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I Have a Parasite Called Dientamoeba Fragilis

I Have a Parasite Called Dientamoeba Fragilis

I Have a Parasite Called Dientamoeba Fragilis

This may shock you if you think that a primal mama like me is too healthy for a parasite. For me it’s a bit exciting because it finally helps to explain the excess weight loss and facial rash I’ve had for a year. It’s time to tell you all about what a strange year it has been…

It started with a rash

Well, really, I had plenty of digestive issues before the rash, but I had gotten quite used to the bloating, gas and occassional cramping and constipation, that I thought it was just a result of certain foods not agreeing with me. I could never seem to pinpoint which food it was though, and the bloating was getting more frequent. Then the dry pink rash spread across my cheeks. This splotchy, blemished and flaky rash developed on the inside of my cheeks near my nose. My forehead was also covered in blemishes for months, which later moved to the chin, along with some dry flakiness and pimples around the edge of my face near the hair line. Occasionally my lips get inflamed and seriously cracked around the edges. The rash sometimes looks much better and other times gets really inflamed, dry and red, though I can’t pinpoint what sets it off. My own research tells me the rash is called Rosacea, but giving it a name doesn’t help, as no one has officially determined what causes Rosacea.

I wrote about all the things that ugly rosacea rash taught me about life and myself.

Then I started getting way too skinny

I currently weigh 48 kg (105 lbs.), and can see bones protuding from me everywhere. After developing a primal diet and lifestyle, my weight didn’t fluctuate for 6 years. Even living 80/20, with the occassional ice creams, samosas and beers, I remained a healthy 55 kg (121 lbs). I only knew my weight because I donate blood regularly and they weigh you, but suddenly my clothes were falling off me and I could see my breastbones and shoulder blades sticking out in pictures. Then I saw the numbers on the scale decreasing…

Searching for the cause

Are you wondering why I don’t just get some cream to clear up my rash? Well if I did that, I would look better, but I wouldn’t know the cause of the rash, and if that cause was still damaging my insides. The rash is the main signal from my body that all is still not well. Despite my very hearty primal diet of organic meat, fruit and vegetables, I can not seem to gain back my weight. This is with no intense exercise. So for over a year, I have been fine-tuning my Primal 6, seeing many different health practitioners, taking herbs, vitamins and supplements, trying different anti-fungal protocols, and testing for and eliminating intolerance foods. None of these things eliminated the rash, stopped the weight loss, or gave indication of the cause. Yes, I am learning so much about health and myself from all of it…but I’ll get to that later.

Blood tests don’t tell much…

So far my blood tests were all pretty ‘normal’, except for high probability of celiac disease. However, I hadn’t been eating gluten for a long time (except on occassion). Though I knew that my prior gluten-filled diet had surely caused intestinal damage (and I will tell you lots more about that later too), there was something else going on. I heavily researched all of the integrative medicine doctors in Sydney and chose one with extensive experience in digestive diseases and functional diagnostic medicine. Functional diagnostics is a growing field of modern medicine which uses detailed lab work to identify the specific malfunctions in the body (causes), then a holistic approach to begin healing (rather than just treating symptoms).

I have a parasite!

After collecting numerous samples of my poo, it turns out I have a parasite living in my bowel. It’s called Dientamoeba Fragilis, and it may have been living in me, with little to no symptoms, for years. Yes, years! It is a common parasite that causes digestive distress and other health issues for many people but is dismissed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and rarely tested for. This parasite, along with gluten, has been suppressing my levels of  intestinal flora (good bacteria) and damaging my intestinal lining. The Center for Digestive Diseases says:

“Dientamoeba fragilis (D. fragilis) and Blastocystis hominis (B. hominis) are parasites which can at times infect the human digestive tract. Many of those infected are asymptomatic carriers. These parasites can, however, be associated with a range of gastrointestinal symptoms including diarrhoea/constipation, mushy stools, abdominal discomfort, bloating, gas and pain. Other symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, weight-loss, chronic fatigue, depression, low-grade fever, bloody stools and anal itching. D. fragilis has also been implicated in some cases of indeterminate colitis. Many patients may suffer for years before proper diagnosis is made and are often misdiagnosed as having Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).”

Was it something in the water?

Where I got the parasite is anyone’s guess. It is commonly transmitted in bad water, fecal matter and possibly via threadworms (pinworms), all of which I have been around at some point. Especially plenty of fecal matter in the last few years, being the mother of a 4-year-old. 🙂 Many people think you only get parasites from developing countries, but interestingly, parasites like Dientamoeba are very common in the U.S. and Australia. Personally, I travelled extensively in third-world countries, but it wasn’t until I arrived in Sydney, Australia in 2001 that I got Giardia from the tap water. But again, there’s no telling where I got the parasite, and maybe it really doesn’t matter.

Killing the parasite with drugs

Unfortunately, I was told that this parasite is extremely difficult to treat effectively through natural methods of eradication, which would have been my preference. The use of antibiotics is gut-damaging in itself, and we aim to only use them as a very last resort, which I talked about in my antibiotics article. However, the good news is that The Center for Digestive Diseases recommends a very pure antibiotic called Secnidazole (which I had to special order from a compounding chemist) which, in conjuction with another antibiotic Doxycycline, should eradicate this sucker from my gut in 10 days. I might feel terrible for a week as the parasite dies-off, but I am optimistic about my health steadily improving afterwards. I will keep you posted!

If you suspect you have a parasite

It’s best to learn as much as you can about them from experts. Paul Chek in particular is a wealth of knowledge on the subject. We highly recommend purchasing this his program called Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections“.

Even better, find a good integrative medicine doctor who uses functional diagnostics and proper testing, so you can get to the bottom of your own personal health issues. However, any doctor can refer you for the tests.

Just make sure you ask for the right test… A run-of-the-mill stool sample is not sufficient for detecting certain parasites, as the parasite doesn’t show up in every poo AND dies off easy if the poo is not preserved. For the test, you must collect poo samples from three days and keep in jars with a special liquid preservative. Your doctor will give you a testing kit and/or refer you to a pathologist (we used Histopath in Australia) to send your samples. In Australia, this test is bulk-billed through Medicare – FREE!

Angela of Natureglow had a very similar experience this year, and there are numerous helpful comments below this great article on her experience with D. Fragilis.

Resources and more information on Dientamoeba Fragilis:

Center for Disease Control – Dientamoeba FAQs
Center for Digestive Diseases – Parasites Emedicine – D. Fragilis Parasite Overview
‘Parasites Linked to Sewage Fertiliser as Stomach Bug Grips Sydney’ – The Daily Telegraph
A Gut-Full of Parasites – My Experience with Dientamoeba Fragilis
The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene – Detection & Transmission of Dientamoeba Fragilis

My Parasite UPDATE:

After 10 days of taking the antibiotics, I waited one month for full parasite ‘evacuation’ from my body, then did the parasite stool sample test again…and tested NEGATIVE for Dientamoeba Fragilis. AND while I was still taking the antibiotics to get rid of the parasite, the ugly rosacea rash on my face completely disappeared! So phase one of my healing finished – parasite eliminated – I am now onto phase two, which is healing my leaky gut.

