Pruvit Keto OS Pro – 1 Month Experiment

Pruvit Keto OS Pro – 1 Month Experiment

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This is a 1 month summary of my personal experimentation using Keto OS Pro. A protein powder hybrid of Exogenous Ketones, Ketogenic Amino Acids and MCT – made by the company Pruvit.

In July of 2016, I first started consuming Pruvit’s staple product – Keto OS (Ketone Operating System) A form of Exogenous Ketones, menaing ketones made outside of the body instead of by your body’s liver. I haven’t looked back. For the first time in 3 and a half years though, I took a break from Keto OS and decided to put Pruvit’s newest product to the test.

What prompted me to create this experiment

I’m not a fan of supplements as a whole. I would much rather get everything I need using the holistic health principles that I live and teach. After testing out Keto OS years ago though, I had to eat my words. Muscle gain, sleep and mental clarity were the benefits I received the most that I could certainly not argue with. Could I receive these benefits eating a ketogenic diet? Maybe…. but my love for bananas, apples and beer will never allow that to happen!  Yes I am human! I’m very happy to receive the benefits of the state of ketosis from drinking ketones. Just like I could create a fire (ketosis) rubbing two sticks together, I have the option of using a lighter. Way easier, more convenient. I’m not prepared to be so strict with my diet.

As a result of all this, Pruvit is a company I’ve been proud to represent for the last 3 years. Just because they’ve created a new product though doesn’t mean I’ll stand by it, so I needed to do my own testing before recommending it.

My Keto OS Pro Experiment

To measure subjective ‘feeling’ measurements as well as objective physical measurements and fitness performance over the course of 30 days, from consuming 1 x serving per day of Keto OS Pro Orange Dream, without changing diet or current exercise habits unless the supplement influenced the change.

Before and after:
1/ Weighed myself on a Renpho Smart Scale.
2/ Photos
3/ Physical Test (1RM Overhead Squat, 1RM, Chin-ups, Pushups to fatigue, Crossfit WOD Annie.
I would not repeat the same exercise in the same way over the course of month.

I created pre and post test videos so people could keep me accountable!


Check out my videos on Day1 and Day 30 as well as a summary image below that.



Keto OS Pro 1 Month Experiment


  • There’s more than 30 serves in the KAN (tub). I made it 1 month and still have some left! Great value.
  • The hybrid combination certainly satiates me long enough to my first midday meal, just like Keto OS NAT does.
  • Both Orange Dream and Choc Swirl taste great. I only had access to one of the flavours for the entire month though and received the Chocolate at the end of the 30 days. I was a bit over having the same flavour though all month so if I was to do this again I’d have both flavours available to alternate.



  • I felt a bit bloated at different times over the month. Especially the first week. I haven’t consumed a Whey protein powder in many years, so whether it was bloat from the Whey (dairy) I’m not used to OR it came from stress as I attended my Grandmas funeral in week 1 (more than usual alcohol and crap food).
  • Doesn’t give me the same mental clarity and energy I get from having Keto OS NAT. If I was to repeat the experiment, I would consider using Keto OS NAT as my pre-workout and Keto OS Pro after my session as my first meal.


Overall Thoughts / Where to Purchase

I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed. The strength and fitness gains I’ve made way surpassed what I expected. I’ve been wanting to improve those fitness tests for years! Whilst I feel different physically and feel I look different, the numbers on my smart scale haven’t changed dramatically and it doesn’t worry me. I would highly recommend giving Keto OS Pro a go if you’re wanting an alternative Protein Powder! I would certainly still recommend Keto OS NAT over Keto OS Pro for energy and mental clarity.

If you’ve been sent here by another Pruvit promoter, please contact them to make your purchase, else click here to make a purchase (scroll down to page to find Keto OS Pro) and contact me for extra usage instructions and FREE support in your journey!

Keto OS Pro 1 Month Experiment – September 2019
Independent Pruvit Promoter – ID: kartel

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