
  • Eggs are free-range certified organic.
  • Butter and cheese is unpasteurised and from pasture-fed cows.
  • Fruits and vegetables are either certified organic or locally grown with no pesticides, herbicides, waxes or artificial fertilizers.
  • Condiments, herbs and spices, nuts and seeds are organic.

What Food is in Our Fridge

What Food is in Our Fridge:

1 kg carrots Butter
3 corn cobs Cashews or other nuts
4 zucchini Eggs
3 red capsicum (bell pepper) Pork Chops
3 eggplant Bacon
2 bunches asparagus
Big bag green beans 1 lemon
Big bag baby spinach 1 ripe pear
Big bag rocket (arugula) Ginger root
Whole butternut pumpkin (squash)

What’s on the Fridge Door:

Coconut cream Sauerkraut
Tomato paste Mustard
Tomato passata (puree) Hard-boiled eggs
Curry paste Pesto
Olives Raw Cheese


What Food is in Our Freezer What Food is in Our Freezer

What’s in Our Freezer:

Frozen blueberries Butter
Frozen spinach & kale Homemade chicken stock
Whole chicken Diced lamb neck
Pig skin for pork crackling Beef tongue

What meats we got the next day from our butcher:

Whole rump (sliced into steaks) 1 kg beef sausages
2 kg chicken wings 6 lamb shanks
1.5 kg pork leg roast

Our fruit bowl
What’s in Our Fruit Bowl:

Bananas Tomatoes
Pears Avocadoes

What's in Our Pantry
What’s in Our Pantry:

Sweet potato Shredded coconut
Onion Cacao powder
Garlic Maca powder
Raw muesli (oats) Herbal Teas
Sesame seeds Brown Rice
Coconut flour Quinoa
Coconut sugar Herbs & Spices
Raw honey Curry paste
Stevia liquid and powder Fish sauce
Baking powder Shrimp paste
Arrowroot (tapioca) flour Black strap molasses
Olive oil Balsamic vinegar
Sesame oil Apple cider vinegar
Coconut oil Dried dates

Make it a priority to always have a kitchen full of high-quality foods that excite you. Get out to your local farmer’s markets, organic food shops and free-range butchers and find the foods that delight and nourish you and your family.

Yours in health,

Bex, Brad & Kaiya

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