 UPDATE #2: Just over 1 year later

During 7 months of overseas travel, I got pretty lazy with my gut healing protocol and primal diet. By the 6th month, a smaller version of the face rash was back, and the bloating and other random symptoms have returned. Is the D. Fragilis back?

For now, I’m not sure that matters. What matters is that my body is telling me to get back to my primal ways which nourish and heal my body! My perspective on parasites is changing, in part due to an amazing visit we had with Dr. Amin, a parasitologist in Scottsdale, AZ, U.S.A. Here’s everything we learned about parasites, and what we are taking for our parasites now:

Parasites 101 – my sequel to this article!

Have you ever had a parasite or suspect you may have one?

I Have a Parasite Called Dientamoeba Fragilis – July 2016


  • Sarah Hoy
    Posted at 08:59h, 28 November

    This is a great article Bex! Imagine how many people have gut parasites but can never seem to get to the root of the problem, quite scary really!

    • Bex
      Posted at 10:32h, 28 November

      So true, Sarah! At least we can share our experiences and help more people suffer less. Thanks for reading!

  • Cec
    Posted at 18:09h, 02 December

    Hi Bex, so glad the d.frag is out of your system! I think my son still has it.. dizziness, nausea, lethargy.. it;s just horrible.. and trying to feed them (my other son had it too) I am not sure if he has still, but he’s better than my 11 yr old.. DS was treated with paromomoxycin (sp) for 7 days. Do you have kids that had it too? I am wondering if the drugs you had a very harsh; as my son also has leaky gut.. it’s just awful. I have read that DNA testing is the best method; and QML have started doing it in Qld. My dr had originally done it this way but through bioscreen in Melbourne but it cost $350 each for 4 of us to be tested! Ouch; thus why I did some more research. I just want the results to be accurate. My other son has come off ECC 2 weeks ago; so I tink too early to test him again..? If anybody knows.. I just want this out of the system. 🙁

    • Bex
      Posted at 10:41h, 03 December

      So sorry to hear that your sons are suffering so badly from their parasites and digestive damage. I realise I have been very fortunate with my mild symptoms when I hear all the other stories. I am considering testing my daughter for the parasite, but have not done so yet. Also, the Dientamoeba is not out of my system yet – I am still on the meds and then after they are done, will wait one month before retesting, to ensure the parasite is gone. (that is what my doctor suggests, as the parasite can take that long to get out of the body completely) I am told that the drugs I am taking are not harsh, they are made to order, and are not a compound of various other ingredients. I’m not sure I understand what you are saying about DNA testing – the best method for testing what? For the parasites? Also, what is ECC?

      • Diana
        Posted at 11:23h, 13 June

        Hello Bix,
        Im not sure if im reading you website correctly but if I am it stated it killed the “Dientamoeba Fragilis” parasite in 10 days, so Im assuming you took the above “Secnidazole” and “Doxycyline” together for 10 days and im not sure what date that was, but later down on the comments which showed sometime today you commented :

        “Also, the Dientamoeba is not out of my system yet – I am still on the meds and then after they are done, will wait one month before retesting, to ensure the parasite is gone”.
        I am confused if the compound Secnidazole and Doxycline did not work for you and your doctor put you on something else??? My doctor wrote a prescription for Flagyl which is (Metronidazole). I have read so much about Flagyl and how sick it makes people on it and im scarred to take it ! I would appreciate it if you could tell me if the Secnidazole and Doxycyline worked for you and then you stated the Dientamoeba is not out of your system so im confused, but I really appreciate your article !
        I am wondering if you could tell me what dosage and strength, and how long (days) you took the compounded atibiotic “Secnidazole”? And I was wondering if you could tell me the dosage, strength , and how long(days) you took the antibiotic “Doxycyline” ?
        Thank you!

        • Bex
          Posted at 17:40h, 19 June

          Hi Diana, sorry for the confusion. I did take the two antibiotics together, though I’m sorry I don’t remember the dosage, for 10 days as prescribed by my functional medicine doctor. My rash cleared after only a few days. After the 10 days, I was instructed to wait one month before retesting for the parasite to ensure it was completely out of my system. The test showed that the parasite was gone. Hope that helps!

        • Vanessa
          Posted at 21:14h, 21 June

          I completed Sec 400mg breakfast , lunch & dinner along with doxy 50 mg breakfast and dinner. I won’t know year for another 3 weeks

          • Vanessa
            Posted at 21:18h, 21 June

            Ps do NOT put your body through the wasted time with Flagyl IT DOES NOT WORK
            If in Australia have you HP communicate directly to CDD centre of digestive diseases. My daughter (4 yrs old ) and I both completed antibiotic treatment her meds were stronger because she has not developed her teeth and could not take doxy

    • Michelle Watson
      Posted at 15:37h, 25 January

      Hi Cec, I would love to talk with you, my 3 year old has just been diagnosed with D. Fragilis and has been on Flagyl for 4 days. I need someone to talk to as everything I read says that I can’t get rid of this parasite. I also do not know what to feed her. Can I contact you personally? Cheers Michelle

      • Bex
        Posted at 12:30h, 28 January

        Hi Michelle, I don’t have a lot of expertise about D. Fragilis, other than what I’ve written in this article, so I suggest you talk to a functional medicine doctor or naturopath. If your daughter has just started treatment, maybe that will work for her! The antibiotics I took got rid of my D. Fragilis right away (I retested a month later, and it’s gone). However, yes, diet does play a huge role in determining what goes on inside our intestines (where the parasites live), so if you would like some guidance with anti-fungal diets which can effectively “starve” parasites, please email me at

  • Jackie Fahy
    Posted at 23:18h, 15 December

    Hi, thanks for sharing your story. My son is 14 and has chronic headaches which we believe are due to to D.Flag and Blastos H, he has been treated with Flagyl and herbal supplements. Diet changes and homeopathy saw improvements, but I gave him Combantrim and introduced some GF pasta with rice flour and he’s spiralled down again, after 5 months trying to build him up. We’ve been recommened the CDD triple antibiotic infusion when he turns 15 in five weeks – do you know if it works? Sideeffects? After setting him back with Combantrim I’m scared of doing the wrong thing. Any comments you have would be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Jackie

    • Bex
      Posted at 12:22h, 17 December

      Hi Jackie, so sorry to hear about your son. However, if you are making dietary changes and using homeopathy, it sounds like you are on the right track. I do not know about the antibiotic infusion you mentioned, but from my own research and experience with this parasite, it seems that the right antibiotics (in addition to dietary changes) might be the best way to finally get rid of these bugs. Parasites and many other intestinal problems go hand in hand with dietary intolerances and leaky gut, so I would also guess that it may have been the GF pasta that set your son back (not just the Combantrim). Gluten-free rice pasta is still a very processed food that would be difficult for your son’s system to digest and assimilate. Also, some people who can’t tolerate gluten also can’t tolerate rice, corn and other grains that have proteins which are similar to gluten. I am not professionally experienced with digestive disorders, so continue to do your own research on the antibiotics to consider in conjunction with your doctor/health professional’s recommendations. You can ask them to give you all the official drug information sheets which will list side effects and ingredients. Also, remember that the antibiotics may take care of the parasite, but at the same time will cause further imbalances in the bowel which will need to be healed with the right probiotics, fermented foods and primal diet. Let us know how you go. All the best!

