Two Tests Rarely Used by Traditional Doctors: Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupunture

Two Tests Rarely Used by Traditional Doctors: Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupunture

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Are you frustrated with all the doctor’s tests coming back as ‘normal’ even though you know there is something not right with your health? So many of us suffer with pain or illness for years because the doctors can’t find anything in their tests. Well suffer no more, because there are other tests out there which can be very effective at getting to the bottom of your health problems.

As you may have read in Bex’s article called ‘I Have a Parasite Called Dientomoeba Fragilis’, she had to take the next step in assessing her body with other types of doctors and tests, when our standard Primal questionnaires and the standard doctor’s blood tests weren’t helping. In this interview, Brad speaks at length with Dr. Ranga Premaratna about his unique holistic approach, and the two main tests he uses to get to the bottom of some of the nasty health issues that so many of us are suffering from.

Note: This is a loose transcription of the video ‘Two Tests Rarely Used by Traditional Doctors: Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupunture ’

Brad: G’day Primal People! It is Brad Rasmus here again. Last time, you saw me I was half naked on a table getting a colonic hydrotherapy session. Today, I am fully clothed and I am in Mosman–a suburb of Sydney at a place called ‘World of Health‘ with Dr. Ranga Premaratna. He has a PhD in Food and Nutritional Science and about 30 years experience in the field of health. He’s also got 12 years experience in laboratory research as well, so he’s got a lot of experience here that I thought a lot of you guys would be interested in hearing about, with the different diagnostic tests that he actually does.

My attraction to Dr. Ranga is more through his unique holistic approach, where he has a blend of clinical nutritional medicine, as well as Ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India and its subcontinents) and energetic modalities that he uses like Reiki, meditation and Qigong. Like what I was saying before, he uses some pretty unique diagnostic tests to be able to work out some of the unique problems that we are all presenting with these days.

Two of these tests are called Hemaview (also know as: Live Blood Analysis or Dark Field Microscopy) and B.E.R.T.T. (also known as: Vega Testing or ElectroAcupuncture). We will explain more what it is about and what they mean in a second.

Dr. Ranga, thank you for having me here. I have been looking forward to this.

Question: What is an average day in your office, what types of clients do you see, their health issues, and the tests you perform and the prescriptions you write?

Dr Ranga: I see clients of all ages and different stages of health.  Generally, what I see is very high incidence of environmental toxicity, because we are living in a very toxic environment.  Most of the people we see or patients we see, have high levels of what I call ‘toxic burden’ which is an accumulation of environmental chemicals. My practice has kind of changed more and more into looking into this toxicity and how to detoxify and how to support the detoxification systems.

The instrumentations that I use, rather than a diagnostic, I call it more a bio-energetic assessment of the cellular health. B.E.R.T.T, which is a term that I created, is called ‘Bio-Energetic Response and Resonance Test’. What we do is we send a very small electrical signal to the acupuncture meridian because the acupuncture meridians have higher electrical conductors. We send the current to the acupuncture meridian, and then we challenge the cellular membrane or the electrical membrane potential because all of those function with the electricity. Then, if we get a response back and we get a certain value which is a 50,  that means that the intracellular environment and the extracellular environment are in good health. But if we get a response under 45, that shows chronic degenerative conditions. If it is over 55, it means all are functioning.  So, we get a very good range of 20 points, so that gives me a pattern of imbalances. That way we can address that particular pattern to correct it.

In addition to that, I look at blood and I call it Dark Field Microscopy which is a traditional laboratory technique that I have used in my medical laboratories. Now, we look at the blood through that technique where we can see the red blood cells and all the blood components very clearly in a live state. So, we look at it in a very thin layer and we can see the blood moving. We can see how sensitive the blood is to oxidative stress from chemicals, and bacterial or viral infections. So, a typical day is seeing clients who come with chronic degenerative conditions, allergies, chemical sensitivities, and fat is a very common problem. So, all can be related to this fundamental problem of oxidative stress.

Brad: So, these are the two main ways that you tend to test people.
Question: With a lot of people, are you prescribing them a combination of nutrition, supplementation, and different energetic work as well?

Dr Ranga: I always include energetic work. First of all, we know that the food is the foundation. If we do not have high quality food, non-toxic organic food, we are not building the right building blocks. So the foundation is the diet and we look at it either from the clinical nutritional point of view or Ayurvedic diet point of view based on the constitution or combination. Then, once that is done, we can look at what are the additional things that we can use as nutritional supplements to correct those imbalances. Sometimes, diet is not enough because the body has gone to a completely imbalanced state away from nature. So, we need to bring it back by adding something that can detoxify it.

Question: Do you find that you are getting a lot more clients who are requiring more than just eating organic food to achieve homeostasis at least?

Dr Ranga:  Stress is a big problem. Emotional stress creates free radical damage. So, that is where the mental mind-body part comes in. So, I look at the body first, then I do a little bit of short Reiki treatment or short guided meditation to get them to experience what is it to be relaxed and what is it to have some piece of mind.

Question: With these assessments, is it possible to see instant results under the microscope or B.E.R.R.T., with food, liquid, supplementation and/or energetic work?

Dr Ranga: Yes, in energetic work or healing work, you might see results but it might take two or three sessions, it may not be immediate. What I have seen as an immediate effect is with molecular hydrogen that in 2 minutes you can see if the blood is sensitive. If it is oxidized, you can see an effect immediately. Other things might take a bit longer.

Brad: What is the validity of both these techniques and the accuracy of them?

