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The Four Hour Work Week

Want to work a Four Hour Work Week?

Well, I’m on my way there 😀 In the last 3 years I have been applying the teachings of a guy named Tim Ferriss to my life via his gem of a book called ‘The Four Hour Work Week’. I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s changed the way I approach business time, family time and play time. When it comes to health, one of the biggest sources of stress we see (and can experience ourselves!) is the stress involved with balancing work time with non-work time.

Check out these Four Hour Work Week links I have diligently put together for you to peruse!

  • Four Hour Work Week Book: here
  • Top 15 inspirational videos: here
    (readers of the book applying his teachings)
  • Tim Ferris Blog (author): here
  • Outsourcing websites I use: Elance, Odesk, Fiverr

I’ve now been outsourcing work since the beginning of 2010. I’ve primarily used the two websites mentioned above called Elance and Fiverr. To summarise what things I’ve outsourced to:

– 2 x website designers (India)
– 4 x weekly Virtual Assistants (India, Pakistan and now Phillipines)
– 2 x bookkeepers (India and Australia)
– 1 x accountant (Australia)
– Various one off small jobs in Bangladesh, USA, Indonesia.

Currently I regular have a PhillipinoVA (Virtual Assistant) working for me 5 hours each week ($4.50 hour), website design team in India building me complete websites and website SEO and upgrades for my side business www.healthprowebsites.com ($15 hour), Bangladeshy accountant / bookkeeper working in Australia ($10 hour).

Do I feel bad outsourcing work in another country?

No. The last few years of economic turmoil have taken their toll the world over. To top it off, in the last two years, Australia has gone from having 0 cities to 6 cities in the Top 30 ‘World’s Most Expensive Cities 2011’. The cost of living here in Sydney has gone sky high! I’m happy to help overseas businesses and reduce my stress levels trying to afford Australia prices. Plus I don;t feel like I’m confined to the borders of Australia. I’m a well traveled member of planet earth who understands that there are many highly intelligent, efficient workers overseas that are just it dire need of money as many people here in Sydney. I’m happy to support them just as much as a fellow country man.

Here’s the logic behind outsourcing to me. Week work example:
– 10 hours PT face to face in one week = $1000
– 20 hours extra work computer and admin work per week
– Total: 30 hours work for $1000 = $33 per hour
– Hiring my VA in Phillipines to do the majority of my admin / website / emails etc at $4.50 per hour, I then have more time to earn $100 per hour or at least work on getting more clients, go surfing or just be with my family and friends! Ie. More time to live! What most of us are working for in the first place!

Being an entrepreneur, this quote in particular appealed to me:

P237: While entrepreneurs have the most trouble with Automation (step outlined in his book), since they fear giving up control, employees get stuck on Liberation (step outlined in his book) because they fear taking control. Resolve to grab the reins the rest of your life depends on it

I’m ready to give over the reins and work a Four Hour Work Week! How about you? Have any of you read this book?

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