  • Pen
    Posted at 11:08h, 27 March

    I’ve just been diagnosed with dientamoeba parasites and aeromonas bacteria. Nobody should have to do the multiple poo sample thing anymore – ask for a Faecal Multiplex PCR. It picks up DNA from 10 different parasites and bacteria in one go. It’s also covered on medicare, so no cost – or not via Qld Health anyway (amazing as that sounds given the decline in our health system…)

    • Bex
      Posted at 10:14h, 31 March

      Great to know, Pen. Thanks so much for that info. to help our readers!

      • Vanessa
        Posted at 19:58h, 01 June

        Hello Bex,

        I and my nearly 5 year old daughter Heidi both have Dientamoeba F. We are yet to be treated and advised to do so at the same time so as to not reinfect. Can you please send me advise or link to diet to help further eradicate this bug.

        My skin too is reacting more so with pimples ( I believe ) and as graphic as it may be when I do a bowel movement in the afternoon I feel extremely weak for a couple of hours …then I Need to lie down very fatigued. At this time I reach for chips salt crackers everyday.


        • Bex
          Posted at 13:17h, 06 June

          Sorry to hear you and your daughter have D. Fragilis, Vanessa, and I hope you get good treatment. To discourage reinfection and to ensure your digestive system becomes a better place for good bacteria instead of the bad, follow a diet that is primal as possible. This means unprocessed real animal and plant food: meats, fish, chicken, eggs, vegetables, low sugar fruits and good fats (olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, ghee, avocado, grass-fed animal fats). Minimal to no grains, dairy and sugars is best. Do the best you can with where you are are at in your healthy journey and remember that small changes are great too. Don’t stress too much about the food as the stress is just as bad. 🙂 Eating more real food with plenty of healthy fats, and fiber from vegetables will help your afternoon energy levels and cravings, but be patient as it takes time to feel the changes. All the best!

          • Vanessa
            Posted at 21:24h, 21 June

            Hi Bex thankyou for your advice we are going an organic revolution in our house! We completed our antibiotic therapy xxxx fingers we have eradicated this parasite.

  • Shauna
    Posted at 08:17h, 19 May

    I am in a pit of despair right now but this is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel… I have been feeling extremely fatigued/having gut pains for over 2 years now. In January I had to practically force my doctor to test me for parasites (he said I had IBS). It came back positive. I went on doxycyclene for 2 weeks – didn’t work. One day sent to the hospital in an ambulance with abdominal pain so bad I couldn’t walk and could barely gather a breath. I demanded to be retested for d fragilis despite the fact that the doctor said it was “unlikely I still had it” – yeah, quality medical attention right there! Surprise surprise, postiive again. Went on Flagyl for the duration of the treatment and it seemed to help – now it’s back. I’m unsure of what to do and so frustrated that it is not more commonly tested for in Australia (or anywhere for all I know). I hope to find a permanent solution for this soon 🙁

    • Bex
      Posted at 13:21h, 06 June

      Oh no, Shauna, what a ride you have been on! It sounds like you need the guidance of a functional medicine doctor or naturopath who specialises in healing digestive disorders. Have a read of my article: which goes through the steps of finding a practitioner, getting proper tests and a healing protocol. Let us know how you go and we wish you better health very soon!

      • K
        Posted at 22:00h, 26 June

        Hi Bex, I’ve posted previously on Angela’s natural glow website regarding our journey with DF. I recognise some of the names from there.
        My two sons were diagnosed last year after a very long time of feeling unwell with all the classic symptoms of loose stools, gas, anal itching, food intolerance and the most challenging, horrible behaviour. They were treated with the 3 medications protocol recommended by the CDD and 4 weeks later we got the glorious news that they were all clear. For the last 8 months we’ve been working on nutrition and improving gut health but still major behavioural and sleeping issues have continued. Both children have just been retested. One of them has tested positive again for DF. The other was clear (although I think this cant be correct!).
        It is so heartbreaking . We don’t know what the next step is with treatment.
        Our doctor doesn’t know whether it has been dormant or whether he has been reinfected.

        • Bex
          Posted at 00:37h, 28 June

          How frustrating! I have heard many similar stories of reinfection, especially with children. The naturopath I am working with now to heal my leaky gut said that the key is to break down the biofilm in your gut, which is where the parasites can ‘hide behind’ while you are treating them, then come out and reinfest after. So it may be a good idea for you to consult a practitioner who has experience with resolving digestive disorders for good. The MINDD Foundation website might be a good place to start.

          • K
            Posted at 09:33h, 29 June

            Thanks Bex. I’m a big fan of the work that the Mindd foundation do and we are blessed to have an awesome integrative doctor.

  • abc
    Posted at 17:51h, 01 November

    Just wondering if you had any other symptoms other than what you describe. Did you have abdominal pain, dizziness, nausea, etc. I was unwell for so long before i was finally diagnosed. I believe this is why I have had such extreme and terrible symptoms.

    • Bex
      Posted at 12:56h, 07 November

      Sorry to hear! I was fortunate I had very minor symptoms of bloating and occasional abdominal pain. Have you started any treatment?

  • abc
    Posted at 17:29h, 05 November

    Shauna, you are in the same boat as me. I noticed your comment was posted five months ago. What was your treatment after those two antibiotics failed to eradicate the DF. Are you still unwell? What are your ongoing symptoms, or have you got betting after treatment? Would be helpful to know. Blessings.

  • Mike
    Posted at 19:17h, 25 November

    Our sone had DF, we tried everything natural, eventually resorted to some antibiotics which all failed. We then used bio-resonance, which killed it off in 5 treatments. Definitely worth trying. We’re currently treating Blasto for him now, and it’s nearly gone after 2 treatments. We had the DF results confirmed with genetic stool testing, but easy to tell it was gone from his poos, and behaviour (i.e. different child)

    • Bex
      Posted at 14:45h, 27 November

      Wow, that’s fascinating to hear about the effectiveness of the bioresonance for your son! Can you share with us how you found a practitioner for that type of treatment?

