Visual Proof of How Dirty Tap Water Can Be

Visual Proof of How Dirty Tap Water Can Be

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Note:  ‘Visual Proof of How Dirty Tap Water Can Be’ – This is a loose transcription of the video.

Hello Primal People!

Welcome to our kitchen. Today’s little video is going to be about the importance of water. A lot of you would have already watched one (water video) of the Primal 6 videos that you have access to when you first to subscribe to and join the Primal website. This one is going to go a little bit more in depth into the water filter we actually use.

We decided a long time ago that it was pretty important for us to have the cleanest source of water that we could possibly get into our body. Because essentially from a Primal perspective, the tap water and bottled water that we drink the majority of these days, is nothing like what we used to drink accessible from the waterfalls, rivers and streams that we used to get  our water from. So we chose a brand of water filter called the Nikken Pimag and essentially, this particular model here, which unfortunately is not available anymore 🙁 (but Nikken has other models available like the Nikken PiMag Waterfall), the tap water goes through this top compartment through what’s called a ceramic filter, then it goes through the main compartment into another 6 or 7 stage filter cartridge getting rid of a whole heap of extra organic and inorganic contaminants that are prevalent in tap water. Then once the water has been filtered, sits on 2 different types of rocks. Silver stones and mineral stones.

Both of these stones contain a whole heap of fantastic minerals within them like silicon, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. The silver stones contain silver to provide an anti-bacterial effect, especially for when water is sitting in the main compartment for a long period of time. Then the water goes through a magnetic section, essentially because, I’d say the Japanese have looked at it and recreated the effect that the earth has on the water. The earth being the world’s biggest magnet with a north and south pole. You always have water constantly running across rocks within these streams and rivers and waterfalls, so this is what we’ve then found to recreate Primal water. Good clean water, mineralised, magnetised, and it tastes awesome. You really can taste the difference when you start drinking this type of water.

In Australia, this particular Nikken Pimag was almost $600 for this whole unit, but they are now cheaper with the smaller 5.5litre ones that they offer here, but they are different around the world.

Before we had something like this, we spent $30-40 at the supermarket and bought a Brita Water Filter, which is a pretty common brand around the world that you will be able to get access to as well.

Brita Water Filter

ABOVE: A Brita Water Filter. The first cheaper filter we bought and used for several years

So just know that if you are drinking tap water now, it’s way better than any soda, alcohol or coffee all the time! But if you are really wanting to improve your health, just know that things like chlorine and chloramine are put within water and swimming pools to kill off bacteria. Our digestive system is made of bacteria! So it’s pretty detrimental to always be putting this stuff into your system. On the other flip of the coin, if you are taking probiotics, or things to replenish the good bacteria back into your system, then you are contradicting yourself! So you want to filter your water. Plus fluoride is another big one as well. There are always massive debates about fluoride all around the world, but visit and you’ll learn quite a lot about why you don’t want fluoride in your water, and why the majority of Europe don’t have any fluoride in their water.

[Note: Unfortunately the PiMag products DO NOT filter out fluoride. Reverse osmosis is the only filtration system I’m aware of that does this. But it filters out everything else as well! Leaving no mineral content.]

So just to keep it simple now, I want to show you how powerful filtration can be when you get a good one like this (referring to the filter), or even another filtration system like this, such as a Wellness Filtration System, which is a lot more expensive but still does a very good job of filtering things out, so check that out too on the net if you are interested.

Look now at this ceramic filter. This yellow coloured ceramic filter is supposed to look like this brand new white filter!

Nikken PiMag Ceramic Filter

ABOVE: After 2 months our Ceramic Filter gets pretty dirty! The one on the right is brand new. We clean the filter regularly with a toothbrush and hot water, then replace it every 2 years.

This will become a lot whiter when I clean it under the tap in some hot water (with a toothbrush), but I don’t want this in my body! So there is quite a lot of crap in Sydney tap water here as you can see. We’ve drunk quite a lot of tap water around the world with the amount of travel that we’ve done, and Sydney water tastes actually pretty good (in comparison) and pretty ‘clean’ in comparison to a lot of other places, but the ceramic filter stills brings out a lot of this! (referring to the yellow crap)

So as you can see it makes a pretty big difference guys. You should definitely filter your water. If you need any more information, feel free to contact us. Note: We are Nikken Pimag representatives and receive a commission for sales. Like I said though, the Brita Filter and Wellness Filter are two brands I’d suggest you check out too. Just get filtering!

Thanks for watching!

Do you filter your tap water? If not, why? If so, what kind of filter do you use?

Visual Proof of How Dirty Tap Water Can Be – February 2016

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