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Crossfit Affiliates Around The World

As a health professional, I’m a CHEK Practitioner first and foremost, but CHEK style functional fitness studios are hard to find when traveling. However, since I started working out of a Crossfit Box in Sydney, I’ve grown accustomed to the setups and equipment they provide and I love them! Crossfit Affiliates or ‘boxes’ are my favourite gym environment for a workout, and I’ve been able to find quite a few of them while traveling. Check out all the places around the world I’ve trained at, and consider visiting them if you’re in their area! The Crossfit community is awesome. Contact them and let them know where you’re from and they’ll be stoked to have you!

CrossFit Metalbox - Gothenburg - Gotenburg - Sweden

CrossFit Metalbox – Gothenburg – Sweden

Crossfit Affiliate: CrossFit Backaplan
Location: Gothenburg (Gotenborg), Sweden
Web: Facebook / Website
Brad’s Experience: I trained here in August 2014. This was another new box in Sweden run by partners in life and business, Andreas and Christel! Experienced coaches from Gothenburgs first box that opened in 2009, they decided to open their own. Small gym floor area, but with great new equipment. Ceilings were a bit low for full ring MU’s, but other than that, great rogue barbells and equipment in general. ‘Metalbox’ is named after their two loves, lifting metal, and heavy metal! We all rocked out to some hard and heavy beats before their evening WOD. They are both passionate about making CF safe and effective.

CrossFit Backaplan - Gothenburg / Gotenborg - Sweden

Crossfit Backaplan – Gothenburg – Sweden

Crossfit Affiliate: CrossFit Backaplan
Location: Gothenburg (Gotenborg), Sweden
Web: Facebook / Website
Brad’s Experience: I trained here in August 2014. It was a fairly new box so everything was gleaming like they’d just came out of the wrapper. It was a treat to use Eleiko barbells! So smooth. Owners Kaj (Kai) and Bjorn are passionate about setting up a community that focuses on safety first. They have an ‘on-ramp’ program every new must do before being allowed to participate in a proper WOD. They had everything you’d need including sleds, high ceilings, rogue bars and pumping music. Great place!

Crossfit Bink 36 - Den Hague - Netherlands - Holland

CrossFit Bink 36 – Den Hague – Holland

Crossfit Affiliate: CrossFit Bink 36
Location: The Hague, Netherlands
Web: Facebook / Website
Brad’s Experience: I trained here once in August 2014. This gym was schmick. owner Jordan was most hospitable and ran a great box. Really clean, plenty of equipment that any basic to advanced CrossFitter would need. Plenty of floorspace, outdoor area for runs and tyre flips and plenty of foam rollers and powerbands that I was always look for pre-workout to get ready. Great Dutch dance music pumped and plenty of ventilation for when things get sweaty!

CrossFit Box at CrossFit Antalya - Turkey

CrossFit Antalya – Turkey

Crossfit Affiliate: CrossFit Antalya
Location: Antalya, Turkey
Web: Facebook
Brad’s Experience: I trained here once during July 2014. Owner Ulvi, is ex-military, hence runs a tight ship and puts together a killer WOD. It’s a decent sized room that has basic CrossFit gear plus a boxing ring and ramp for sprints. Some of the equipment was needing some TLC, and the ceiling was lowish for bar and ring MU’s. He needed more powerbands boxes for box jumps too. But everything else was all good. Loud music, good atmosphere, great sesh!

Crossfi Fit 1 - Rhodes - greece

Fit 1 – Rhodes Island – Greece

Crossfit Affiliate: Fit 1
Location: Rhodes Island, Greece
Web: Facebook / Website
Brad’s Experience: I trained here twice during June 2014. Owners, Panagiotis and Aggelos were super exuberant owners of the gym that live and breathe Crossfit! The gym is part of a Spa. There is more ‘normal’ commercial gym upstairs and a small literal ‘box’ downstairs made for Crossfit. They had a basic Crossfit setup but lacked high ceilings for rings MU’s, foam rollers, powerbands and rowing machines. Great access to do the workout outside though too which was a treat!


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