      • Mike
        Posted at 22:19h, 27 November

        Just found out about her through a family referral, so my wife went to see her. She subsequently cured my wife’s life long chronic asthma (has been on lots of meds her whole life, and in 2 weeks it disappeared and never came back). I was very sceptic (I tend to be sceptic of weird stuff), but I used her as well, and it really does work. Weird stuff though, waving around little radar dishes, and then holding on to brass balls or having metal plates on you.

        The principle is that you resonate stuff to death (via it’s resonant frequency), so the science is actually fairly simple.

        As for finding someone, you’ll just have to search, it’s more popular in Europe, NZ and Aus I believe.

        There’s plenty of negative articles for it though, so do your research. I think a lot of the problems are that like many professions, some dodgy pracs claim too be able to do stuff they can’t (to make more money), whereas it’s only good for some things. For me, too conincidental that it cured the wife’s asthma, killed off DF in our son, and it could consistently pick up if I had wireless turned on at home (as well as other things).

        • Bex
          Posted at 01:19h, 31 December

          Fascinating! Thanks so much for sharing that information!

        • Katia
          Posted at 20:58h, 10 September

          Hi Mike, do you know what type of the machine your doc was using? I know original the concept came from Germany.

          • BradR
            Posted at 12:10h, 16 September

            Hi Katia

            Best to contact him and ask. I’m not sure.


          • Mike
            Posted at 12:44h, 16 September

            It’s a standard bi-com machine that the bio resonance pracs use.

  • Lisa
    Posted at 17:19h, 23 December

    I have just received the results of my retest for Dientamoeba F following 10 days of Doxy and Secnidazole treatment – I STILL have the parasite. I have been following a very strict paleo diet for 12 weeks. My husband and 10 year old son also tested positive for DF. My GP would not treat my son as he is asymptomatic. My husband and I took the treatment. Now We are waiting to see the Dr again for the next step. I can’t find any information as to whether this parasite will ever go away on its own. Nor if my 10 year old is asymptomatic now, whether he will still be in the future or whether the parasite will take full grip and cause him other health effects. It is just so frustrating that there isn’t more information out there. So scary and frustrating.

    • Bex
      Posted at 01:14h, 31 December

      So sorry to hear! The body is so complex that there could be so many factors affecting your body’s ability to eliminate the parasite. Also, many parasites live within us all the time without causing problems – it’s only when there is an imbalance that the parasites can wreak havoc. It might help to make peace with having a parasite in your body, as the stress of it alone can thwart your efforts to heal. You are doing the right thing by being aware of what’s going on in your body and following a nutritious diet! We have just met with a parasitologist and will soon share all we learned from him, so maybe you will get some new insights.

      • Lisa
        Posted at 11:13h, 02 January

        Thank Bex – I’m coming around to the idea of coming to peace with the parasite. I would love to know if it is possible to re establish the balance whilst still having the parasite. I am taking lots of supplements but don’t know if I am getting the benefit of any of them or if I am just nourishing the parasite!

        Looking forward to hearing the outcome of your discussion with the parasite specialist.

  • Amanda
    Posted at 17:20h, 08 February

    Hi Bex,
    Thank you for sharing this. I also have Dientamoeba and I have Giardia. Not sure where I got them from, but I have been quite sick with them. They were found by accident as I was taken to hospital with bad pains and I asked them to test my stool. But it turned out to be endometriosis! When I got out of hospital I got a call from the doc saying I had parasites! I thought my pain in the tummy, loose stools, low mood, anxiety and fatigue was due to breastfeeding… anyways, so glad I found out what it is but i’m having trouble getting rid of them. The doc has put me on Flagyl…. i’ve already had two lots and the parasites keep coming back. Also from what i’ve read, it doesn’t work. I was wondering which compound chemist you contacted? Which doctor did you see? Im in Brisbane, and I haven’t found any docs or Gastros that know much about parasites. Does anyone know of a good doc?? Thank you for your help.

    • Bex
      Posted at 11:40h, 09 February

      Hi Amanda, I saw Dr. Mark Richardson in Sydney, who knew a lot about the functional diagnostic testing for parasites, and then put me on the antibiotics from the compounding chemist (I think it was in Pymble here in Sydney). Thing is, with drugs, the parasites often come back because the antibiotics just wreck your gut flora more, making it easier for reinfection. I think the key to preventing reinfection is to boost your gut health and immune system through proper nutrition and stress management, plenty of rest, sleep and water. Eliminate sugars and simple starches as much as possible. A good naturopath may be more helpful than a doctor – I suggest checking the MINDD foundation website for a practitioner who specialises in gut health. Hope that helps and hang in there!

      • Mike
        Posted at 13:22h, 09 February

        Oh hi Bex, sorry didnt’ realise I’d already corresponded with you. So did you manage to get rid of it? We’re all clear now with our son.

        • Bex
          Posted at 13:43h, 09 February

          I did get rid of it, but think it’s back :(. We are learning more about parasites though and have a new article coming out this week. So glad your son is well!

          • Amanda
            Posted at 16:35h, 20 February

            Hi Bex,
            How did it come back? Did you get re-infected? Or do you think it never really died?

          • Bex
            Posted at 19:01h, 22 February

            Hi Amanda, well for starters, we went traveling for 7 months and got very ‘flexible’ with our diet! My thinking is that my gut was still damaged (leaky gut), and then I didn’t care for it as well I could have, so I had a gut environment that was susceptible to reinfection. My main indicator is a Rosacea rash on my face, which disappeared as soon as I took the anti parasite antibiotics, and came back about 9 months later while we were traveling.

          • abc
            Posted at 14:38h, 23 February

            Bex, have you had your whole family tested? You may have been reinfected from someone you are close to, even though they may not be displaying many symptoms.

          • Bex
            Posted at 11:49h, 24 February

            Yes, that’s good thinking! My husband has been tested and often comes up negative, though he knows he has some parasite issues, and we have never had our 5 year old daughter Kaiya tested. However, after our 7 months travels last year, we decided to all go on a completely plant-based parasite supplement for several months. I have written an article about it all, which will be on here this week! Thanks for all your interest and comments xo

          • Bex
            Posted at 11:54h, 24 February

            Hi Amanda, I think that our 7 months of travel definitely had something to do with it. My leaky gut healing protocol went by the wayside and my diet got pretty flexible :). There are lots of other ways that travel can encourage parasites, too. I do think that the parasite was ‘taken care of’ from the antibiotics last year, however, the antibiotics also further destroyed my gut garden, and so my beaten up gut is an easy place for parasites to come and go and come back easily if I’m not careful. We are learning there’s so much more to parasites than just test, diagnose, destroy. I have written a whole new article which will go out this week and it tells about all we learned from a parasitologist, and what we are doing now. Thank you so much for your interest!

