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22 Outdoor Exercise Ideas

22 Outdoor Exercise Ideas

22 Outdoor Exercise Ideas

Note: This is a transcription of the intro to the video: ‘22 Outdoor Exercise Ideas’.

Hi guys,

I am in the United States at the moment at a place called Prescott (Arizona). Just had a fantastic workout at a playground nearby Watson Lake. I thought I would show you what it is that I have been carrying in my suitcase since we have been travelling, so you can see what I use for a work-out.

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1/ First thing I have is an exercise tube with handles (resistance tubing) on the end.  There are so many different brands of this that you can get. I really like this one as it’s got an encasing over the top in case it snaps.

2/ Second thing I use is a suspension training strap system. Once again there are so many of them that you can get. This one is an Australian-made one called ‘The Ultimate Instrument’. It’s very simple and it all fits inside a little bum bag or ‘fanny pack’ as the Americans call it 🙂 . It’s actually got door anchors in it as well to use in your hotel room if you don’t have access to somewhere like this. (not available for sale anymore)

3/ I also use a skipping rope, especially if I want to do a strength endurance type workout to basically just keep the movement running. Great for doing a skipping set in-between a set of exercises.

So it is really quite simple! You’ll see the videos that we have just made with the exercises that we have done. Find a beautiful area like this and go for gold.

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  • Brad Rasmus
    Posted at 12:58h, 28 April Reply

    I’ve just updated this page with links to a new suspension training brand I’m using called ‘The Human Trainer’. It’s made by a mate of mine from Canada through his business called Astone Fitness. Definitely the most robust and versatile suspension training system I’ve ever used! Check it out.

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