Julie Keeps Fit with Her Family After 5 Kids and ACL Knee Surgery

Need some motivation to move your body after pregnancy? Try 5 kids! Julie is an inspiration. Tim and Julie used my services in Japan, and with their entire family on the yearly holiday in Michigan. Hard to believe Julie is still so ripped, being an amazing mother of 5 children!

Words from Julie:
“I wanted to get some focused workouts in, regain strength, balance and endurance and get back my cardio fitness plus drop the weight I gained for the babies. I could not walk after the first few sessions so I thought, I must be in the right place, with the right guy! After my ACL reconstruction in 2005 (knee surgery), I needed to get back to fitness while following the guidelines for coaching in the first 2 months post op. It was great to get back to running, jumping and water kick boxing very quickly using Brad’s techniques. We had a one month block in the United States to get my strength and endurance back and Brad researched daily, the best methods for reconstruction, thinking about new exercises for ACL rehab with a mix of core, strength and stretching.”

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