    • Mike
      Posted at 13:20h, 09 February

      Forget Flagyl, it’ll just give your liver grief. Go and find a bio resonance practitioner, they can get rid of DF in about 5 treatments. We did this for our son with both DF and BH, took 5 treatments each. Also make your own coconut kefir milk to get the good stuff in there.

      • Ida
        Posted at 10:29h, 16 February

        Mike, can you let us know which bioresonance practitioner you went to? many thanks

        • Mike
          Posted at 11:06h, 16 February

          Brisbane vitality clinic, Jayne Bryson. They’re in Graceville, Brisbane.

  • Amanda
    Posted at 19:26h, 08 February

    Has anyone heard of or tried Bactrex to try kill it? I just saw my Natropath the other day and she wants me to take it for a month on, month off, month on, month off…..

    • Bex
      Posted at 11:21h, 09 February

      After I took the antibiotics for my D. Fragilis, the naturopath I was working with to heal my leaky gut (and prevent future parasite infections) had me on Bactrex every morning for at least a few months. You can see my leaky gut protocol, with the Bactrex, on this blog I wrote:

      • abc
        Posted at 18:35h, 24 February

        Amanda, Bex and Suzy,
        Helpful comments here.
        I had D.F last year (who knows how long I really had it for though as I was feeling bad for awhile before finding out I had it), along with major food intolerances that I am still trying to work out. I was extremely sick last year for a good few months, then very up and down after that. I tried doxycycline and it did not work. I built myself up to feel and function just okay before I took three strong antibiotics to get rid of D.F. Since taking the three antibiotics, my energy levels have gone down and I still get daily nausea (let me just say when I get a symptom free day it feels like being on holiday). I am retesting now. In the meantime, waiting for an appointment with a functional medical practitioner to help me with healing my stomach. Having food intolerances can be very debilitating. I am also now very sensitive to supplements. I also can’t take probiotics (even ones with just two strains) without feeling ill. I have had to start eating some grains again (buckwheat, oats and rice), as I can only tolerate eating banana, pear and need to limit starchy / sweet type vegetables. I strongly suspect that I have amine, salicylate, glutamate sensitivity, which is quite difficult to deal with. I used to LOVE eating all wholefoods. Horrible to be eating a limited diet, unable to work, etc. Symptoms are worse during my monthly cycle. Hoping I can heal. My advice is not to eat raw foods outside your home and be especially careful traveling. There are a lot of bacterias and parasites associated with different types of raw foods in Australia and overseas. Go and see a dr. who is knowledgeable about treating and healing you from the parasite, as I have found ‘regular’ drs quite unhelpful. Can I ask what are your symptoms? Look forward to your next post Bex about seeing a parasite expert in the US. So great we can learn from each other online. : )

        • Bex
          Posted at 19:40h, 24 February

          So sorry to hear how much you’ve been suffering! Thank you for having the courage to share your journey with us, and I’m glad we can all support each other.

          • Amanda
            Posted at 20:19h, 25 February

            Bex I look forward to reading your new articles. Where on your web page will I be able to access them?

          • Bex
            Posted at 05:38h, 27 February

            The new parasite article will be on the homepage at first. Later, you can type parasite into our search bar and it will come up. I will also put a link to the new article at the end of this article. Thanks Amanda!

        • Amanda
          Posted at 20:18h, 25 February

          Hi abc,
          What 3 antibiotics did you take? Did you find a good dr. who is knowledge about treating and healing you from parasites? I haven’t been able to find one 🙁 I’m in Brisbane… Please let us know how your next test goes! All the best!

  • Jane
    Posted at 01:16h, 01 March

    My son who suffered development regression diagnosed as autism after the MMR vaccine is now 23 and has had a lot of health issues after antibiotic use of recent years. He developed Helicobacter Pylori and lost 18 kg. It was treated twice and second time tratment worked and he put on 12 kg after three months of triple antibiotic treatment with Bismuth. Please note it took a couple of years to find out Helicobacter Pylori was causing his weight loss because he can’t communicate his pain and blood tests, stool tests and breath test all showed negative for helicobacter and parasites but only pathology studies of gut biopsies detected the helicobacter. He doesn’t even show any antibodies in his blood tests after his helicobacter pylori infections as is usual. So if people are still sick and tests are coming back negative insist on an endoscopy and colonoscopy and you many find some anwers. A few months after the triple antibiotic treatment for Helicobacter which he was cleared of according to endoscopy biopsy, he developed Blastocystis. We went down to Sydney and Prof Borody treated him with triple antibiotics administered through colonoscopy followed by an antiparasitc drug for 10 days. (My son is allergic to penicillin so is restricted in choice of some antibiotics). Now after aradicating the balstocystis six months later he has tested positive for D fragilis and is starting to lose weight again and developing rashes, acne, losing hair and has low haemoglobin. He is also sleeping 16 hours a day and his testes started shrinking after the triple treatment for Blastocystis. He is also grinding his teeth and has worn them all down which I believe is a side effect of parasites. Any suggestions of what he can try. I was hoping of something natural due to his sensitivity to antibiotics and their destruction of gut flora.
    thanks to anyone who can reply.

    • Amanda
      Posted at 19:50h, 02 March

      Oh no your poor son 🙁 I’m on a natural treatment from my Naturopath called Bactrex by Metagenics. I’ve only been on it 3 weeks so I don’t know if it works yet. I think it can take months to work – it works differently to antibiotics i think… My Naturopath said to take it 1 month on, 10 days off, 1 month on, 10 days off… I don’t know how long for…. all the best

    • Amanda
      Posted at 19:51h, 02 March

      Also I was just thinking, where is your son picking up these bugs from? I think I picked mine up from some tank water at my friends farm… I have D Fragilis and Giardia 🙁

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 08:44h, 04 March

    I am wondering if anyone has experienced overall body skin itching & skin irritation (but not necessarily a rash) related to a parasite infection. I had been enduring this for months while changing my diet and various topical cosmetics without relief. I was then diagnosed with dientamoeba fragilis and blastocystis hominis and had a 10 day treatment of Tetracycline (two 250 mg 4 times a day), although my doc thought it was unlikely that was the source of my skin irritation. Following treatment my skin felt normal for the first time in a long while which has lasted just over a month. I am now getting the same skin irritation symptoms again. I have been retested and are waiting for the results. Your thoughts?