Dr Ranga: Well, this has been based on my professional experience for the last 20 years. I had very good results and reproducible results and because I come from a laboratory research background, I use as much as possible, techniques that can prevent any artificial damage to the cells. Few studies have been done with these kinds of instruments (B.E.R.R.T. / Vega Testing) developed by Dr. Reinhard Voll, a German doctor with B.E.R.T.T or Vega testing which is both similar in using the same kind of technology.

Question: So B.E.R.T.T or Vega, was specifically made originally to quantify Chinese meridian lines?

Dr. Ranga: Yes, exactly. It is possible to detect any electrical activity in those lines. Dr. Voll has also identified meridians that are not found in the traditional Chinese medicine.

Brad: Yes, because you said that you have the possibility to be looking at 20 organ systems.

Dr Ranga: Small meridians, that are sensitive to heavy metals, chemicals, and skin—those were not found in the storage sites like fatty tissue. So, it is very useful for a practitioner.

Question: If someone outside of Sydney was interested in trying ElectroAcupuncture or Live Blood Analysis, who would they contact?

Dr. Ranga: I am a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine. They are not like a governing body but this institute does a lot of research and they would have functional medical practitioners that they could refer.

Testing B.E.R.R.T. / Vega testing / ElectroAcupuncture

Brad: Alright, so we are going to currently use the Vega Testing or B.E.R.T.T. So, what is that doing here? (referring to a metal rod I’m holding)

Dr. Ranga: That is you becoming part of the circuit.  So what I am doing first, is to show normal skin conductance. If you look at the skin, you can see a low tone, and your reading is 25. I cannot push any further as much as I can so that stops there. So, that is the level of conductance on normal skin.

Lots of low level chatting whilst lots of beeping from the machine goes on!  Refer to Brad’s results below. ’50’ is a normal baseline reading:

Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupunture

‘Brad’s results using ElectroAcupuncture / Vega Testing / BERRT’

Testing Live Blood Analysis / Dark Field Microscopy

Dr Ranga pricks my finger to obtain blood. Then we view my blood…

Dr Ranga: So, normally red blood cells are well separated but we see two things: one is that ring inside (referring to inside the Red Blood Cell) which is the oxidation of the haemoglobin, so it becomes dense and the light is refracted more. The problem is the aggregation of the cells is clumping, so we see maybe medium level of aggregation. When the cells clumped like that, that means reduced surface area for the oxygen to penetrate and for nutrients to come in. We can see quite a bit of debris around like red blood cells rupturing and it could be some kind of infection—it could be a parasitic infection or white blood cells / neutrophils have been working hard or rupturing. It could be some level of uric acid being released when you see these orange-y crystals.

Brad: So, we are going to try the supplement out now which is what Dr Ranga was talking about. It is a supplement called the molecular hydrogen, and then we are going to retest it using the Live Blood Analysis.

Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupuncture

‘Brad’s blood the first time under the microscope!’

Recovery with Hydro FX - Seven Point 2 - Molecular Hydrogen

Recovery with Hydro FX made by a company called SevenPoint2. An anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant mineral complex’

Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupuncture

‘Brad’s blood several minutes later after taking Recovery with Hydro FX!! Incredible’

Okay, so now we put my second blood drop underneath the microscope and we can see what molecular hydrogen has done for us. Learn more about the molecular hydrogen ‘Recovery’ supplement.

Dr Ranga:
How about that?

Brad: Oh my god!

Dr Ranga:  Right away we can see the difference. I have tested over 400 people now. You can see the flexibility of the cells now  squeezing through, and the annular size in the middle…

Brad: Holy s&*t! … What is that?

Dr Ranga: That is a white blood cell.

Brad: Oh, my gosh!

Dr Ranga: They become expanded. This is beautiful. I love to see this!

Brad: They are huge. That is phenomenal. That looks like a different person (a different person’s blood). I don;t feel any different though…

Dr Ranga: No. But if you are going to do some training now, you might probably do it 20% more. Now, the cells can absorb all the oxygen and they have that energy.

Brad: Wow! Time for some PB’s today at the gym! That looks completely different.

Dr Ranga: Yes, there are a lot of cells but they are not aggregated.

Brad: Geez! Just from those few tablets (4).

Dr Ranga: That is why I have never seen anything like that for 35 years in Food and Nutritional Science.

Brad: That is amazing! At least, through Live Blood Analysis, you can see pretty instant results just by taking this particular supplement (Recovery). This is the one he wanted to show because it is pretty amazing with what it does. Do you have access to any other videos to what you have done to meditation, organic or non-organic food, or something like that?

Dr Ranga: No, but that was a good idea. I have not done that but it is a good thing to try to see how the food affects the body because that is the basic foundation, and it is something that I am doing.

Brad: I think that could be a good project to do. Thank you so much for letting me try this out. This is really interesting. So guys if you are living in Sydney and are interested in doing something like this, then contact Dr. Ranga at World of Health, Mosman. Else, if you live overseas especially in America and especially in the Middle East, there is a lot of people that…

Dr Ranga: If they contact me, I can find the right practitioner.

Brad: There you go, if you come, Dr Ranga will be able to help out. Thank you very much.

We at Primal Health are huge believers in getting the nutrition you need from real whole organic food first, supplements second. Since doing this experiment with Dr. Ranga, my tune has certainly changed about the power of natural supplements.  I have been using ‘Recovery’ now for several weeks since doing this and definately feel a difference espeically in the energy I have whilst working out and duration I can train for. We are now distributors for Seven Point 2 products. Should you wish to buy Recovery and buy it through this link you will be supporting Primal Health.

Have you ever tried Live Blood Analysis or ElectroAcupuncture? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

Two Tests Rarely Used by Traditional Doctors: Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupunture

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