Keto Reboot by Pruvit – No chewing food for 60 hours?!

Keto Reboot by Pruvit – No chewing food for 60 hours?!

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Edited 4th October 2019: Note, the products in the Keto Reboot have now changed for the better. Take note of this when you visit Pruvit’s website.

Why the heck would I do such a stupid thing? What is a ‘ Keto Reboot ‘? Great question! Let me explain through this blog. First and foremost, I looooove food. Always have, always will. Since discovering Keto OS (a type of exogenous ketone supplement) and including intermittent fasting within my diet and lifestyle, my cravings for food have drastically reduced, so when I do eat, I now really appreciate it even more. So why would I do such a thing and fast for longer?? Well, if we truly understand our Primal roots and approach we tout here on this website, the good old refrigerator, pantry and food at our beck and call, is far from Primal. Once upon a time we would sometimes go for days without food, and as a result some amazing things happen to our cells. A process called ‘Autophagy‘. Have a listen to what I talk about, and read the posts I put up, summarised from my Facebook posts I did.

Original FB post:

My update on how I’m feeling traveling back from a big day at work, whilst on the Keto Reboot. Feeling good!

Buy a Keto Reboot here or login to your Pruvit account if you’re an existing customer of Keto OS.

60 Hours Without Chewing Food?

Here’s some further information on Autophagy to make it even clearer. Have a watch.

Autophagy – Recycling Garbage from your Cells

Whats in the Pruvit Keto Reboot Kit?

Keto Reboot Morning 1:
Had a Keto Kalm tea last night before bed. Had been told it was really sweet so I split one with my wife Bex. I was surprised, it was super tasty! Not bitter at all like a lot of conventional teas, so yes sweeter but I really liked it. YES my first sleep was pretty epic. It’s already been awesome since drinking Ketones for this last year and half, but I really didn’t move an inch last night. 11pm-6:30am. Feel great!

Keto Reboot Lunch Day 1:
Damn. Pretty tasty! We love Broth and make it ourselves as it’s easy and free, but it takes time….. this is better than ours though! And is no ordinary broth! It’s got AC-11 and lots of other goodies… amazing stuff. I hear the ‘Salted Caramel’ one is better cold and the ‘Keto Thyme’ one hot. Loved the Thyme one so far!

Keto Reboot Day 1 – 2:30pm
Getting a little hungry now and a little bit hard to concentrate but not as bad as I thought it could be.

Keto Reboot Day 1 – 3pm
Ketones put me back to normal. Not really hungry at all. Had a little headache a while back at the back of my neck, then licked some salt, had some ketones and feel good.

I survived Day 1! Have a watch of this video:

Pruvit Keto Reboot – Survived Day 1!

Keto Reboot Day 2 – 6am – Around 32 hours without chewing food
Here’s my nutrition for the day. About to start with Purple Reign. If I didn’t know how much more powerful autophagy is in the absence of sugar and insulin, I would have stopped last night, but the magic happens outside of your comfort zone.

Had a swim last night prior to bed to ‘go after glycogen’ and help kickstart ketogenesis faster. In other words remove my need for running on sugar and encourage my bodies ability to produce ketones endogenously (inside my body).

10pm to bed last night. Woke up needing to piss like a racehorse! So many diruretic ketones in my system from yesterday and so much water I drank. Went straight back to sleep though. I could feel the power of the 5HTP (tryptophan – think Turkey) in the Keto Kalm tea.

Woke at 6am this morning. Not super hungry or hangry but feel ‘Ancy’ and need to do something. Harder to concentrate. Have a big day with clients today so this will be a challenge! Itching for my first Keto OS Max Now that I’ve been up a while!

Whether people read these or not, these posts for me are about journalling the journey. For someone like me to go this long without a traditional meal is huge!

Pruvit Keto Reboot Kit - Morning 6am
Keto Reboot – Day 2 – 9am
Harder to concentrate! Definitely. Can feel ketogenesis taking effect now. Starting to produce acetone breath, 1 of the 3 ketone bodies your body produces.  Just saw a picture on the back of a bus for a subway sandwich. It looked damn good!

My first client for the day, Tracey Martin, had her ketone blood monitor with her, so we decided to test my levels. Fark me!!!! Never been so high! Crazy! Optimal is between 0.5mmol/L – 3.0mmol/L so I’m more than in Ketosis. No wonder my energy has been so high and I’ve been ‘ancy’ and on edge too. Never quite felt this way. I’ve decided to have a half a Keto OS as I am though feeling a little ‘hangry’ (hungry-angry) and really just need something to sip on to keep me ok till my broth at lunch.

Keto Reboot - 4.2mmol reading!!
Keto Reboot – Day 2 – 12pm
Keto Thyme Broth! Yummy stuff. Energy has been great, mental clarity unreal but a little neck tightness now. Feel the need for some salt to lick but have another 90min at work.
Been a really cool experience so far. Might do an FB Live later.

Keto Reboot – Day 2 – 8pm
Video: Reflections on the past day after a huge work day!


Keto Reboot – Day 3 – Morning – 60 Hour Reboot Complete!
Wow. What an experience. I didn’t sleep as well last night as I woke up to go to the toilet which I rarely ever do anymore. Ketones are a diuretic just like caffeine and alcohol, which means they make you go to the toilet more! I need to start drinking the Keto Kalm tea earlier before bed to do a forced toilet stop before bed. This morning I woke up very ‘hangry’. I knew food was imminent, and I couldn’t wait. For someone like me who is already 10% bodyfat, finding fat to create ketones from is a struggle for my body! I ended up eating 2 breakfasts! One awesome thing I noticed was that some ongoing morning back pain I’d had for the last month after workouts, had completely vanished, which I was very happy about.

Basically if you’ve been having a challenge getting in ketosis, hopefully like it was for me, you’ll be getting there like never before as you saw above. Anything above 0.5 mM/dL is considered ‘ketosis’ or an elevated level of blood ketones whether produced from your liver through ketogenesis endogenously (in your body) OR received exogenously (outside the body) in the form of a drink (Keto OS MAX)!

Bex cooked up Kaiya’s breakfast and bloody hell, the smell was intense! I’ve just had breakfast and savoured every last bite!


Keto Reboot – The Next Day – Beer and Ice Cream after 60 Hours are NOT good!
Man… was I really surprised at the taste!


This was an awesome challenging journey I’m keen to repeat. Join me on the next!

If you’re keen to join Bex and I each month, purchase a kit here!

Check out this 84 year old below too who did it!

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