    • GeeJay
      Posted at 21:05h, 08 April

      Hi Jennifer
      I was diagnosed with DF and have been treated with antibiotics as well as a herbal supplement “Parex”(from a Chinese Herbalist). My symptoms stopped, but now the medication (and herbals) have stopped the symptoms have come back including the stinging/itching skin with out a rash that you have experienced. GPs don’t seem to want to look out side the square. They don’t seem to believe that DF causes problems at all!!
      Have you found anything to help as I know your post is over 12 months old.

  • sarah
    Posted at 02:54h, 05 March

    Me and my daughter have dientaomeba fragilis and i just finished 8 days of paromomycin and i still feel like i have it. its horrible. please advise what method of treatment you would reccomend. i greatly appreciate!

    • Bex
      Posted at 19:59h, 11 March

      Hi Sarah, it’s really hard to say without knowing more about you, and not being experts ourselves. However, have been learning a lot more about parasites, so check out our new article about it: and enlist the help of a good naturopath who has experience in gut health (try the practitioner listings on the MINDD Foundation website). Hope that helps!

  • March Update - Scotland Island, Primal, Paleo, Travel | Brad Rasmus
    Posted at 10:53h, 10 March

    […] overwhelming response that we received from Bex’s article on having a parasite called ‘Dientamoeba Fragilis‘. You should have received this via our Primal Health email list. Worth a […]

  • Bex
    Posted at 20:16h, 11 March

    Hi Everyone! Here’s my new article on parasites: Parasites 101 with a lot more info and some new insight we received from visiting renowned parasitologist Dr. Amin.

    • Bex
      Posted at 20:17h, 11 March

      I’ve also updated the article above – see Update #2. xo Bex

  • BradR
    Posted at 08:23h, 16 March

    We would highly recommend you either buy Paul Chek’s Fungus and Parasite course linked on the ‘Parasites 101’ link in the comments above or contact Dr.Omin directly. He is definitely the most knowledgeable man I’ve met so far about Parasites. When someone discovers 40 new parasites, you know you’re dealing with someone in the know!

  • David
    Posted at 22:42h, 22 March

    I was very interested to find this site and read of people’s experiences as I am currently dealing with Dientamoeba Fragilis myself. When I first found out I had a parasite, I was thrilled. After months of dealing with an regular ache in my right flank which had also started to occur on the left side of my stomach and having had many tests which potentially could have indicated some terrible life potentially fatal conditions, the idea of a parasite which could be cured was a great relief. While I had not taken a lot of notice of it before, I realized that my stools were constantly soft floaters and that this was another sign. Of course as many of you would know, it is not that simple getting rid of DF.
    After about 5 days on Flagyl my stools improved and the ache on the left had gone. I was still getting some aches on the right side, but at least there was some improvement, so I took encouragement from the fact that antibiotics did make a difference. I went back to the doctor who referred me to a specialist. He was not convinced that the parasite was the cause of my issues, particularly as I also mentioned weight loss. He leaned towards IBS or some food intolerance and even discussed the possibility of a Colonoscopy. I managed to convince him to give me another round of antibiotices, and showed him studies how Flagyl has a high failure rate and requested a more effective drug such as paromomycin. Unfortunately paromomycin was not on the list he could prescibe (does nayone know where you can get it in Australia?), so he prescibed me a one dose of 4 tablets of Tinidazole. I took that last Thursday. On Friday night I had diarrhea and could not sleep. Over the weekend,the diarrhea has cleared up, and I still feel a bit weak and off colour, but I suspect my DF has not gone away. I am a bit concerned about the effects of the antibiotics on my system, but I think before going down the path of a colonoscopy, I think a would like to try a more effective antibiotic.

    • Bex
      Posted at 16:32h, 08 April

      Hi David, personally we suggest staying away from any more antibiotics. Please have a look at our latest article on parasites called ‘Parasites 101’, which may be able to help you find a better solution.

  • Amanda
    Posted at 23:12h, 18 April

    Hi Bex,
    How are you going? How have you been feeling? Has the Freedom, Cleanse, Restore natural treatments worked for you?
    I was just wondering what the name of the 3 day stool test is called? I have had Dientamoeba for 8 months and now I suspect my baby (13 months old) has picked it up just after he got his shots (perhaps during this time his immune system was compromised?). He has had 2 separate stool tests and they have come back negative, even though he has had the same symptoms as me for 6 weeks! Poor guy 🙁 I’ve recently tried a new Naturopath and he has put me on Cinnamon Bark oil (5 drops in a capsule for 5 days) and a 4 day veggie cleanse, as well as making my body very alkalised by using his Alkalizer/probiotic drink. I’m also on a Whey powder thing. The baby is on TriPlex because Cinnamon Bark oil is too strong for him….So i’m hoping this will all work. I’m certainly already starting to feel a little better. Have you tried Cinnamon Bark oil at all? I think I saw that you tried Triplex but it didn’t work?

    • Bex
      Posted at 16:17h, 20 April

      Hi Amanda, I have been feeling pretty awesome since we went traveling, lightened up about eating, and kept the focus on a healthy happy mind. I found that the few years I was ultra focused on a strict diet and in trying to conquer my parasite and leaky gut and face rash just made me more stressed, unhappy and unhealthy. Going traveling overseas, I got more and more relaxed about my diet, listening to my instincts and making my thoughts the most important thing (which they are in our Primal 6!). I realised that I was too focused on the dis-ease itself, the parasite and gut issues – and what I focus on is always what becomes stronger! After several months of a more relaxed mindset and continually living my truth/a grateful life, eating what my intuition tells me (and not feeling guilty for eating things on my previous NO list), AND taking the Freedom, Cleanse, Restore, I feel pretty awesome. My face rash has slowly been disappearing and is now almost gone, and I still get gut reactions, but only when I eat things I know inflame it, so that’s a no-brainer. 🙂 I realise I’m not addressing your questions specifically, and that’s because I’m really out of the disease-treating mindset right now. And that’s the best treatment I can think of to recommend. All the best and please let us know how you’re feeling down the track!

  • Karim Amin
    Posted at 04:43h, 09 May

    We at the Parasitology Center, Inc., based in Arizona, USA, would like to make our exceptional product “Freedom, Cleanse, Restore” available to our friends in Australia at discounted rates. I have developed a couple of promo codes that will help reduce your costs. When you order that product, at check out you will have the option to enter in a promo code. First enter “10FCR”, that will give you 10% off the cost of the product. Then click “apply”. You will see the discount applied. Next, enter the promo code “AUS30″. That will give you a 30% discount on shipping costs. This discount will show up on the next screen after you click “apply” and then “checkout” and finally “next”. If you have any questions please feel free to click the “contact us” link on the bottom of every page on our website, and we will be happy to take care of you. Cheers!

    • BradR
      Posted at 14:35h, 11 May

      Thanks Karim! Awesome news for people outside of the North American region where postage can add up. Highly recommend these supplement guys.

