Functional Underwater Surf Training with Tom Carroll (Testing Recovery with Hydro FX Supplement)

Functional Underwater Surf Training with Tom Carroll (Testing Recovery with Hydro FX Supplement)

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Hey guys! Today, I am down at Curl Curl Pool (Sydney, Australia), with my client Tom Carroll and we’re going to show you some functional training for surfers. We are going to do some laps of the pool holding some kettle bells while walking under the water. So, basically it is to get us more comfortable being underwater for longer periods of time. We have 2 x 16 kg kettle bells and 2 x 20 kg kettle bells. We are also going to do a little bit of a funky test using a supplement called Recovery, to see whether or not it actually improves my ability, or my client Tom’s ability, to be able to do a little further than what we did in the first 2 laps. We will do 2 two laps unassisted, then we are going to do 2 laps using the Recovery supplement. You would have seen the amazing effects of this supplement in the tests I did with Dr. Ranga.

‘Brad’s results using Vega Testing / BERRT after taking the Recovery Hydro FX supplement’

ABOVE: ‘Brad’s results using Vega Testing / BERRT after taking the Recovery Hydro FX supplement’

We-use- 2 x 16kg-kettlebells

‘We used 2 x 16kg kettlebells’

After 2 laps, we each took 4 Recovery tablets. In this video, my red bloo0d cells under a microscope completely changed after 3 minutes from consuming the ‘Recovery with Hydro FX’ tablets. Basically Dr. Ranga said, my ability to uptake oxygen would have improved by 20%! Hence we’re testing it here today in the pool.

Tom-Carroll-in-action-on-his- 3rd attempt-to-cover-50-metres

ABOVE: ‘Tom Carroll in action on his 3rd attempt to cover 50 metres’

Check out the results in the video above! Despite this not being a proper double blind, peer reviewed study, we’ve had some fun doing it and the results were positive. I’d have thought after 2 laps, we’d both be tired and our performance would decrease in the third attempt.

Results after consuming Recovery with Hydro FX

Tom Carroll: Improved by approximately 3 metres and completed the entire length of the pool!!
Brad Rasmus: I was able to get 5 metres further!! We were both stoked.

Brad-exhausted-after-completing-his-third-attempt- improving-by-around- 5-metres

ABOVE: ‘Brad exhausted after completing his third attempt improving by around 5 metres!’

Hope you enjoyed our little experiment! Try to get more functional with your training next time you work out. Think more about what movements you do each day in your regular activity and sport. Have a bit of fun! Enjoy!

Functional Underwater Surf Training with Tom Carroll (Testing Recovery with Hydro FX Supplement)

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Functional Underwater Surf Training with Tom Carroll (Testing Recovery with Hydro FX Supplement)

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