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If Your Sex Drive is Low, You Better Read This! (or send it to your partner)

Do you need more motivation to have sex, to masturbate or to encourage your partner to have sex with you? It feels so good and it’s an instinctual, primal desire. So why aren’t we all wanting more of it?

Low sex drive is a symptom of hormonal imbalance

Low sex drive is a symptom of imbalance

The simple answer is that the stressors of modern life are taking its toll on our hormones, increasing sexual dysfunction and lowering our sex drives. On the comprehensive client questionnaire we give to clients for initial assessment, one of the questions asks about low sex drive. Yes, a low sex drive can actually be a symptom of imbalance in your body!

Why do I have a low sex drive?

As with all symptoms, there are often numerous causes and factors. A low sex drive can be caused by many different diet and lifestyle factors including overwork, financial pressure, processed foods, sugar, caffeine, inadequate sleep, and too many toxins. What do all these things have in common that makes your sex drive plummet? They stress your body!

When your body is stressed by these kind of diet and lifestyle factors, it produces more cortisol, as a “fight-or-flight” response. Your body feels the stress as danger, and the cortisol prepares you to fight the danger or run fast away from it. It’s our body’s smart survival technique. Usually the danger quickly passes and the cortisol subsides. However, when you are constantly stressed by all these non-primal assaults on your body, the cortisol doesn’t subside.

Too much cortisol means hormonal havoc, among other things. When your body is constantly releasing catabolic (break-down) hormones like cortisol, it cannot also release anabolic (build up, grow, repair) hormones such as sex hormones. Low sex hormones, low sex drive.

In women, there are other natural factors which cause sex hormones to fluctuate, such as menstruation and pregnancy. It is natural for women feel a stronger drive for sex at certain times of the month, and a weaker drive for sex (low libido) after giving birth. However, if the urge for sexual activity, even with yourself, doesn’t return, then it’s time to look at your stress levels and Primal 6 and get your body back in balance.

How do I increase my sex drive?

Now knowing that your sex drive is a symptom of imbalance and too many stressors on your body, look at your Primal 6: Thoughts, Breath, Water, Food, Movement and Sleep – and get back in balance! Manage your work and financial stress, do what makes you happy, take time to rest, breathe properly, move your body, eat real food, eliminate processed foods and toxins, and get on a primal sleep schedule. Identify your main stressors and work on them to better your health. Your sex drive will increase as a result!

If you pop a pill or find an aphrodisiac to increase your sex drive, you are only using a short term solution. You haven’t addressed the actual cause of your low sex drive and thus will continue to need the quick fix every time.

Increase your sex drive by having sex

Having said that, you can also increase your sex drive by having more sex. Sounds funny, but sometimes you have to “fake it until you make it”. In this case, I mean fake the desire for sex and/or masturbation, not the orgasm. 🙂 Having sex will actually boost your libido to have more of it! Sex, including masturbation, provides numerous health benefits that will get your body and your hormones back in balance.

10 Health Benefits of Regular Sex

To learn more about how sex provides these health benefits, you can read this article. Or you can just take my word for it that I’ve done the research and instead of reading the article, you can get to bed early with your partner or with yourself! Sex – what an enjoyable way to stay healthy!


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