    • Jennifer
      Posted at 14:52h, 11 May

      Hmmm, seems a little suspect to me that a doctor would be selling specific products in such a promotional way.

      • BradR
        Posted at 15:02h, 11 May

        Hey Jennifer. Karim is Dr Omar Amin’s son and managing director. How would you suggest they promote it then?

        • Jennifer
          Posted at 00:33h, 12 May

          This aggressive promotion makes me very suspicious of Dr. Amin’s motivation and professionalism as it should others. I would refer you and your readers to this site that addresses the ethics of doctors promoting and selling products.

          To quote: ” “Promoting and selling medical or non‐medical products to patients for a profit is not only unethical, it constitutes a direct conflict of interest. “

          • BradR
            Posted at 17:03h, 20 May

            Nice point Jennifer. Being in the Primal / Natural / Traditional mindset all the time, Bex and I have always taken offence to the way allopathic doctors and pharmaceutical companies take this approach selling pharmaceutical medicine. Especially when we’re in the states and see TV commercials advertising and promoting a ‘pill for an ill’ mentality. So It’s interesting to have you point it out when the shoes on the other foot with a doctor selling natural herbs as pills as he is. Anyhow, sorry you feel the way with what Karim is doing. Simply, I asked him to jump on and become part of the thread as people in Australia were complaining about the huge postage prices. So, sorry you’ve taken offence. Hope the others on this thread don’t feel the same way and have taken advantage of of the cheaper shipping! It’s a great product we recommend and get no kickback for monetarily.

          • Bex
            Posted at 16:58h, 04 June

            Hi Jennifer, I appreciate your concern as we are also very suspect of ‘vested interests’. Please keep in mind that Dr. Amin is not a GP/physician. He has a doctorate in parasitology and is primarily a researcher and scientist who has discovered many types of parasites and lectures about it to scientists and doctors worldwide. Then, using his knowledge of parasites, he decided to create a completely herbal formula to help people all over the world find relief from parasite infections. He created the Parasitology Center to provide worldwide parasite testing and the herbal formula. It costs money to have a team of people run a center like that and to create the remedy, so he’s not giving it away for free. The reason they offered a discount to Australian customers was because so many of our readers pointed out that the shipping costs came up too high on the website, likely because of overseas customs fees. This is Dr. Amin’s own product and facility that he created, unlike the case of physicians who push pharmaceutical drugs they actually know little about (but receive generous kickbacks). Do what feels best for you, as that’s what will heal your body the best. Thank you for bringing up an important question!

      • Stephen K
        Posted at 14:37h, 17 May

        Hi Jennifer – have exactly the same skin “creeping/itching” sensation as you – due to Dientamoeba infection, this infection was picked up in my Colonoscopy. I was treated with Oral antibiotics at CDD – this almost cleared the bug out entirely for 6 to 7 weeks – after which the symptoms came back. They then told me it was IBS – but research shows that these parasites are resistant and in 30 to 40% of cases come back after oral antibiotics. This is actually presented by the CDD In 2009 the United European Gastroenterology Federation (UEGF). Again in 2012. After some research and discovering that CDD know this failure rate – I am both perplexed and angry that they give the diagnosis as IBS after just 1 treatment of antibiotics x 10 days. I am following up now… Try this link for some great information as presented by the CDD as a followup to their own 2 day course of infusions of antibiotics –,d.dGc

        • Stephen K
          Posted at 14:44h, 17 May

          Guys – as an aside to the last note above – the idea with colonic infusion with these antibiotics is that they are delivered directly to the source – the large intestine, where the DF resides. This means that as antibiotics are very poorly absorbed here that the antibiotics have far less chance of compromising your organs and are nearly 100% excreted after the treatment. 🙂

          • Stephen K
            Posted at 19:23h, 17 May

            Hi All,
            Your feedback would be most welcome on what I have posted so far. If you have any other questions please ask as I am learning and have helped some family and friends get successful treatment at CDD -> by opting immediately for the infusion. This is more successful as the oral treatment seems to muddy the water with post treatment assessment of the patients condition. The CDD claim 98% success with the infusions for DF and BH.
            Regards Stephen

  • Kym Abell
    Posted at 20:42h, 14 May

    My son was diagnosed with D – fragilis last week. He has been extremely tired for a while and after struggling we had some bloods taken. He is iron deficient, as well as has low B12. He was failure to thrive as a baby due to being breastfed and I was B12 deficient. I’ve since been diagnosed as PA. Two weeks ago my son caught what I thought was gastro, after 10 days and 2 stool samples it came back positive for d fragilis. The symptoms have disappeared, but my son is still extremely tired. GP has suggested to retest his stool in another 3 months. I’m really lost with how to treat him and how he contracted this parasite.

    I’ve now tested my other two children has both of them had bouts of diarrhea following my son. Any advice will be gladly welcomed

    • BradR
      Posted at 17:06h, 20 May

      Have you read the article Kym? Have you bought Paul Chek’s Fungal and Parasite program? Are you considering the services of Dr Amin? That’s my advice 🙂

    • Stephen K
      Posted at 20:44h, 21 May

      Hi Kym, If you have a positive test for DF you can book into CDD and they will give you the option of Oral antibiotics or Colonic infusion with antibiotic… read my previous posts for more info. CDD have access to the most effective antibiotics that normal GPs can’t access. Oral is only 70% effective.

      • Fernando
        Posted at 01:32h, 11 July

        Hello Mrs Bex and Mr Bradr , my name is fernando and i have rosacea , i dont now what that came for , but after read your story i related to gut issues and i do a expensive stool test that reveal i have high blastocystis hominis.

        i dont now if i should take a anbiotic to erricade that. I read that some italian study in a 10 day rifaximin and the people that take the pill are far better , but iam a little affraid of gut issues after the course. I now in my case that the parasite blastocystis hominis is the culprit.

        could you please help me and gave me some advice. Thanks

        • Bex
          Posted at 12:16h, 15 July

          Hi Fernando, Glad to hear that you are getting to the causes of your symptoms. We are not medical professionals so we don’t know about specific antibiotics and parasites. Based on our own experiences, our many clients and reader’s experiences, and our holistic health education through the CHEK Institute, we have found that antibiotics can be very effective at getting rid of symptoms, but not the underlying causes. Therefore, if you take antibiotics, you may have success in temporarily getting rid of your rosacea and your parasite. However, if you don’t make diet and lifestyle changes which address the underlying cause of getting the parasite in the first place, it won’t be long before other parasites and symptoms come back. My advice is that you seek the help of a good practitioner who can guide you in how to keep your gut healthy. Don’t forget a huge underlying factor is often stressors and/or dissatisfaction with life (community, relationships, work, passions). We have 2 more parasite articles on this site, which may also be helpful for you to read. Hope that helps and all the best!

          • Fernando
            Posted at 11:49h, 01 November

            Thanks mrs BEX.

            Iam taking Ssaccharomyces boulardii and my rosacea is now much better. I read that bee polen and propolis could also help cause break biofilim of blasto. My problem is i cant eat carbs , the carbs seems to feed the blasto. iam on a paleo diet form almos two years but only the diet is not working.

  • Mike
    Posted at 11:58h, 14 November

    Well our son got DF and BH back, probably because I had it, and reinfected him! Our daughter also had it too. Wife doesn’t.

    So back to the bio resonance practitioner. Our son is still being treated, but he’s getting better quickly (can tell by the state of his poos). Our daughter is now clear (5 treatments), and I’m clear (8 treatments).

    I was sick, real sick! I had all sorts of gut issues from the parasites, as well as Klebsiella Pnuemonia (a superbug which can kill), and a host of inbalances that I’m still working on. We killed the klebsiella with pommegranate husk (it tastes so bad!), and are still working on the other inbalances but getting there now. But the biggest result was getting rid of those parasites. Stools all normal, energy coming back real fast etc.

    We took nothing else, no antibiotics, no herbs, just good diet and minimal sugars.

    If you have DF or BH, I highly recommend going to see a bio resonance prac.

    • Fernando
      Posted at 12:04h, 07 December

      Hi mike ,

      Sorry to bother you , i have being test positive for blasto and now more plese about this terapy , can you send me a link of that. and can you plese tell me if you get only the theraoy or did supplements as well. ??Thanks.

    • Sarah
      Posted at 05:33h, 02 January

      Hi Bex – i am desperate to source secnidazole in the USA. Does anyone know how I can get it?

  • Babette
    Posted at 10:43h, 27 January

    Hello, here in the netherlands (europe) the medicine we take for this parasite is: clioquinol 3 times a day 250 gram for 10 days. BUT also you start with a very strict dieet one week prior to the medicine. No red meat and no grains in any form and absolutly no starch and no sugar. Whats left to eat are eggs, fish, chicken, coconut flour, tuberous plant and about 1 kilo vegetable per day (yes) for an adult. And everyday broth cooked for at least 7 hours. These are all foods what de DF dont eat and together with the medicine it will die, and it is to get your intestines in better shape so the df dosn’t like it there anymore.

  • Vicki
    Posted at 08:41h, 29 January

    Hi Bex,

    I have had constipation for, well, since my late teens (I am 44 now) and a funny red rash in the middle of my back since my mid 20’s.

    I gave up smoking two years ago and the rash moved from the middle of my back to the lower part of my back. There is no pain associated with it. All my life I weighed 45kg. When I gave up smoking I blew up like a balloon in the first month (fluid) that I couldn’t control except by laying down. Now my weight has evened out to 60 – 65kg (I am 165cm tall).

    Recently I started bleeding from the back passage. This is what prompted me to finally get firm with doctors and demand they do something. I have spoken of my constipation (I can go 3 weeks without moving my bowels) numerous times over the years, only to be fobbed off with some kind of laxative. They will do x-rays and then exclaim that they have never seen such blockages before in their lives but still, here is your laxative, go home.

    This time a new doctor sent me for a colonoscopy. This is when they found the parasite. And that I was lactose intolerant.

    My doctor has had to order the drug you mention (Secnidazole) from overseas so it is going to take a while before I can gain access to it (if at all).

    My question is: Can you tell me, is the drug one that you take four tablets, once? Or is it a long dose, over many weeks?

  • David
    Posted at 19:09h, 08 February

    For more than 3 months I was suffering recurrent diarrhea once or twice a week, abdominal pain. Then I started to have rectal pain, particularly at night, like the line inside is itchy and moves. I used a rectal cream which helped but did not completely solved the rectal symptoms. Activated charcoal tablets and Imodium helped only momentaneously to stop the diarrhea, but every week the problem returned. Imodium actually made it worse as I felt constipation and more sick. These symptoms intensified lately and I decided to go to the doctor. I also have headaches and tiredness. The doctor indicated blood and stool analysis. She forgot to include parasite analysis of the stool, something that luckily I included (just crossed the form to include parasites, as I thought it was important). I was right as the analysis of the stool for parasites revealed that I have Dientamoeba fragilis. Before being diagnosed, I changed my diet to see if the issue was due to some intolerance to food. Actually, my diet change strongly helped to reduce the symptoms: I started drinking Lactobacillus casei (yakult) and lactose-free milk and both completely improved my condition in few days. For a couple of days I switched to L. acidophilus (same as in yogurt) and it did not have the same effect at all. The symptoms returned. Using again L. casei restore my improvement: no diarrhea for 10 days and practically no pain at all. I also improved my rectal pain, all gone. Nonetheless, I will hopefully today get the 2 meds to treat this parasite and eliminate it for good in 10 days. Meanwhile I am taking garlic pills (equiv. to 4000 mg per pill), to combat the putative worm in case is there. By the way: I thought first that I have IBS or Chron’s disease: actually the symptoms of D.F. are the same.

  • Robert
    Posted at 06:02h, 15 July

    You need to use a luminal amebicide like paromomycin following treatment with a tissue amebicide like tinidazole and secnidazole, otherwise it can be hard to clear the symptoms. Don’t bother were metronidazole (flagyl), it only works 29% of the time. The others are better, and can be compounded. Tissue amebicides go everywhere in the body parasites might be, like liver, gallbladder, etc.

    Paromomycin isn’t absorbed, it passes through the bowel and kills everything in its path. If you’re not using a luminal amebicide like that one then your treatment outcome will be low.

  • BradR
    Posted at 12:07h, 20 July

    Hey guys. Comments are disabled on this post now. There is a mass of information here and the purpose is NOT to overwhelm people. Please BUY Paul Cheks DVD series or contact Dr Omar Amin for more information (see Bex’s next post).

  • Bex
    Posted at 15:35h, 12 January

    Hi everyone! I’ve had more life-changing insights on my gut situation, parasites, my skin and everything related to it, and have written about in my latest article, At the end of the article I list all the things that I truly feel are the absolute keys for me in managing parasites, gut issues and skin disorders. I really hope it helps you too! Much love xo Bex

  • bradrasmus | March Update – Scotland Island, Primal, Paleo, Travel
    Posted at 15:48h, 15 May

    […] to an overwhelming response that we received from Bex’s article on having a parasite called ‘Dientamoeba Fragilis‘. You should have received this via our Primal Health email list. Worth a […]

  • Two Tests Rarely Used by Traditional Doctors: Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupunture | Primal Health
    Posted at 07:29h, 28 December

    […] you may have read in Bex’s article called ‘I Have a Parasite Called Dientomoeba Fragilis’, she had to take the next step in assessing her body with other types of doctors and tests, when […]

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